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  1. Thank you for the tips. I'm glad I picked your brains before starting. Another newbie question. Any suggestions on varnish? Never bought the stuff before.
  2. I got a Mystic Portal figure recently. I want to paint it to resemble this figure. Anything special I need to do before I begin painting? This is a first see through fig for me. Any advice is welcome.
  3. Awesome, thank you for the feedback. First time hearing about this app. Not going to lie that I'm a little excited.
  4. Can somebody point me in the right direction of a Reaper paint that is close to the Army Painter Necrotic Flesh color? Any help is appreciated.
  5. I'm looking at buying a copy of KYRA & LAVARATH SKU 77557. Anybody know what size base I need to get for her? Trying to get everything in one order. Any help is appreciated. Also looking for help finding a base size on Wyrm Gear
  6. Thank you for all the great feedback everybody.
  7. That's kind of interesting about the flow improver already being mixed in. I was not aware. I remembered seeing something called Wash Medium on the store a while back. What's that used for?
  8. I'm trying to work on expanding my paint collection and I heard that some of the Reaper paints have an adhesive or something worked in to make them bond to plastic better. Is that accurate? It sounded like gossip to me but I wanted to confirm it because heaven knows I'm a painting newbie.
  9. It's supposed to be based off the size of your order and such. It's not the old tags.
  10. Yeah it was mentioned in a Reaper Live episode.
  11. Is there an official start date for the new Swag program?
  12. Does Kings of War require any particular size or shape of base? I noticed some pics were of figs in movement trays.
  13. Thanks for the info. Will look into it more for some budget gaming
  14. Is Kings of War one of those games that I can use any figure to play? Been window shopping dwarves and orcs lately.
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