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  1. Oh, cool, so you did! That looks like static grass to me, which is actually a bit more expensive. The flock (you can find them at the model railroad section in hobby stores,) is a bit cheaper - its basically green dust. Generally you can get a small bag of it for under $6. You can splurge and get a giant spice shaker's worth for like $12, but I suspect the small bag (about the size of a quart freezer bag) will last long enough - I haven't gone through a significant fraction of mine. That will give it a sort of a green texture simulating fine grass/moss/whatever. You can then dot the s
  2. On my first 5 miniature I did flock them, I think I left a link somewhere... I just don't think my dad want me to use up all his flock
  3. Now I just have to say that I love that ice golem and he kinda reminds me of the giant snow man in frozen called,"Marshmallow". Second what exactly are gamins???
  4. Thank you for telling me ! I must fix that right now!
  5. I quickly realized that I had put Ogre instead of Orc and tried to fix it but, in the end I felt really dumb oh well..
  6. Which Gnoll though Fighter or Archer??
  7. So these are my next three minis; an Archer Gnoll, A Warrior Gnoll, and an Ogre. I know it took long enough since my Dad posted my first minis(If you haven't seen them either search, " 14 year old girl paints some minis or go to this link-->http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/59637-14-year-old-girl-paints-some-minis/?hl=%2Byear+%2Bold+%2Bgirl+%2Bpaints+%2Bsome+%2Bminis). So feel free to be as criticizing as you feel necessary. . Sorry some of the pictures are blurry .
  8. I do agree maybe outside would work best? But from what I can gather you did an overall good job
  9. So I would either have your gnomes boots match the purple or the blue,...BUT if you want to do something CRAZY go for a bright orange or some other color that's not on there :D! Good luck and Keep up the great painting!
  10. I agree with.. ALL OF THE ABOVE :)! You did a great job on the camouflage pant and your color scheme is great!
  11. 1.Don't worry I've been in my Dad's group since 5th grade =P 2. I always have fun painting!
  12. I know from being a newbie painter it definitely can be a challenge! Great job for a first timer! (if you want to see what I painted go to http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/user/8946-spencerjohn/ link! I swear it's my first time!)
  13. Usually when I do the eyes I pick the color I want ,then either get a paper clip or needle get a TINY bit of paint then I very carefully do the eyes. Hope this works :)! Your Mini look great too!
  14. Thanks Everyone! I'm glad everyone likes the work I did. As you can probably gather I am Spencerjohn's daughter, no joke, but really I couldn't have done such a good job without his guidance =D.
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