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  1. I would be surprised if there weren't multiple textbooks written about 2020. If this were the northeast, I would definitely say it was a hawk kettle. We had days in Rochester where we counted more than 10,000 hawks - mostly broadwings, but also red tails, red shoulders - just about every kind of buteo found on the eastern seaboard, including on one notable occasion a swallow-tailed kite, which is not exactly usual around the Great Lakes. I am not nearly so familiar with the birds around Texas, though my Dad could probably still identify them at a glance. He's infamous for IDing birds at speed and distance. Often before anybody else can even see them - and then being right when they take a closer look, which is kind of the important part. These look a little off for hawks. Brown pelicans maybe? Gulls usually have more sharply tapered wings.
  2. Happy anniversary to all those to whom it is applicable! And yes. Tell your parents you love them if you can. My parents are both still alive, however Mom lives in a long-term care facility that is now completely locked down. Unless a resident has a direct phone line, you can't contact them (staff is minimized, and too busy to bring residents to the phone), and Mom had her phone taken away over a year ago, due to her tendency to call people up and fill them in on her latest delusion - Dad was dead; Dad had committed suicide; Dad had tried to murder her using her estrogen cream; etc.. It's going to be a long time before I can talk to her or see her again, presuming she lasts long enough for me to do so. I'm very glad that I went to see her in February, and that I was well aware for that visit that it could be the last time I saw her.
  3. I was also seized by the baking gods yesterday. Found a nice, easy, slow rise sour cream roll recipe. Put it all together - and then realized that I'd misjudged the slow rise by a few hours, so unless somebody wanted to eat rolls in the dead of night, they were going to have to wait until morning for a bake and try. It now being morning, they have been baked, and are currently up on Rex's desk awaiting verdict, since I don't actually eat bread anymore. Which unfortunately doesn't seem to do anything to reduce how satisfying kneading and baking are.
  4. My marsupial spouse used to brew beer. My first and most vivid memory of this is shortly after I joined him in Arizona. He had a five gallon batch fermenting in the front bathroom, to which I had paid almost no attention. He was off at work when I heard a very loud bang, and went running to see what had happened, and was greeted with a beer fountain decorating the bathroom. It fortunately didn't smell dreadful, though fermenting beer is not my favorite smell, since it took pretty much forever, even after scrubbing, for the bathroom to stop smelling like a brewery.
  5. I remember incidents of inadvertent nudity caused by toddler. None in public, fortunately. Or rather, none of *mine* in public, and thereby hangs a tale. When my favorite marsupial and I were living in Arizona, we were building/buying a house. Eldest was barely one at closing. Our realtor, being a nice lady, and wanting things to go as smoothly as possible, opted to hold the adorable baby while we signed the endless stack of papers. He was very quiet, apparently being as good as gold, through the whole process, right up until we all stood up to shake hands, and for her to hand the baby back - and discovered that he'd been quiet because he'd been busily undoing every button on her button-front dress. I didn't know you could button that many buttons that quickly, while handing over a baby safely.
  6. Currently listening to younger son, as he embarks upon his quest to learn to cook, singing "Dee dee do do do, Cooking oatmeal!" as he waits for his water to boil. It is amusing and pretty endearing. He's now switched to the Barnum & Bailey song - same words, except with an occasional "Circus!" thrown in. I guess he's in a good mood this morning.
  7. The issue isn't that so many people are hospitalized, on vents, or dying as compared to all the other causes of disease and death. The issue is that all those people are hospitalized, on vents, or dying *in addition* to all the other people who are still doing those things from other causes. We're not having a covid outbreak instead of a nasty flu season. We're having a covid outbreak on top of a nasty flu season. Overtop the system capacity and more people start dying of things we could have prevented. As compared to the flu, the biggest issue seems to be that covid causes primary pneumonia in a significant number of cases, which can require 2 weeks or more on a vent. The average stay on a vent in the US is somewhere on the order of 4-6 days. Flu doesn't cause pneumonia directly, but rather provides an opportunity for secondary pneumonia from other infections in the vulnerable. It's the difference between a bad taxi driver who drops you off in a bad part of town, and one who pulls over and mugs you himself. Covid can also cause cardiac endocarditis, which is a huge strain on the heart, even when not directly fatal in it's own right. IOW - covid in it's more severe form takes a lot of high order medical intervention, which uses up a lot of medical resources, which can then cause enormous, cascading problems where it overtops the medical systems. Keep it from overtopping the system, and it rapidly becomes a nasty little infection that is nbd except for the people who are unfortunate to get a severe case.
  8. My first encounter with wasabi was in 1987. A sushi restaurant opened in town, and a friend and I decided to try this new thing we'd never heard of. So we got a sampler platter, and took turns choosing among the various shapes and colors of morsels. I was the lucky girl who chose the green globe and popped the whole thing into my mouth. I haven't been very fond of wasabi since.
  9. What a coincidence- that's exactly when I iron clothes! That and while in process of turning fabric into clothing. Best of luck with schooling and brain weasels!
  10. Interesting. Similarly autistic, but I seem to attract friends with BPD rather than sociopaths.
  11. Marsupial of mine - how have we been together this long without you realizing that I sometimes do this too? And Chocolate Iguana is lovely, especially with a good dose of half and half or HWC. And not nearly as lively as one might expect.
  12. Happy NaNoWriMo! As of the stroke of midnight, the annual national novel writing challenge is on - 50,000 words in 30 days. The younger sprog and I are tackling it as a pair this year (older son is doing his own challenge). We have a world, characters, and general plot we both like, now to see if we can get our quite disparate working styles to play nice together. He's a slightly obsessive planner, while I like to get some idea of what I'm aiming for, and then jump off and let the words catch me. Too much planning seems to stifle my ability to let the story flow. I'm hoping his drive will pull us through, because I have a funeral to play, a Requiem to sing in, and a diocesan convention to attend this month. I'm pretty sure that without him, my NaNo would end with a whimper this year.
  13. Finished with the third performance in 10 days, and the only one that was planned more than 4 days out. Twas fun trying to practice the organ for "Pipes and Pumpkins" when the director of the flute choir I pinch hit for kept handing me new music and concert dates 3-4 days hence. She seems to have great faith in my ability to sight read anything. With any luck, I now get a little time to actually practice and learn new things on a non-emergency basis, since my next actual performance (not counting the church choirs) isn't until December.
  14. When does a joke become a Dad joke? When it becomes apparent! Flute doesn't play from the left side - the lip plate and levers are wrong. There isn't a lot of difference in coordination required between the two hands, though. The right hand has three holes, two trill levers, and the E-flat, low C and C# keys, while the left hand has four holes (add thumb), the G# key, one trill key and the B-flat lever. Clarinet is similar, except the B-flat lever is a register key instead. It might be slightly harder for a lefty, but I wouldn't think by much. A strong dominance by either side would be harder to deal with, since tight coordination between hands is required.
  15. I'm confused. Other than guitar, and maybe string instruments like violin, what would left handedness affect in music? Every instrument I can think of uses both hands relatively equally. If you're so strongly biased toward one hand that the other is basically useless, I can see it, but that would be a problem regardless of which hand was weak. And handedness definitely shouldn't affect singing.
  16. That was author Diana Rowland. On the mathematical argument, I will mildly comment that the whole thing somewhat depends on the idea that an IQ result is a) stable and b) meaningful. Both exceedingly dubious notions.
  17. Happy Saturday! Got the Kangaroo back safe and sound last night, with enough time to spare to make a concert I'd been hoping to make (organ and two trumpets where I know all the players). The concert was excellent, though the soprano (who was only singing for one song) was not quite up to the quality of the other players. Otoh, apparently she just got married 3 weeks ago, so she may have been a little short on practice time. This morning I got in practice for flute, organ and karate, while the Carnivorous Kangaroo hit the grocery store. Now we're loafing, though I should really round out the practice by hitting the piano, and then pay bills.
  18. That's a tough one. My cousin, a stay-at-home mom with three kids of around that age, the youngest with a serious disability, found out she was getting a divorce when her husband hit national news in the Craigslist prostitution ring bust. Followed by him clearing out the family accounts (including the trust fund for their disabled daughter) and fleeing the country. She didn't end up having to move back home, but she did need help from her parents for quite a while. She eventually got a good home business going as a medical coder, but it was very hard on her and her kids - especially the oldest, who was closest to his father and took his betrayal the most personally.
  19. I'm certainly enjoying the blessedly quiet evenings in the meantime. The bike itself was bad enough; the neighbor's tendency to blast country music while working on said bike was enough to drive one mad.
  20. I started blonde, then turned briefly red, and then darkened to what my friends called "hair-colored hair", a near even mix of brown, blonde and red. Depending on lighting it could appear to be any of those colors. Add in the color-changing hazel eyes, and I spent a portion of my life with three picture IDs (2 school, 1 DL), which listed me as blonde/blue, red/green, and brown/brown respectively. I kept waiting for silver - my mother was fully silver by forty - but all that happened was that I got a little darker. Now at 50, I'm just starting to get a noticeable amount of silver in proper executive placement.
  21. Don't knock the origami flowers! I've seen some of those suckers last 2 decades or more!
  22. Hi rubegon! I was up on stage for Bohemian Rhapsody! I remember the air guitar!
  23. Scar tissue is tricky stuff. It can grow in some very weird and unpredictable ways, basically gluing things together as it goes. I had a class on managing scar tissue with massage last year, and it was like being firehosed with information. I have had 2 c-sections, one emergency and one planned, plus some extra bonus surgery about 3 hours after the second one, and evidence points to me having a decent amount of scar tissue hanging around in my pelvis. Probably helped along by not being able to observe the 10 lb carry limit, due to having newborns that weighed 9 lbs 12 oz straight from the womb. My ob just kind of sighed and told me to do the best that I could. The first organ playing Sunday has been survived in good order. The next challenge is surviving the second Sunday when I'm out of town for fully half of what should be my practice days.
  24. Our local breakfast eatery had a special recently that involved blueberries, cream cheese and a lemon drizzle. Was delish.
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