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  1. Hi, if you run a paint group or paint night at a game store, or you did before the quarantine, please PM me.
  2. Turns out working at home with two kids isn't conducive to painting very much. All the time I spend managing the kiddos turns into time spent working in the evening. Today, however, the CMPA had our 3rd saturday meetup, but virtually. I actually got quite a bit done. I changed the tone of the pink in her dress, redid the skin, did the hair and started on the roses. I also got a basecoat on the wings. Looks like I could have done a more careful job on the blending on the red but... That part is done as far as I'm concerned.
  3. My son's school has a silent auction every year as a fundraiser for the institution. I've been donating a small piece that I throw together in a couple hours to raise money. In the past, I've done little dicebox dioramas using the critterkins from Bombshell. This year, the school actually made a call for parents' to donate arts and crafts or their time so I've been emboldened. I've had this idea for the 2019 Sophie. Her posture looks like she's singing so I'm going to set her up with a music stand and put her on a rug like she's performing in someone's parlor ala Jane Austen. First is to actually start painting. Here she is so far. I've gotta clean up the skin. I'm pretty unhappy with the tone and her hands look horrible. The paint has scraped off her left index finger which is pretty lousy. I'm pleased with the armor like dress and the last shot is of the first few highlights. I'm going to change the black parts of the dress to a dark grey so I can paint her hair black. Her wings, when I put them on, will probably be a very dark brown. Ultimately, the pink on her dress is the wrong tone so I'll be going over that the next time I get to work on her.
  4. He turned out pretty well. Maybe some darklining around the face would help. Overall, it's a nice paintjob.
  5. Maybe echo a bit of that shading in the beard? You could use similar shade colors to the armor to harmonize the whole thing.
  6. Now you're gonna want to go over the edges with a bright white. Then you'll have the sweet contrast. The shadows are looking real good.
  7. What do you think? Also, I like Cyradis' idea of using some purple in the shadows. Hard to go wrong with that.
  8. I think the amount of white is good, it's hard to tell without darker shades. You're going to get more definition for the edges of the armor if you give the viewer a little more information. I'd suggest using some oranges and reddish browns all the way to a dark umber color in the underside of the plates along his hips and thighs. Here's an awful mock up from paint that is sort of representative of what I mean.
  9. Highlighting is looking good. Are you going to put more shades in there?
  10. The only class that didn't sell out was painting faces. Not surprising since it was a late addition. We had a great turn out and I'm excited about next year. Here's a picture of @Doug Sundseth teaching a beginners class. He's a good teacher and if you're in need of instruction, I believe he'll be repeating the class at ReaperCon this year (shameless plug!).
  11. Hey everyone, if you're in the Denver area this weekend, swing by and check out Genghis Con. The CMPA will be there teaching painting classes and running a paint and take on Friday and Saturday. This is the second year we've done this after a brief hiatus. Here's the fun that happened last year: https://photos.app.goo.gl/TnehC7kauWfjp9Q47 Most of our classes are full at this point but come by and say hi or plan on sitting down an painting with us outside of class hours.
  12. Where do I discuss concerns with the website? Here? A user can see the inventory for a figure they've put in their cart, along with a lot of superfluous information. It's not a bug, per se, but seems like information that maybe shouldn't be exposed. Typically, you'll see an order creation response with some json that will trigger some sort of order created or product added to the cart information that is displayed to the user. None of that is created by the reapermini site but I do see all of this in the response to adding something to the cart. I've scrubbed the address info. :) Everything else is what gets returned by Reaper. { "cart": { "byops": [], "digital": [], "giftCard": [], "paymentType": "", "product": [ { "barcode": "762486776496", "fillQuantity": 0, "image": "77649_w_1.jpg", "local": { "lineTotal": 598, "price": 299 }, "maxDiscount": "", "name": "D'Tenian, d10", "price": 299, "quantity": 2, "sku": "77649", "weight": 0.55 } ], "promoItems": [], "rawTotal": { "byopsSubTotal": 0, "digitalSubTotal": 0, "giftCardSubTotal": 0, "productSubTotal": 598, "subTotal": 598, "tax": 0, "total": 0, "totalItems": 2 }, "shipping": { "carrier": "", "freeShipping": false, "id": "", "rate": "", "service": "", "weight": 2 }, "shippingAddress": { "address1": "123 Main Street", "address2": "", "business": "", "city": "Anytown", "country": "US", "lastUsed": "2020-02-05T02:39:14.754Z", "name": "SirLarpsAlot", "phone": "555-555-1234", "postCode": "90210", "state": "CA", "verifiedBusiness": false }, "total": { "byopsSubTotal": { "discountTotal": 0, "total": 0 }, "currency": "USD", "digitalSubTotal": { "discountTotal": 0, "total": 0 }, "giftCardSubTotal": { "discountTotal": 0, "total": 0 }, "inventoryCountry": "US", "productSubTotal": { "total": 598 }, "subTotal": 598, "symbol": "$", "tax": 0, "taxRate": 0, "total": 598 } }, "inventory": { "AU": 0, "AUThreshold": 6, "UK": 12, "UKThreshold": 6, "US": 1396, "USThreshold": 12 }, "message": "Item 77649 added to cart" }
  13. I'll probably be driving from Love Field sometime on Thursday. If you are arriving that day, hit me up. I'll post my flight times when I've got them.
  14. Thanks. Guess this thread can be deleted (since I can't).
  15. Hi everyone, I'm looking for copy of Lilith by Nocturna. Their website says the item is no longer in stock and has said that for quite a while. I even went so far as to email them and they said they'd email me back when they had more of the figure but that was... maybe a year ago? Anyway... I was wondering if anyone had one they were willing to trade or sell. BTW, if this isn't the right place for this, let me know or just move the topic. Not trying to do anything wrong, just at wits end for how to get ahold of one of these figures.
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