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  1. A film to watch for a good idea of the chaos in a prison break, Natural Born Killers.
  2. Here is a link to another post of some helpfull questions. http://www.reapermini.com/cgi-bin....2;t=745
  3. My Suggestions. Blitzing 4 Khan they are (censored) against soft and hard targets and they are fairly hard to hit. Support 2 Sovereign, Indirect fire of 60 and 48 inch Missile Packs, how can you say no. 2 Specter, No longer just 1 attempt at chain lock now you have two. This force has some unpleasant defensive (for the enemy) fire and excellent Direct fire offensive capabilities Superiority 2 Scorpion A level 1 nightmare, use of cover and speed for these two to be effective. 2 Gladiator II's the heavy with the best weapons system around.
  4. Those Trophies look Snazzy. I cannot wait to give them away to the Winner and Second Place. Thanks again for all the support.
  5. I ues mine as vultures and bullet magnets. 4 Spartans can really put the hurt on a damaged cav,Chase down and Crush an Hedgehog, or hunt panthers extreamly well.
  6. I have found the Spartan to be very useful.
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    It is because the GKW14 was designed for the dictator chassis and that is why you do not have to pay the extra 20%
  8. Very cool, Reminds me of Bobby's Cap Jack Robertson produced by DemonBlade way back. When will it be avalible and what $$ are we talkin?
  9. Oh shure snub my generosity of suggestions by saying their not in print... I see... sniff... sniff... sniff...
  10. Quick get this † ....erm.... †"Man" a fix, he's almost beyond help. :p
  11. Battle Field Superiority When it comes to superiority you need range, punch, and Target Lock. Gladiator II's --- Make Dictators Cry Anti Squishy / Crunchy I prefer to stay well away from infantry. Indirect fire seams to be better than running up there and getting my butt handed to me in return fire. Conquerors --- solves the squish that makes you ich. Vulturing Either from a distance or up close you need cheep and effective CAV for elimination of weakend, Enemy units, with out putting your superiority CAV ammo to waste. Talons --- Swoop in and pick them off. Eit
  12. bent brush

    20 q-n-a

    This is a list of the Questions that have asked Reaper over the last 6 Months. Reaper and the legions of AOs have scrubbed them very well. Beginners will find the last ? or so helpful. Advanced player will find the first ? or so helpful. Q1) A question as to the size of the Gun Ships. The chassis DT is 3 would it be fair to assume that proxied models should be of an approximate size compared to the Panther (also a chassis 3)? A1) DTs can roughly equate to size so it would be a valid assumption, aircraft for the most part will be larger than their land equivalent though they wi
  13. So what is the offical ruleing on this. Can you move say 1/4 movement unload and then the APC finish it's movement? Makes sense to me that the APC can move after dumping Infatry. But then I don't play Infantry.
  14. Near as I can tell the APC may finish its movement.
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    6 new pictures

    Fromt the 21 Questions post. I think that says it. The Aircraft are a bit small for the chassis they have. As for the Warlord. It is an inferior machine to the Gladiator, a smaller 5 DT CAV, and with a chassis that size I think the Warlord should be a 6 DT CAV. The Wraith being 6 DT and the Scorpion being 6 DT are also out of scale. With the Wraith being even smaller than the Gladiator. With the resculpt of the Rhino and a few others in the works I thought I would express my oppinion.
  16. bent brush

    6 new pictures

    By your choice of God. Look at the size of that Ogre in comparison to the Hex Base. Then consider most CAV have little Difficulty fitting on a hexbase. I have difficulty with the size of the Kiku in comparison to the Tsuseki. Particularly because the Kiku is a very small damage track model and yet it appears to be much larger than the Tsuseki, (which should in my opinion be larger, more on that in a different thread). And or course..... WHAT DAY is release (as I writhe in the ecstasy of anticipation)
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    Full speed

    Not anymore I moved. Just thought I would continue the example from my other posts, kind of like a theme. Very true and thus we have a reason to say this is a non-functional rule. This is true but consider chances are there is more than 1 bullet being sprayed from the barrel. Another reason I use the Drive By Example. You donít have to be a good shot just to hit something when spewing out rounds. True but can you see why the Pilot might be a bit more agitated if they were to get shot?
  18. bent brush

    Full speed

    Does this man never shut upÖÖ.. We are now back to the concept of mixing responsibilities in the cockpit of the CAV >The model that is moving at Full Speed suffers a -1 penalty to ECM and Target Lock rolls. This makes no sense. The Pilot does not control the ECM. The gunner controls it. †And because the gunner controls it there should be no disadvantage to the ECM. Back to the Drive By example. The driver of the Car speeds up the car. But has no opportunity to maneuver the car in a manner that will prevent damage to the car. Thus the modifier should be a ñ1 to
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    Thanks for the kind words. I try.
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    Gonna be long. >Override (10/21/2002) > † The controlling player may opt to Override the Target Lock computers during the model's activation to declare an Override >Direct Fire Activity. This represents situations becoming so grim that the Pilot takes control of the firing systems from the >Weapons Officer to take a manual shot at the target using a backup targeting system. † †Perhaps I have a different view of pilots and gunners. † †The pilot keeps the CAV form falling down, running in to stuff and from being horribly damaged when shot at. Much like a driver in an
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    So askin' to post some thing on Mil-Net right now might be a bad Idea eh'. Hope the transition is smother from this point out.
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