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  1. I bought Zbrush years ago, but due to the unfortunate timing of life, I didn't get to sculpt much. So I've just reinstalled it on my computer. Yay free update to the current version! I'm starting at the very beginning and am ready to figure out this software. What tutorials do you suggest? I like to follow along with tutorials. I want to make a few things for my 3D printer (Ender 3) and then try my hand at miniatures. I'm looking for tutorials that have a focus on miniatures or designing items that you can print at home. I have a background in fine arts. I don't tend to draw, but I did take drawing and figure drawing in college. I'm accustomed to working on larger-scale sculptures (non-figurative). I like to think that I have a good grasp of composition. Would you suggest this as a place to start or something to look at after I've played around a bit?
  2. I was able to register, so I'll see you in class today! I just wanted to let it be known that some classes that still had seats were showing up as full. I suspect that is happening for other days as well. I expected it to be a pain. That's why I tried to wait a while before posting. I was about to go to bed, then I saw some movement on the registration site.
  3. I hope the registration is easier in the future. It's really hard to tell what classes are actually available. I've been checking the page like crazy and one class that I really wanted added 'registration seats,' but there were never seats available to buy. (I was checking constantly for about 2 hours.) I registered for the "Painting your gear" class, and while it has 4 seats available, it showed full until a few hours ago.
  4. I've been checking the page constantly since before 9 PM. I've only seen one class briefly open. *edit* Turns out I just didn't wait long enough! Let's just hope I can get enough sleep since I need to work a few very early hours.
  5. Thanks! I heard (video) or read (on the forums) somewhere from Reaper that they were considering having them "go live" earlier and would announce when this week. I'm hoping for the sake of sleep that it's earlier!
  6. Is there any word when the rest of the class tickets will be released each night? I didn't know I'd be able to make it until a few weeks ago, and by then nearly all the classes were sold out.
  7. Don't forget that orders are each time someone locked in items. A single person/box could have 5+ orders.
  8. Strangely Mossbeard was also missing from my box. I plan to email them after I go through each set. I don't expect them to ship replacements before shipping is complete. I'm a little jealous. My husband's interest level was only enough to see what type of mini was in each bag. He's painted a little bit, but I'm still trying to get him more into it. I haven't opened up the sets yet. I plan to start going through things more thoroughly today. My table isn't big enough!
  9. I'm not available for Reaper Live. Can someone bring the paint situation to their attention?
  10. Mine did something like that. Once UPS picked it up, it went back to normal. If UPS is on the same schedule as yesterday, it should be on the truck in about an hour.
  11. I just checked my paints. I ordered both sets and everything arrived in the correct quantities, but they are labeled oddly. Pledge manager set A was labeled: Set 2A, Set 2B. Pledge manager set B was labeled: Set 1A, Set 1B.
  12. The box is here!!!!! 31.8 lbs is heavier than I was expecting. For those waiting on UPS to pick up their packages. I had a pickup scan at 5:59 PM yesterday.
  13. My delivery window was 8:30-12:00, but it's 2:00 and no UPS is sight. I heard the Fedex truck go by around noon.
  14. I got a UPS notification, but not an email from Reaper. Mine is listed as "Out for delivery" from UPS.com. So they definitely sent some. I checked the porch at 8:30 AM, but no package yet...
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