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  1. Don't forget that orders are each time someone locked in items. A single person/box could have 5+ orders.
  2. Strangely Mossbeard was also missing from my box. I plan to email them after I go through each set. I don't expect them to ship replacements before shipping is complete. I'm a little jealous. My husband's interest level was only enough to see what type of mini was in each bag. He's painted a little bit, but I'm still trying to get him more into it. I haven't opened up the sets yet. I plan to start going through things more thoroughly today. My table isn't big enough!
  3. I'm not available for Reaper Live. Can someone bring the paint situation to their attention?
  4. Mine did something like that. Once UPS picked it up, it went back to normal. If UPS is on the same schedule as yesterday, it should be on the truck in about an hour.
  5. I just checked my paints. I ordered both sets and everything arrived in the correct quantities, but they are labeled oddly. Pledge manager set A was labeled: Set 2A, Set 2B. Pledge manager set B was labeled: Set 1A, Set 1B.
  6. It's official that Bones are arriving in the US!
  7. The box is here!!!!! 31.8 lbs is heavier than I was expecting. For those waiting on UPS to pick up their packages. I had a pickup scan at 5:59 PM yesterday.
  8. My delivery window was 8:30-12:00, but it's 2:00 and no UPS is sight. I heard the Fedex truck go by around noon.
  9. I got a UPS notification, but not an email from Reaper. Mine is listed as "Out for delivery" from UPS.com. So they definitely sent some. I checked the porch at 8:30 AM, but no package yet...
  10. Mine is 31.8 lbs. It's a good thing I've almost got the new mini painting (permanent!) area set up.
  11. I was very quick to lock in my pledge and just received a shipping notice from UPS for Reaper Miniatures! Also, it's stated for delivery tomorrow, as long as it leaves for UPS today. One of the benefits of being fairly close to HQ.
  12. Snowcone

    Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    I've been doing the same. I was out of town when my box arrived and have been slowly going through each set to make sure everything is there and sort them. So far just one arm is missing!
  13. Snowcone

    Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    I was considering offering my box at ReaperCon too, but that depends on if both get painted first. I know my husband won't be in a rush to paint his, so I doubt it'll be available by then.
  14. Snowcone

    Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    It was the biggest item in the box. 33lbs of minis and it took up a good portion of the box. It seems like they just put in whatever fits best.
  15. Snowcone

    Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    Please share it! Mine is so close to fitting back in the box. I ordered two and got one in a brown box and one in retail packaging.