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  1. This is coming along pretty well, but have you thought about thinning your paint at all? You're losing literally all of the resolution of the miniature -- that's why the eyes keep going off. You're having to guess where the eyes are underneath all that muck, instead of actually being able to paint the sculpted eyes and lips themselves. Like, as an acrylic painter, and painting detail on a flat canvas, you're doing well. But there's detail that you can enhance if you used thinner paint. It's a slightly different painting process.
  2. Past Josh was unable to see far enough ahead into the future, and Present Josh has shifted some priorities around, and alas, will not be attending ReaperCon this year. Have fun for me, everybody!
  3. Alright, I'm in. Booked a room a few minutes ago.
  4. I'll be going this year, and pondered seeing if I could get approved to teach a class or two. Also went through the entire list, and compiled a summary of sorts for myself. There are some great suggestions, and I'd even feel comfortable teaching some of them. Which, actually -- if anybody sees anything interesting in my list of projects on my profile, let me know. /shrug
  5. Not completely submerged unless you count the coelacanth I sculpted for this, but I've done half-submerged here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/71496-dagons-emissary-reapercon-2016-parts-03707-and-03497/ Mathieu Fontaine did a really great one maybe 5 or 10 years ago, but if I remember correctly, he used multiple pours in an attempt to keep bubbles at a minimum -- that's why you can see thin layers of bubbles in the final product (instead of potentially lots of bubbles). The article of how he did it isn't up anymore, though. @Sanael -- The
  6. I'll continue to update that list, and clean it up a bit to make it easier to read.
  7. A couple people are trying to get miniature painting events back into Genghis. It's slow-going, though. :/ A list of conventions with gaming (and a couple without), and CoMMiESFest has painting events (I haven't been to one yet, though, so I don't know how big they are)... NOTE: This is an incomplete list, but it's getting there... Key: [C] Comics [Cos] Costuming [VG] Video Games [TG] Tabletop Games [M] Modeling [L] Literary [F] Fantasy [SF] Sci-Fi [Merch] Merchandise [A] Anime [TV] TV, Movies
  8. I've been afraid to look up other entries. I'm sure there are at least a dozen that are off-the-wall amazing. I thought about doing the Mad Max one last year, and the robot one just before, but after seeing the final entries -- yeah, none of my ideas would have been even halfway as cool. We still got stuff done, though! /highfive
  9. I'm starting to get lost here, so I figured I'd make an index of stuff I've posted. Many of these are loaded with enough pics and text that they're almost mini-tutorials. Questions and comments are always welcome. If you don't get a reply within a couple days, find me on Facebook, or add me on Battle.net (Xumenicus#1118). ReaperCon Final Photos 2016: https://reapercon.com/mspopen/2016/artist/Joshua Anaya 2015: https://reapercon.com/mspopen/2015/artist/Joshua Anaya Projects Massive Voodoo Water Base (No Minis) http://forum.reaperm
  10. PROBLEM, from my daughter: Where are the waves? Yeah, waves. SirLarpsAlot suggested using Woodland Scenics Water Effects to build up some waves. [pic_22] I had never used it before, and him, SEEMING LIKE HE HAD EXPERIENCE WITH IT, sounded like he knew what he was talking about. It took 3 applications with an old paintbrush, as well as using a blow dryer to speed up the drying process, but I love how they came out. Also, he had zero experience with it, and I was unknowingly being used as a guinea pig. After I had some waves, though, it threw off my
  11. Tried to dam up the piece as well as I could. This is fairly thin styrene -- maybe 1mm. Duct tape. The plastic and tape together are watertight. It took a few minutes to really cinch down the plastic around the base, though. USE A RELEASE AGENT. Before doing your final dam construction on your piece, spray your dam with a release agent like Ease Release 200 Mold Release Agent or Smooth-On Universal Mold Release. Follow the instructions on the can. Do NOT get any on your piece, except where the dam contacts your base. The release agent will keep you from gluing everything together.
  12. Tiny tree branches. 24 gauge untwisted copper wire. Living dangerously. [pic_08] Not going for anything perfect. Was planning on putting some leaves on the tree, and doing an autumn scene. Because it's autumn. [pic_09] And I like all the weird interesting things that fungus does on trees. [pic_10] I wanted to sculpt some fish. Really proud of my 15 minute coelacanth, here. Don't overthink it, don't overanalyze it, and do a couple quick 2-5 minute sketches from reference photos, and then just sit down and
  13. Standby for massive dump in 3... 2... 1... Chopping this up into a few pieces for easy posting/consumption. Where I've been: Video games (Xumenicus#1118, if you're on Battle.net), bought a new house, running a fly fishing tournament for a treehugger non-profit, part-running my treehugger fly fishing non-profit local chapter, some other random stuff, and yeah -- here we are. I promise to paint more. Seriously. I just need to paint and sculpt more. I also need to fish more. And game more. I guess this is a thing: Apparently, I need deadlines in order to get an
  14. Do you have time to whip up a light pole real quick? It needs a light pole.
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