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  1. sirgourls

    Shambling Mound

    That is awesome! I love how vibrant it is.
  2. sirgourls

    Gourls paints a Frost giant

    Thank you! I don't know what the fur would have come from. A yeti something I suppose.
  3. sirgourls

    Gourls paints a Frost giant

    Thank you! I'm glad that worked. Thanks! I'd never tried blonde fur before, so that was new. I'm happy with how it came out. Thank you!
  4. sirgourls

    Gourls paints a Frost giant

    Hey there! It's been awhile. I've painted a few things recently, but it's been sporadic. I have plenty of minis to paint, but have been fighting sometimes to find the mood to or to find time. Anyway! Personal crap aside, here is my rendition of the frost giant from the Nolzur's Marvelous Unpainted Miniatures line, which seems to be the same sculpt as the Harshnag from the Icons of the Realms series of pre painted minis. Enough of my blabbering, on with the pics! Unfortunately I didn't push the contrast a ton here. It's clear to see in hand, but it doesn't really show up in the photos all that well. Still good practice though. And he'll terrify my players all the same.
  5. EVEN BIGGER GIANTS. Admittedly because the Nolzur's Marvelous Unpainted Miniatures giants are larger than the Reaper ones and it is going to drive me bonkers mixing them on my table. This is very much a me problem.
  6. I mean, sure. But having more dragons at that size would be good is ultimately what I'm saying. I'd like them to look like D&D blue, black, green, and white dragons, but don't need them to.
  7. I'd be alright with us getting a blue, green, black, and white at the same/similar scale as T'Raukzul. Ideally metallics too, but I'd prioritize chromatics at that scale myself.
  8. I'd like to see more dragons in the same scale as 77108 Shadow Dragon or 77109 Fire Dragon. Also some more hellborn as various classes, male and female. Hobgoblin ninjas. Reptus/dragonborn. A hippogriff.
  9. sirgourls

    8 Bones Orcs

    These guys look formidable! I'm curious what magical abilities these orcs possess too, if you're cool sharing your homebrew.
  10. sirgourls

    Sealing Question

    I have brown liner. Should I thin it at all to prime my Bones with, or just go straight from the bottle?
  11. sirgourls

    Sealing Question

    I hadn't thought about reapplying now and again. That makes sense, especially if certain figures get handled regularly (like goblins and orcs or PC minis). Same for paint. I'm primarily painting Bones. I have a few metal figures, but Bones is where it's at for me. My players tend not to be too handsy with the minis. Every now and then someone will want to look at something because they think it's cool (which I appreciate), but I haven't had anyone do what you described! I've never primed my Bones. I wash them, but I've never really thought about priming them. That is definitely something to consider. I do have brush on primer for the rare metal figures I have. I hadn't considered applying it to Bones.
  12. sirgourls

    Sealing Question

    Hi all! So I've been painting for a little while now and mainly use my minis for tabletop play. Knowing that they'd be handled a fair bit (and sometimes need to travel around in a box), I've sealed them to try and protect them. However, some of my minis are still getting chips in paint and the like, and I'm not sure why that is. I haven't sealed everything the same way, and I honestly don't remember which minis I've sealed which way to know what's worked best. Right now I use a gloss sealer and then a matte one to knock the shininess down so it looks less "cheap toy" like. Is there some other method I should use? I'm using the Reaper brush-on sealers. Thanks!
  13. sirgourls

    77155: Lizardman Warrior

    That is one shell of a shield!
  14. sirgourls

    Gourls paints a beholder

    Thank you! I wanted to try and practice some blending and work with a glaze. Still a newbie, but I like how it turned out.
  15. sirgourls

    Gourls paints a beholder

    So, not a Reaper mini, but I got my hands on one of these. I wanted to try painting one up differently than I typically see, where they're largely blue, red, or brown, since the Monster Manual mentions no two beholders are alike. That said, sometime I'd like to get another one to paint up more "traditionally," despite likely never needing to have two beholders on the board at once.