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  1. Thank you, guys! I definitely shall. I appreciate the warm welcome!
  2. New dude posting! Here's what I'm currently working on, in spare time as I find it. Had some snow days from classes, so I knocked out a few minis. This one isn't quite done yet. Neither are the others, really.
  3. Hi! New guy here. I just found out about Reaper minis when Bones 1 came out. My roommate backed it and got a ton. He also backed Bones 2 and those just came in. He lets me slather paint at them. I'd have backed Bones 2 myself, but I was distressingly broke. Anyway, neither of these are my first mini (though Gerard kinda looks like he could be) and were painted months apart. I painted Gerard back in like.. July. Almaran was in December, partly because I wanted to be better at painting first before I tackled him. I have another figure of both of them of my own, unpainted. I have an idea about what I want to do with "my" Almaran, but I'm not sure how to go about the armor yet. I digress. Minis! The picture of Almaran is a bit blurry. Sorry about that.
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