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  1. An elder brain A few more troglodyte sculpts People mounted on cool stuff/fantastical creatures with a saddle we can mod with a rider ourselves Banderhobb/bandersnatch A stereotypical "old crone" witch (I know we're getting Baba Yaga, but having a hag who is just standing would be good too) A set of tiefling and dragonborn adventurers similar to the elf set coming in Bones 4 More hobgoblins (a ninja would be neat) Hairstyle diversity (undercuts, bobs, shaved sides, mohawks, etc).. maybe this isn't very feasible, I dunno.
  2. sirgourls


    Is this the WotC pre-primed one? Looks good!
  3. That sword. Great job with this!
  4. The effect you achieved of light/power leaking out of its eyes is very striking. Well done!
  5. That was the other way I justified it to myself.
  6. I actually bought 01589: Father Christmas two years ago, but I hadn't thought to slap paint on him until now. As I'm done teaching this semester, I had time to prime and paint this guy earlier this afternoon. Took me maybe three hours, which has gotta be some kind of personal best. I did chicken out on his eyes though. My brushes aren't super great and I didn't trust myself not to screw up the eyes/his face, so I didn't try them.
  7. Salamanders, a new male efreeti, dwarves with fiery beards (azir), bird people, an orc or two who could work as a caster/priest, a hobgoblin ninja, a hobgoblin spellcaster, maybe a big (like 3" base size), 3-headed hellhound.
  8. sirgourls


    Beautiful work here.
  9. I'd like to see a coatl, preferably one that would fit well on a 2" base. A catoblepas would be neat too More dinosaurs. Female dark dwarves, including an enlarged one Male efreeti and djinn, as well as a dao and marid of either/both genders
  10. Dude. I don't know what more to say. This rocks. Since I assume this means you play/have played Baldur's Gate, is there a Minsc conversion on the horizon?
  11. sirgourls

    3d printed robot

  12. I dig it. Maybe some glazes to help smooth the transitions on the energy blade? I like the color choice. It screams necrotic energies to me! I'm hardly an expert regarding techniques though (and am crap at glazes in practice), so maybe one of our more experienced folks can step in?
  13. This makes me think of Skyrim. I can hear the epic dragon fight music now. Awesome job.
  14. sirgourls

    Carrion Worm

    Ha, no. Just took a break from everything to do something I enjoy foot the sakeof my own sanity. My painting has slowed pretty considerably otherwise. And it wasn't very fast before.
  15. In no particular order: Githyanki/githzerai Tieflings Dragonborn Female hill and fire giants Cloud and storm giants of both genders at the newer size More mounted folks Wizards that are not old men (the no-beards?) More weapon sprues (someone mentioned polearms -- yes please) Bigger dragons that could easily be white, green, blue, and black approaching T'Raukzul in size. Blightfang, Deathsleet, Stormwing, and Ebonwrath must have bigger siblings/parents, right? Hobgoblin spellcasters More hobgoblins in general Bugbear shaman A lizardfolk champion/king/queen with some armor or something An ettercap More troglodytes More "deep ones"/kuo-toa A huge+ demon lord with two baboon heads and tentacle arms Another lich model (bonus points if it's already missing a hand) A vampire in armor A huge+ demon lord of undeath, maybe in a new, more dynamic sculpt? A banderhobb An androsphynx More mind flayers/balthians A huge superyeti Orc ladies Half-orc ladies More bandits A ruined temple/cathedral
  16. sirgourls

    Carrion Worm

    Work has kept me very busy (I'm a first year teacher), so I haven't had much time to paint. I did slap some paint on this guy though.
  17. I keep checking my email when I hear the notification on my phone, then remember the KS is over and it isn't a new stretch goal being unlocked.
  18. So I want.. basically everything. Uuuugh. Good thing we have like a year of being able to add funds via the PM. Core set Dreadmere Darkreach (soooo many new monsters!) Hill giants Wraiths Narglauth Fire giant huntsman Paint set A Trolls Dragon turtle Spartan statues Amazon statues Tree of despair Baba Yaga's hut (I mean. c'mon) Paint set B Hill giant huntsman Roc Agramon Frost giant raiders Rulers of Hell This is gonna get expensive.
  19. I'm not sold on the new expansion yet, but I think I could easily be swayed depending on what else is planned for it (assuming we hit enough pledges to unlock it, which I hope we do). I'm heartened by the incision of some straight up dinosaurs in the first tier. I hope there'll be more (c'mooon triceratops).
  20. I'm very curious to see what they do for a fourth tier of dark reaches. Another "eyebeast?" Balthians? An elder brain? A cave fisher? More dark elves? I just wanna seeeee.
  21. I know I'm way behind this, but maaaaan that new expansion already has me hooked at the first revealed tier.
  22. Cave dwellers look rad, and in excited about this expansion. I didn't realize that Dark Heaven was an actual setting Reaper had made up! Now I wanna know lore on the stuff in the expansion (and see the rest of it)!
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