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  1. 1 minute ago, Glitterwolf said:


    Well the PM will not close for a long time, so in the end you can still get some stuff


    Yeah. And worst case scenario, I buy it as it hits retail. It isn't like I'll never be able to get things. And whatever I buy that way will I'm sure be more beneficial from Reaper's standpoint, since they'll make more that way, which I'm very okay with. I love these folks (as so many of us do).

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  2. I had to drop my pledge to $1 (which moved the wave I was in too). ::(: I had some extra money I wasn't anticipating, so I thought I could get away with going in for a core at the top. But then I had to break a lease to move for work (and then pay for a truck and put in deposits for utilities and water and internet and pick up new groceries and and and) and it just.. Yeah. I know going from $100 to $1 is a drop in the bucket for what the funds are at now, but I still feel bad.


    And will need to go and find $100 later after the PM opens to add a core set. I can do that, right? 

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  3. 4 hours ago, Exwilly said:

    right but they naga are originally night elves(queen aszhara). and they have both sexes and night elves only reproduce every 1000 years so since naga are night elves transformed i'd say prolly only reproduce every 1000 years also. and on that note trolls are elves also. sorry im a WoW nerd.

    If you don't know what a thing is in WoW, safe bet is it's an elf, or used to be.


    On that note, hurray for nagenda [sic?]! They will become yuan-ti for me, though I'm guessing I'm not alone there. And I don't really want to wade through the dozens of pages since I was last here to check and see...


    I'm curious what comes next. Another add-on? Or maybe the next expansion? Iirc, the graveyard expansion was revealed before we saw all of the stoneskull one. 

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  4. Just now, Nunae said:

    Well, Matt Mercer did use Bones like the Kraken before on Critical Role, and from all I can gather he loves minis (though usually the prepainted type). Matt Colville did mention Bones in his miniature video, but he didn't like what he got from Bones 1.

    Yeah, and I know that for awhile, and maybe still, Vax's mini is a modified Elladan, so the Kraken isn't the only Reaper mini that's appeared on CR. I have noticed he uses a lot of the prepainted stuff from WotC though. I'm sure he has a metric ton of it, and has commented before that he doesn't have much time to paint these days.


    I knew Colville gave a shout out to Reaper on his episode about minis, but I was unaware he didn't dig Bones 1. The formula and available minis have improved though! Maybe he'll see that and look into it again? I dunno. Or at least retweet it for his followers to check out. Or maybe nothing will come of it. I figured it was worth a shot! There's a lotta folks that follow the #Critter tag too.

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  5. Those new kobold sculpts are interesting. I'll be glad to have them though. Having gobs of stuff like kobolds and goblins and orcs is nice for the games I tend to run that make use of such common foes, at least at early levels.


    And new devils/demons are fun too!


    Those trolls though. Man. I'm digging those a lot. Yay more Chronoscape for the sci-fi folks! Some of those sculpts are pretty neat.


    Eager to see what comes next!

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  6. 14 minutes ago, Gargs said:

    Ironically, I think I am still most excited about the Core Set, but that's largely because this is my first KS so I still can use a lot of those basic minis. I like the trolls and LOVE the pug (especially since one of the players in my group is a huge fan of Pugs -- to the point that her pug made an appearance in one of her latest books) BUT I already have a Marsh Troll and a Two Headed Troll (though the latter is metal) and a couple of old prepainted trolls, plus a number of Trollbloods from Hordes.  Hmmm, $12 might still be worth it for the Pug though.


    I like the demons and will likely add those. Hill giants and wraiths are always useful.  Oh thank god that the PM is open for almost a full year.  This is going to hurt the wallet something fierce.  :P


    This is how Bones 3 was for me. I missed Bones 1 and 2, and was (and am still) picking up things I missed along the way, but since 3 was my first Kickstarter, pretty much everything seemed awesome to me. Bones IV is, thus far, going a similar way.

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  7. 15 minutes ago, OneBoot said:

    Reminder that this thread is intended for Bones 4 discussion....


    So what is everyone's favorite mini or minis they've seen so far?


    Mine is the wraiths; I've been looking forward to those ever since they were teased at Reapercon awhile back! :wub: 



    --OneBoot :D


    It's hard for me to pick. The wraiths and the fire giant kennel master are awesome. As are the ones in the bedevilled set. Aaaand the armored goblins. Also 13 in the core set (I don't know that one's name but MAN is it cool).

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