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  1. Goblins/hobgoblins on warg mounts! Dark elves on giant lizards or spiders! Elves on horses! Or a stag, that'd be pretty rad. Gnomes/halflings on riding dogs. Orcs on.. uh. What do orcs ride? Wargs again! Or horses, dire wolves, whatever. More mounted things, that's what I'm after.
  2. Hi all! I've been a fan of Matt Colville for awhile and his Running the Game series for awhile now and thought I'd spread the goodness here. For the uninitiated, this series of YouTube videos is aimed at newer DMs who are looking to start running D&D for the first time (especially at the beginning of the series), but there's plenty of good stuff for DMs of any experience level to mine. I've found them incredibly instructive for how I run and think about my game to be sure. And, while there's a focus on D&D, there's certainly material that is transferable to any game you're running. Anyway, have a gander (note: this isn't the first of the series, but rather the first of his I saw, which is about railroad campaigns vs the sandbox)! https://youtu.be/EkXMxiAGUWg
  3. Early birthday present from Reaper (my birthday is in July), all good with me. I still have 20 minis to paint anyway. And at my glacial pace, still will by the time my Bones arrive. I'm just excited to open it! This was my first Bones Kickstarter!
  4. I use mine for gaming. I like just collecting the minis for collection's sake too, but ultimately I want them to game with. I think Reaper has one of the highest quality products around, and the Bones line is especially awesome for it (not that metal isn't, but I'm way less worried about the safety of my Bones).
  5. This makes me wonder if the 5e SRD/OGL would prohibit this from being done now, insofar as recommending certain minis to be used for certain creatures in the adventure. I've been toying with the idea of writing an adventure inspired by the graveyard expansion and it would be neat to refer to the actual minis that inspired the adventure. Of course if not, nothing would prevent me from writing it anyway. And since I wouldn't be selling it, then it may all be moot anyway.
  6. If you told me you'd carved this from stone yourself them added skulls to it, I'd believe you. Incredible work so far! In very curious to know if you're going to fill the other 3 pillars with anything.
  7. I think Frazetta would approve of the might in those thews. Coming along nicely!
  8. I realize that we're still a handful of months (at the least) from this being announced/a start date for the Kickstarter campaign, but I went back and looked at the preview photos from Reaper Con and got pumped all over again.
  9. I know I'll be in for a core set. And probably like 7 or 8 add-ons (depending on what they are) and at least 1 expansion. That's about what I did last time. A lot of it will depend on how long the PM is open for though.
  10. The hill giant minis fit fine on a 3" (huge size) base. I also have the die giant king, storm giant, and Yephima (I'm on a phone currently, so can't link them easily) on 3" bases. They fit okay, though they are all smaller than the hill giant minis, so that could be a little awkward for accuracy's sake where hill giants are the smallest of the true giants. But they do fit into the huge bases fine at least, and they work as filler until the wonderful Bones 3 giants get here. I think the stone giant is also more accurately sized, but I don't own him, so I'm not sure.
  11. I'm very interested in this to get the base game (and maybe add an expansion or two) but.. the cost. Man. I know it's better by a lot than trying to get my hands on a copy of it after the fact, where best-case I'm looking at double the Kickstarter cost, but just.. eek. We'll see where I'm at closer to January. I'm sad I missed out on the first go around of this, but I may just have to resign myself to the fact I can't swing it. We'll see. Also, over 6 million is ludicrous.
  12. From the preview images, it seemed like there was a big focus on completely new sculpts. Or at least, I don't recall having seen those minis available in metal before (I could be completely off-base there of course), with few exceptions. Granted, it was a teaser sampling, so who knows. I'll just be eager to see what else we might get peeks at prior to the launch of the Kickstarter, if anything. And, of course, what is in the core set before it explodes with stretch goals (and what it inevitably winds up to be).
  13. You gave these two great paint jobs! I'd be keen to see how you'd paint up the rest. I really want to check out this game, partially to paint the figures myself.
  14. Dat giant video. I didn't pick up the jailer, but I did all the rest. So. Many. Giants.
  15. Sort of. The way the Kickstarters work, you pledge some amount. Say you want a core set and one of the paint sets (which if I remember right are like $25?). If patterns hold true, core set will come in at $100, so you pledge $125. Then, shortly after the Kickstarter campaign ends, the Pledge Manager will open. You'll need to go in and finalize your pledge amount to lock in your rewards. So, basically you'd have $125 of credit in the PM. You go select the Core Set and whatever the Paint Set is, then checkout and your credit is "spent" on those items. But of course, the awesome thing then is, if after the campaign has officially ended you decide "Hey I really want that dragon and its only another $10..." well, you can add more funds to the PM, plunk down your $10 and get that dragon. Or whatever else you want. It also helps if you're in a boat like I was, where during the weeks the campaign was running you can't afford to up your initial pledge, but want to throw more money in afterwards (and of course pick up more amazing minis).
  16. In light of Bones IV news, a rehashing/reminder of some things mentioned before (and probably some new stuff) in no particular order: -female monsters (that aren't beautified) -more mounted folks -fantasy mounted figures (on a griffon/pegasus/hippogriff/what-have-you) -more caster/leader combos (orcs, bugbears, hobgoblins, gnolls, lizardfolk) -dragonpeople -hellborn (those are the tiefling analogues, right?) -devils (chain, horned, erinyes) -upsized other giants (hill, stone, storm, cloud) -new giants (mainly needing females of them, though also a male cloud giant) -dinosaurs -a larger (2" base) eyebeast... -yuan-ti of various kinds -ninja hobgoblins -just more hobgoblins in general -adventurers using greatswords (we have dual-wielders and longsword-wielders for days)
  17. I spent about $350 on Bones III. It was my first kickstarter and I got excited for all the awesome stuff. I didn't even get everything that I wanted (partially because of a need for those dollars elsewhere). However, the bulk of that expenditure came via the Pledge Manager once it opened, as like others have said, I could go in and plunk down a chunk of money for more minis each month. I'll probably do it that way again. Toss in my $100 for a core set (so, so worth it), then watch things get unlocked and maybe this time make a list of add-ons and make more of a budget for my PM spending. That way I'll be more sure to get what I want and not accidentally double up on things (like I did with the hobgoblins) I'd already ordered. I'll be eager to see what the core set even just begins as, to say nothing of what it will grow to include.
  18. The guy on the right looks like their take on Warduke. I approve.
  19. More leader-and-caster blisters like what's available for kobolds and goblins. Or it could be two separate SKUs, whatever. But a caster and commander for bugbears, orcs, hobgoblins, and lizardfolk would be cool. Bugbears could stand to have an archer too. Or a crossbowman or something. Also adding in on Pingo's phoenix idea. That sounds rad. Dire bears/boars A barghest!
  20. He looks awesome! That cloak is very pretty and the orb is just stellar.
  21. Nice! He looks ready to smite some evil.
  22. Just stellar, all the way around.
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