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  1. Thank you for your kind words, I have since added more to my collection because I procure a lot of them for cheap at a local comic store. The more factory detailed ones are from DnD and such, the painted ones are my humble attempts. I need to get washes (and more flesh colored paints) D:
  2. My name is Doctore Oenomaus, I have started my collection when I was gifted upon by my mother a board game filled with detailed miniatures taken from realms and eras all fated to battle each other in the name of the gods, such was the theme of Heroscape. Then I came across fantasy, medieval, and science fiction miniatures from novelty stores, comic book stores, Ebay and of trade. After parting with some coin, I now hold quite the variety of miniatures; vast and numerous for such a new person of collecting. Now, I procured some Ral Partha, and Bones minis, unsullied, and un painted... i
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