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  1. So... Seeing as Julie is <Insert word meaning something like awesome but better that hasn't been invented yet> at sculpting dragons... has Reaper renamed her Daenerys yet? or does she have "Mother of Dragons" on her business card?
  2. I'm finally getting around to painting my Narthrax... and i was dead set on Red... but i already have 2 huge red dragon models... i don't need another one... so i'm looking for other colors... green and Black are the two my GM wants... and i'm terrified of giving him a huge dragon in a color he wants... cause that means bad things will happen to our party... I wasn't sure how Narthrax would look in black, but this looks amazing! I may be sold on it... The Jungle themed Narthrax is putting up a good fight in my mind for a green Narthrax though... so it really comes down to which one i think i can do justice to...
  3. You're right, i don't always know what i want... I just wait for Reaper to show me...
  4. Quite the opposite. Weekend days are the slowest of the project. Weekend One is the worst, because it's less attractive to join than it will be by weekend 2 or 3. I won't be surprised to see it slow dramatically over the next 48 hours. Spent time today moving goals around to drum up excitement, moved one in particular that I'm looking forward to seeing. Not-Bahamut? :D Lochar, you know I can't answer that. It is the next goal post-$1M though, so you'll find out pretty soon. Ooooh, so you're summoning a wild monster ahead of the Lycans2 goal? I assumed that means it's the next revealed goal post 1M. but i hope i'm wrong :P
  5. I tend to work in a very small area. As you can see in this WIP, I started with the head ^^ If you use the same colors, and do the same thing to each small area, it eventually will meld together pretty seamlessly The trick to blending that i use is 'wet blending'. I have the two colors, say, light green and dark green. My first step is to lay down a base coat of the light green all over the area i'm going to be working and let it dry. This gives you a base coat to paint on, because the base bones material is fairly 'slippery' with paint (at least in my experience) and the final result looks wrong to my eye. So now that you have the base coat, I go in with my dark color. You can see this especially along her neck scales where i have the light green banding on the side scales. The light green banding is the same color as the basecoat underneath. You just use the dark green to go along the inside of the scales. But to get a seamless blend between different colors like on the insides of her wings, you will do all the work while the paint is still wet. You lay down a base coat again, in my case this was brown liner this time. I started with the lightest color, the peach pink, and paint as much between the first two 'fingers' of the wing that will be that color. Then you put down some yellow and while the pink is still wet, blend the two where they join, adding more yellow as you go up the wing. Might clean your brush after a while so you can get a solid yellow for a while,a nd then you start adding the light green in while the yellow is still wet. The reason to work in small areas when trying to blend is because if you're doing the whole dragon, the paint will start drying before you can really blend colors =) I'm going to keep this in mind, cause I really want to get better at the whole painting thing... I have a habit of things looking awesome in my brain, but translating into something that looks like a 6 year old painted it with a roller brush...
  6. so, i'm fairly new to this forum... and i got excited when you were going to paint Cinder... cause i really like that scuplt. (granted now that i have my bones, i think i like Narthrax a bit better) I hadn't gone through any of your previous posts to see what the hype was about in your Cinder thread. But now i can see what the hype was... this is an absolutely amazing piece. I can't paint terribly well, but it turns out, i have a boat load of minis to practice on :P I still struggle quite a bit with blending, i always end up with a very definitive line between the two colors. my dragon wings have always been a bit of a problem for blending, so i've taken to just dry brushing them with a color over a base color. Work chipped in for an air brush to help me paint some fun projects for work, so i'm looking forward to learning how to use it to paint the big bad guys from Bones 2... and i'll be watching your painting travels with a fair amount of awe. This is absolutely amazing!
  7. The very first thing i thought of when i saw this post, was flame coming out of it's nostrils... Definitely getting the Construct vibe off this piece. I'm not sure i'd want to meet the wizard bringing it to life... especially if it ends up breathing fire :P nice work!
  8. Wave 4 Victoria BC just got my bones 2 order today!! but i'm at work :( so i can't actually do anything with it... man today is going to drag on...
  9. I think that's the part that bugs me the most as well... If there was a reason, IE if the news was talking about how chicago is completely covered in snow, and everything had been shut down for the past week. sure, sitting in bensenville would be fine... but UPS hasn't even said anything about inclement weather in the chicago area on their website. so stuff should be moving. Reaper has been fantastic with communication over the course of this kickstarter. It's unfortunate that UPS isn't able to provide some communication to keep us in the loop. as was stated previously in this thread... this is kind of a first world problem. i mean, not too long ago, deliveries were significantly longer than they are now, and tracking numbers were far less descriptive. whereas now, we are accustomed to knowing exactly where a delivery driver is... or as was colorfully pointed out... getting an update everytime the delivery driver farts... So... in short... I want my bones to get here soon... and i'm prepared to be branded as a whiney little baby because the tracking hasn't updated.... now i'm going to go get my pacifier to help sooth this pain...
  10. I'm definitely going to follow this, only to spur on my jealousy that some people already have their bones 2... I think Cinder was one of the models that somehow managed to help me convince my wife to back Bones 2 before i found employment after college. Cinder and Khanjira those two...
  11. Re-posting this from Cycnet, our uber-loot may actually still be sitting in the international outbound warehouses in Bensenville. Or they could be anywhere in the world - gotta love the information-vacuum powers of modern track and trace systems. After shipping from Reaper around the 13th, mine is also in schrodinger-ville. New Zealand 02/19/2015 1:46 P.M. Shipment Acceptance at international carrier Bensenville, IL, United States 02/18/2015 2:29 P.M. Package received for processing by UPS Mail Innovations I have done some digging around O'Hare airport, and the weather around there doesn't seem like it's that bad... definitely not "ZOMG CAN'T SHIP ANYTHING" the air port itself isn't listing any terrible delays on their website, and a few air port status websites list O'Hare as light delays. so if planes are flying, that means cars are moving. cause people are getting to the air port. meaning there should be people at the shipping warehouse in Bensenville, just a hop skip and a jump away from O'Hare, and doing their job. Which means there's no excuse for this to be held up this long. I mean, the guys at reaper are fighting through Icy road conditions to get this stuff done. I wasn't aware that Texans knew that ice could exist outside their freezer, let alone battle through it to get this stuff packed and ready to ship. They are used to inclement weather, granted it's a bit more inclement this year, so they should be able to continue doing business once the major portion of the storm has passed. seeing as they are only expecting ~3 inches of snow in the next few days, that's nothing scary and something the plows will be able to deal with. I can't imagine that commerce from O'Hare has been brought to a stand still for the past week.
  12. This gives me hope that mine may show up soon... but at the same time, our tracking number still shows our Bones 2 stuck in Bensenville. but i'm just across the straits in Victoria, and we are wave 4. so hopefully ours will get here soon! mainly because i changed the shipping address to my work so that i'll actually be able to get it right away... but we have a local convention this weekend, so i'm not going to be at work friday or monday... so I really hope it arrives either today or tomorrow if it's going to arrive soon.
  13. This is almost the same situation as me... I just signed up, and i've also just recently gotten an airbrush kit. The airbrush in question i got was the Paasche VL-Set, and the Paasche D3000R compressor / Tank. Amazon had them on sale, and work chipped in for it for a special project. which was awesome! so far i've used it mostly for basing minis or doing a main coat on large models. I'm just starting to get into masking minis to use the air brush on them. i'm starting with the red dragon from Wrath of Ashardalon... but due to it's construction there's alot of areas that will be challenging to get into with an air brush... I'm really looking forward to the Khanjira model!! that one i'm likely going to break out the air brush to do the majority of the painting on it. maybe after i practice a bit more on some of the other dragons and stuff. so i'll be looking around on the forums for some air brushing tutorials and stuff so i can hopefully get better at it!
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