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  1. The striping is well executed. As far as coloration, just look at Dinosaur Dan's crazy sketch book. Edit: How big are these figures compared to the 28mm character figures?
  2. I think they're great speed paints. The bright green on the marsh troll is revolting...and perfect! I recommend hitting the teeth on the lizard men again with a color just a shade brighter to make them pop. All-in-all, nice work.
  3. Soooo Jealous. I was hoping to paint these Bugbears this weekend, but my Bones II are due to arrive until Monday. Nice work.
  4. I recently modified and painted the 14225: Ra'am, Reptus Hero figure for use as a D&D 5e character. Character Inspiration: Race: White Dragonborn Class: Barbarian Background: Pirate Place of Origin: Luskan, City of Sails I did many modifications to represent this character. Base: is scratch-built from polystyrene to represent the gunwale of a Viking longboat. The water is sculpted milliput. The bag is a plastic piece from some 1:72 scale minitaure kit. The rope is a coil of Gale Force 9 product. Weapons: The sword is a reaper sword from a weapons blister can't remember which one.
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