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  1. This time around I took quite a bit, but I made sure to absolutely jam pack fill the box back.  Thanks to everyone that contributed these treasures.  



    I can always use more undead.  I was going to buy brush cleaner on my next trip to the hobby store.  3 industrial grid bases which I think I'll use for St. Celestine and her Gemini, 4 weapon bits and a Space Marine helmet.  Baran Blacktree is a nice, simple player character mini that is just begging for a backstory.  




    Same with Ametrine; I can see my wife making a halfling rogue just for the mini.  Benedikt is the perfect blackguard, and I am completely blanking on the old school monster, but he'll make a good sorcerer.  




    Man-Bat gargoyle-to-be, two undead, and a weird goblin riding an eagle?  No clue, but I'll paint it up as a raven and go from there.  




    A selection of Bones critters and a CAV.  



    Void Praetorians.  Not sure what I'll use them for.  And my absolute favorite pick, an entire Malifaux crew of Unseelie fae.  They look completely menacing, and they also look like the stupidly small fiddly bits will have me cursing in no time.  


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  2. I had a package waiting on me yesterday when I got home.  MasterGunz's work is even better in person than I would have thought from the photos.  Thanks all for the fun, and thanks MasterGunz for the new showpiece of my collection.  

    Tracking on mine shows a Fri. delivery.  


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  3. I've had to drop down a step from even my wife's normal less-than-stellar camera phone to a much older model, so the miniature looks better than what is being shown here.  At least, I hope to hell it does.  I've also done some touch up that the photo helped me see better.  

    It goes in the mail tomorrow, and I hope it serve the new pilot well.  


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