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  1. Yes. He has burned off half his body. Maybe to go forth as a good example of faith? :D It's painted on. I tried to go for a kind of reverse fireman scheme. Like he's wearing fire resistant clothing, and the ashes of his victims cling to it like a thick grime.
  2. Painted for the tabletop, this will be the leader of my Redemtionists in Necromunda. For the uninitiated; They are basically religious fanatics, who believe all sinners must burn away their sins. And anyone who isn't a redemtionist is a sinner. They go around burning anything and anyone they think might be impure. And here is a closeup of his pretty face. I love this miniature. :D
  3. This is a great miniature. Had to look her up myself. Really nice paintjob, too.
  4. "Listen to my hooves! They go CLOPETTI-CLOP!" No, seriously, this is amazing work. You can tell he spends all his time in the wilds. :) Wish I was this good with patterns.
  5. Here is the comparison pic as promised. From the left you have the Sci-Fi Police heads, Maxmini. SM Scout head, and a Space Wolf Marine head, GW. In the background, you have an SM Scout with Police head from Maxmini. Tech Priest with Flagellant head, GW. Converted Succubus, Reaper, and a Prodos Warzone miniature, with a head from StatusQue miniatures:
  6. Thank you. I wanted them to look like a sort of swat team.
  7. I don't really see much difference between IG and SM models. They are definitely heroic scale, though. Some of the heads are bigger than the others. Like this one: I'll see about some comparison photos tomorrow.
  8. Spent the last few days messing around with my Necromunda gangs. First to finish upgrade is the Enforcers. Bit of paint, new bits, and fully magnetized. Which means f.ex. they can go from Sniper: To Riot Control: Leader: Heavy: Marksman 2: Breach and entry: The cavalry. Judge, Jury and Executioner:
  9. So nasty, so slimy. So good. Reminds me of how they made Dagon in the movie with the same name. :D Ia, Ia, Cthulhu ftagn! Any trick to getting those really strong glossy effects? It looks like you put five layers of thick varnish? It's a great wet look.
  10. Who can not like rabid, flying hamsters? "Go for the eyes, Boo! GO FOR THE EYES!!"
  11. The eyes make this miniature shine. Reminds me of the walkers from Game of Thrones.
  12. Pretty neat stuff. :D Especially the servitors. They are really well done. Nice to see some more Necromunda stuff, too. ^^
  13. Yes. Judges is not what you want to see as a resident of the Underhive. :D I am waiting for the last few bits to arrive in the mail.
  14. Sculpting a little coat, and giving my Enforcer Judge some long awaited upgrades:
  15. I want to know how people who paint these bots are so good at making lights. :P The lightning really makes this paintjob shine. Great work. :)
  16. Very nice. Turned out better than mine did. :)
  17. I am not a sculptor, but I do some minor stuff as modifications, and I can't stand Green stuff. I only use it to fill gaps. The brown is alright. Use it sometimes for capes and the like. Things that will float in the air, with no support. Otherwise I use Fimo. It's just so much easier to use. You don't have to harden it completely either, but can decide how hard you want it by how long you leave it in the heat. I did melt some bases before I got a decent idea of what temperatures the other materials could stand though. :P I will also recommend getting some mold sticks from ebay. They are called Oyumaru modelling sticks. Come in packs of 12. Great for making quick molds of heads, weapons, accessories etc.
  18. The difference from the first picture to the last shows really impressive progress. A fast learner. :)
  19. White is difficult. This is a great job.
  20. Nice miniature. The base is really well done, too! He reminds me of that villain from Batman. :D
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