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  1. You make me want to buy these. The way you did the rust is really cool.
  2. It's called 'The Garden of Morr'. You get a -lot- for the money there. It's cheap, very durable. Contains two extra buildings and a lot of extra bits that haven't been used here. Including a raven, tombstones and gargoyles.
  3. Ghostly summons, 77095 Crypt of the Vampiress, 02990 Altar of Evil, 77139 Female: Victim, (P02580C) GW Garden of Morr Scenery and skeletons. Large stuff. Some of this has been posted in separate threads before, this is when the thing is combined. Going to be an entire undead army, and pride of the shelf in a while. Edit: Now with pics. :D
  4. The armor was inspired by the Bram Stoker's Dracula movie.
  5. That is just.. soo amazing. Not enough words to describe that dragon.. Just.. Awesome.
  6. Can you buy this miniature from Mantic? Or is it a kickstarter only mini?
  7. Thank you. It's much better than the first try, which is in the WIP thread: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/61090-wip-02990-crypt-of-the-vampiress-custom-made-casket-of-souls/page-2
  8. Also uses the base of the Ghostly summons, 77095. Put this one together from the bits of two different throne sitting minis which I found with the figure finder. Spent ages on this one. Was very difficult for me. Thought I'd have to strip it of paint and start over again, but I can't be bothered. She's got paint in her face the thickness of my thumb soon, as I could not get the eyes and skin tone right. Given up on her now. :P
  9. She looks a little like a wraith. It's a cool effect, but you loose detail, especially in the face. If you go over with a wash, dark brown and/or black, you'll get some detail back, and can still highlight with a second, lighter drybrush. I like the cape. Makes her seem menacing.
  10. I thought a lot about the colors before I started, so I am glad it's noticed. It's something I am trying to learn, but it's a slow progress. Could be this was just lucky. That is the thought when I look at how his bride turned out. :P I love the flayed skin. I didn't notice that when I bought the miniature, and was like: "WTF!? That is soo cool!" This sculpt is just so incredibly detailed. :D Actually googled flayed skin to get an idea of how to paint it. :P Not recommended for the faint of heart. I originally thought to give him black hair, but it looked really flat, so after trying blonde, I was much happier. :) It's not really a head change. The set comes with four heads to choose from. Skull, bat-form, helmet and normal human. I am aiming to portray 'beauty in undeath' or something like it, so the fair head was an easy choice. :)
  11. Wow.. That is some amazing praise. Not sure I am worthy. :) Though, I do appreciate all the kind words!
  12. You nailed that gore. It's perfect in my opinion. Just the right shade of red, clear in contrast to the demon skin.
  13. I read FUNE-, and guessed it was meant to be Funeral. But it's a good paint job. :)
  14. Seems to me the skin's already highlighted. Might be interference from the gloss varnish. Use some matte on the skin areas, and it will look much better when photographed. Think the horns add a nice contrast the way they are, but the base could use a doodad or two, sticking out of the snow. Good work in any case. :)
  15. Although the gradient shift in the scales is pretty nice, it's the base that steals the show here. :) It looks really realistic.
  16. This is how I do it, too. If you are not painting for competitions or something work-related: This is the way to do it. You can continue this process way past tabletop quality, or just do a single draft to get a mini ready for play.
  17. That is something I inherited from my father. He bought it oversees somewhere. No idea where it comes from.
  18. This is an old thread, but the advice on swamp things are brilliant. http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/720/446278.page Second last post on the page.
  19. Wow, what a great effect! It's cotton. Ear-pins? I dragged off the ends, dipped it in watered down paint, and pulled off little pieces once it was dry. Glued down, and washed the top with orange wash.
  20. Valkyrie's done: Posted in showoff. Here is a closeup of the flames, so you know I'm not talking out of my behind: Meanwhile.. the bird is brooding: No reason.
  21. Painted this for a friends' birthday. The miniature is going to be part of a small diorama, fending off a dragon.
  22. They are already orange. The phone just doesn't catch the color. :) The dragon is also red, not brown. The wings have a purple hue. This is when I miss my SLR..
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