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  1. There's not that much empty space on the base, as it appears on the previous picture. This is with attached wings:
  2. Wow.. That's a lot of feedback in a short time. It's almost six am here and I can't sleep anyway.. :) The darker earth around the Valkyrie should symbolize burnt ground. But it's not dark enough. I sort of want it to seem like the dragon has just used it's fire breath to try and burn her away. I also wanted the dragons side to be vivid green. As to symbolize that it's a part of nature. The Viking lady is the one invading here. Stirring up things best left alone. I'll definitely add bush and growths to the dragons base. to integrate it more with the green. The base does feel flat, though. So I'll add more rock. At least one pile. I had not thought about adding another small hill. Trees I don't have, and I don't think I have the skill to sculpt one. So that I cannot do. I think. Edit: I also know the 'dirt'/'burnt ground is not in the right angle. That also needs to be fixed.
  3. I have a few shots, but sadly few good ones: There is a video here though, from our gaming group. It is in Norwegian, but briefly show some gameplay with reaper miniatures.
  4. The girl next door requested a dragon for her birthday, after she saw me give one to somebody else. I really hate giving away miniatures, because I feel my painting is not good enough for displaying to random people. But.. What can you do? :P Soo.. I figured I'd give it a go. Been working on these two on and off since yesterday evening: Based one black, the other white: The Valkyrie stood very low, so I sculpted a stand for her with a cork and some Fimo: Didn't fit perfectly with the ridges, but I think I can get away with it as a whole: And this is just about how it stands at the moment: I'd happily take some advice on base clutter. Something to make it more interesting.. I figured I'd just add some stones?
  5. It is possible to make decals with just your printer and thin print paper. This mini I did last year has been speed-painted and got slapped on some printer paper stickers, glued on with gloss varnish:
  6. I like heavily detailed miniatures. I usually shade the primer before I paint to bring it out.
  7. Getting there. Slowly. :) Kind of wish my last batch of orders would get here so I had something else to paint before/while I start the last three wall sections..
  8. The scenery is all GW. The graveyard box: Garden of Morr. It's really cheap for what you get. Think I paid 329NOK, which equals.. .43$? The larger base everything will be mounted on, is the plastic container for a gingerbread house, left over from christmas. :D Graves: Oh, and btw.. I am soo tired of painting #¤%"! roses.. I hate flowers! My eyes hurt from trying to figure out if a leaf is supposed to be part of the flower or stalk.. '''\(; ; )/'''
  9. Those faces are really, really good. Only advice I can give is to thin your paint a little, and boost your highlights to be brighter.
  10. This is great! The skin texture reminds me of naked cats/rats. Are the eyes painted on with freehand? Or are there "bumps" on the model? Answered myself by going to the wip thread. It's really impressive the way you have made the eyes stand out like that. :)
  11. That was what made me stay on these forums right away. People here are great. Between you and Yaktribe, I have all the motivation I need to keep up my painting. The feedback people give on these boards are really nice and informative.
  12. Definitely. I'd recommend it to everyone. It's very basic hack and slash. Semi-competitive, and a lot of fun. Grab a copy of the American ruleset from the internet. It's available for free from several sources. Print two A0 sheets. One for the board, One for the tokens. Then use whatever minis you have lying around. The cost for doing this is not very high. Original copies are very expensive in my opinion, and it's mostly because of the miniatures. I replaced all miniatures of my original set with WHFB and reaper stuff. The kids like them better. Of all the online communities, Ye Olde Inn is probably the best place to go. This is an old fimir (feemir) with some handswaps:
  13. Something like progress: And the diorama-thing is starting to take shape:
  14. This is a fimir from Forgeworld. I bought a couple for use with the Hero Quest game (I play with my brothers kids). It was the game which got me hooked on the hobby as well back in the day, so the nostalgia vibes are high. ^^ Thought I'd post it here, too. As there was a discussion about painting with washes/glazes, and this miniature is painted that way. Based white, then hit with washes until the correct darkness levels were achieved: Here it was in progress: This is a new photo. It's seen a lot of use on the tabletop since the time it was painted early last year, and shows some flaking here and there:
  15. I use this process when painting large groups of miniatures. It's really nice when you have regiments of 40+ figures. Very well done.
  16. It's quite a good start. Try thinning the paints a little more, and give them a universal, dark wash at the end. It will make quite a lot of difference.
  17. How did you make the base? That is incredibly realistic dirt/mud. I'll also have to say that the light from the arrow is quite good. Perfect, until it hits the spot on his chest. It's a bit too strong, as if the brush slipped. Just a tad too bright. Only thing I found to pick at. :)
  18. Yeah, this is cool. Good job there. :) It's a nice miniature.
  19. Sorry, I had completely missed this question. The bits are now made by Blue Table Painting, which bought the rights from Epoch.
  20. I was very happy with the way the different pieces fit together. Considering the special rules work like a banshee howl, I figured it would be appropriate to have the chest summoning banshee spirits as well. :) And who says (un)death can't be beautiful? ;) I also don't usually do any light effects on my pieces (just not good enough at it), but I was happy with how it turned out here.
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