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  1. It's a great dragon, with a paint job to match. I agree with you. I can't see why people would bash it.
  2. Included the girl progress, too. Although, she's not really part of the project. She's painted at the same time. Need detailing now. Now to start painting the rest conveyor style.
  3. Was too cold to spray outside today. Based with brush. Went with black, which was a mistake.. So now I've done three layers of earth tones.. Would be so much faster with white base. The girl is painted on the side while I wait for layers to dry.
  4. Gluing done. Time for spray. But that will be tomorrow. :)
  5. Good to know. :) I start the knights today, while I wait for the postman. Warm tea, some kind of easy to follow series, a bunch of paint and a spot of glue.. and we are off to go. :D
  6. This entire model is just 10/10. Crazy well done. The NMM on the sword makes it look like it would mirror the surroundings, it's so shiny.. I wish I could paint like this. :/
  7. This is some amazing work! The bead eyes work perfectly. And the paint job makes it all shine. :)
  8. Another cultist done. For another use. Redemptionist for Necromunda. Is it okay that I post them here, or should I make new threads for each one? It's the same minis, from the same packet, so I am a little unsure how to go about it. Basically it would be the same thread with mostly the same tags. Frostgrave Cultist 1-20 seems a little like spamming. Although they would be used for different things..
  9. That is the one I've gotten. I also ordered their harem girl. And Gen. Bought both, so I can compare which works better. Best match would be one of the ladies from the Warhammer Coven Throne, maybe, but I don't want to spend too much making this, as it's mostly for fun. I can practice my sculpting and make them som clothes instead.
  10. I am going to start a larger competition entry, and thought I'd make this WIP thread to help me keep a red line on the project. The task is to recreate a cover of a book or album. Nothing to post yet, except the cover which will be my inspiration for the entry. I have had it in my mind for a while, and this comp gave me an excuse to begin. Bits have been ordered, and work will commence once they arrive. :) Maybe a little sooner. ^^ As there are some things I can do right away.
  11. Where are your boats from? They look really nice for 28mm miniatures. Great work all around!
  12. Currently, she is using a musket, range of 40ft. Have to spend a turn reloading after every shot. However, I did not have any muskets lying around. :) I believe that is a rifle from 40k. I've been using them as hunting rifles for my Necromunda gangs as well. :P Highest upgrade is a 4 round rifle, with a range of 80ft. Hopefully we'll be able to keep ourselves alive, so it can resemble that in the end. :D
  13. Where is the brain from? It's really cool.
  14. Just noticed this. Not to hijack the thread or anything, but Jula has matte spray at reasonable prices. Panduro sell matt and gloss (brush-on) varnish in semi-large containers, that last a really, really long time. Most other products I use are from miniature companies, but those mentioned products are really great. It's good advice, though. Always seal my miniatures with gloss varnish, first, then use matte on top when it's dry. To remove the shine.
  15. Thank you, all. As for the module, I think it's made up by our game master. Don't think it's following any specific release. The ship is a nice way to explain if a person is missing from a session. They are just tending to their other duties aboard the ship, and did not go inland at that port.
  16. This deserves more praise. Excellent sculpt! As if taken straight from the game.
  17. The ship in the background is a decorative, wooden, ship that I bought as a gift for my father once upon a time. He was working on boats most of his life, and really loved the sea. I just felt it was a nice background for the photo, considering the campaign. :)
  18. These are: - Ingrid, Female Gnome: 03082 - Lydia Copperthumb: 03399 (Converted to hold rifle.) - Blackjack, Rogue: 60053 - Sajan, Iconic Monk: 89018 - Harsk, Iconic Dwarf Ranger: 89020 The party has set sail on a secret mission in service of The King. They are one dwarven fighter, one dwarven gunslinger, a gnome druid, a human rogue and a monk. I really hope the other players will like their characters. :) Individual pics:
  19. They look really smooth. When Ive tried painting 3d prints, they have been very rough on the surface. Any tricks to share when painting these so well? :)
  20. The shading on the dress is really well done! Amazing base, too. :) May I ask where you got the flowers for it?
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