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  1. Thank you. I've made three cultists before these. They are used as dregs for my Undead Mordheim Warband. The rest of the warband can be seen here.
  2. This made me smile. Thank you for such a great compliment on my painting. :D
  3. Thank you for all the nice feedback, everyone. :)
  4. Joined an ongoing Pathfinder campaign, and made these to match the current enemies we have been fighting. One mage, and three thugs. Got basing left to do.: The mage is actually a Warhammer Flagellant with some elven bits. Edit for adding all pics to first post.: Edit: I've now used some more of my cultists for a Blood Bowl team. And there are still a few left on the sprues! This kit has such awesome value. They were all batch painted, last night, after using a couple to choose the scheme.:
  5. Finished this guy the other day. I am happy with how the face turned out.:
  6. Thank you. Tallest one is Claptrap at 20mm. :)
  7. Congrats! Well earned. :) Can't ever have enough vampire threads. :D
  8. Your brush control is great. Really nice lines. Some shading, like dark wash, on the gold parts, and some highlights on the skin tones would give him a very professional look, I think. :)
  9. Some weathering and more moss, climbing up the statue, would go a long way to make this look more complete. It's a little bit barren as it stands now. But I can not fault the painting. :)
  10. It's been procrastinated for way too long. These are the robot miniatures from my Robo Rally board game. Finally gotten a semi decent paint job. Poor Twitch has been lost under a couch somewhere, and has been replaced by a 3d printed version of Borderlands' Claptrap. He'll get a greenstuffed arrow-like base to match the others when I eventually get to it. But at least they have some colour! :)
  11. I've sprayed minis in the Norwegian winter, too. It's rarely below -15 degrees (celsius) on my glassed-in porch, but I've never had a problem using black or white spray cans.
  12. I don't have any other advice than has already been given. These are really good. Especially the nun stands out. You have great brush control. Just need to add some more techniques to your repertory. :)
  13. It's a very good start. Much better than my first few minis. Especially like the highlights on the coat. ^^ I'd recommend doing some washes, though. It's hard to tell if you've used a wash due to the lightning, and the flash in the photos. If you put the mini in a box, and photograph in natural light, without flash, you will get a much better result on the photo. :)
  14. Good job. I have ordered this little gnome, and I hope to do it justice, too. :)
  15. I have to agree. I don't like the overgrown space marine/cartoonish knight they usually look like when finished. This is why I have not added all the decorative armor, but kept it almost bare-bones. It's supposed to be an imperial guard controlled mech, and so I wanted to go for a kind of German, grey, finish. I could not for the life of me get the camouflage pattern right, so ended up dipping it like a motorcycle helmet, or tank, then painting the door to match with a brush afterwards. It is a real pain to take pictures of this thing, as it is huge. I can't get all the lights even, and some of the color is off, or absorbed by the background. Here are som WIP pics:
  16. This one took a long time to complete. I claimed it finished two times, but got more feedback. Fixed a little here, added a little there.. And as they say; All good things are three. :)
  17. These are from Spartacus, the Board Game, I believe. Nice work all over. :)
  18. Hehe, I saw the humor in this as I was painting them. Feel sort of like a computer game scheme, where you always have to aim for the red spots. It's a one-use item in the game, barrels of flammable oil, that are popped if the tank is charged. I figure they replace them after every battle, so they are not weathered the same way as the vehicle.
  19. This is really amazing. :) Well done, indeed. ^^
  20. First tank I've ever painted. Sort of happy with how it turned out. The wings/skull symbols are made from clay.:
  21. He has a new weapon, basically. Along with the backpack. I think maybe the original is wielding a sort of scepter, or staff. I can see that. Or at least I feel he has a real over the top steampunk-look, without being cheesy. :) Which is an accomplishment for a mustached mini with a furry hat, who's shooting a laser-gun, while wearing platemail. :D
  22. Got this in a trade. The modifications are done by a friend. I completed the paint job.: Barrel was drilled after the pics were taken. :)
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