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  1. So many nice posts here. I don't know what my first mini was.. Probably Hero Quest, or some sea creatures from a game called Escape from Atlantis. But I felt these are good comparison. A scout from 18+ years ago, and one from 2014.:
  2. Yeah, that is the GW zombie dragon. It can also be built as a terrorgeist. A big bat. I did not have the instructions on how to put it together, and built it 'wrong'. But I like it much better like this anyway. :D Oh, and the eyes are little plastic 'bling' bead stickers from a dollar store.
  3. I can hear the puppet scream.. "Silence! I kill you!" "Stop touching meeh!"
  4. I have used the Non-Heroic, pulp scale heads. They do have heroic sized heads that work fine for space marines. Guess those would fit Skitarii, too. They looked like bobble heads on these small witches. Here is a heroic sized head on another model:
  5. Made a coven throne from the start collecting set. Now it just needs basing.: WIP pics:
  6. Somewhere thereabout. Point is to add metallic shine to the black paint, without it turning greyish silver, while still enough so it's not just glossy black. :P It has to contrast with the dark, boltgun metal. Which again is highlighted with the pure silver. Then you can add additional depth with for example Nuln Oil or other black wash in creases.
  7. It's mostly metallics mixed with different amounts of black, along with slight weathering of brown and grey. Here is a quick writeup I posted earlier.: In order to make this effect, I made my own little bottle of paint. But of course, mixing the paint on the fly, works, too! The recipe is about 15% silver, and the rest black. One brush worth of silver, to three brushes of black if mixing on the fly. # Start by grounding the miniature matt-black. # Apply the metallic-black paint you just mixed all over the miniature. # Drybrush the entire miniature with a darker silver-tone. Something akin to Boltgun metal. # Take the brightest silver you have to highlight scales, make claws stand out, and pick out other details. # Use black wash on the bright silver areas, and any other areas that became too.. Silvery(?) during the drybrushing. # Finally, take an appropriate coloured paint (I used brown) and a bristled brush to stamp on some dirt and wear. Should probably note that due to the metallic shine, I'd recommend using matte spray to seal the miniatures. Gloss removes a lot of detail, and is just.. too much.. Glossiness?
  8. Finished the last model in my Tyranid army for now. All hail the King and Queen. :)
  9. Thanks, all. For the nice comments. I really like the feedback from these forums. Always kind and helpful. :)
  10. This is Dragoth the Defiler and his throne, towered by an Undead Zombie Dragon. He will lead my army in Age of Sigmar. :) Magnetized, so he can change between ruling on his throne, and slaughter from his mount. ^^
  11. Ah, well.. I found a solution. :)
  12. Thanks, I considered it, but the head is wrong.
  13. It'd normally be available in the Bone Yard ... but it's currently closed as per this thread. Sad to hear it is gone. I doubt it will return at all. I'll just have to look elsewhere for a rider. Shame, since he looks really good up there.:
  14. Is it not possible to order separate pieces anymore? I am doing a new project, and Dragoth would be perfect for it, yet I do not wish to destroy my vampire king and queen diorama, and I don't need another throne. Previously I ordered the throne separately for the queen in said diorama, but now I can not find how to order separate parts? Has this been changed, or is it still possible to get the miniature sitting on the throne separately from the other parts in any way? http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/62164-dragoth-the-defiler-undead-lord-on-throne-30010/?hl=%2Bdragoth+%2Bthe+%2Bdefiler
  15. That's some small hands, to be done that well!
  16. Thank you, all. :) Harwood Hobbies really do deserve some love for that miniature line. I have several other models that I'm going to use for a different project.
  17. This is a set of minis I did for a Yaktribe thing. The girl is from Copplestone Castings. Babes with Guns. The male is a ganger from Moonraker miniatures. And the dog is a Horror Hound from the Harwood Hobbies Sinbad line.: Closeups: The pipes in the background are made from some plastic tubes from the local hobby store.
  18. Finally finished the base for the legs. Thought it was best to include it here, rather than make a new thread for the same mini.
  19. Yes, very Bram Stoker. I was inspired by the same when I painted Dragoth the Defiler. :)
  20. Wow.. The shading on this! I'd also like to know how to do gold like this. :)
  21. Nice job. I really like this sculpt. And it's nice to see the other head used. :)
  22. Problem is that in the movies all the drool is bright and clear until it hardens into creating those nest-like black walls. I want to stay true to the alien in the films. Otherwise you are the second person to suggest green drool. :) Source: https://youtu.be/DNuzmKc7mq4?t=2m1s
  23. Updated the post with the based and accessorized miniature.
  24. That face is really well done! The eyes and eyebrows are perfect. :)
  25. Brilliant work. I loved the WIP thread, too. Makes me want to try myself at some grafitti on my terrain pieces. :)
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