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  1. Army shots will come when they are all done. :) Here is a pic after basing some infantry, thoguh. Tried to go for Alien bio-goo..:
  2. My entire army will have that Geiger scheme/vibe. You may have missed my older posts here with the separate models. A group showoff photo will come when I've finished basing the entire army. So far: Tyrant: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/68531-gw-tyranid-hive-tyrant-conversion/ Genestealer Matriarch: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/68430-genestealer-matriarch-gw/ Infantry bugs: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/60437-gw-genestealers-and-tyranids/ Hybrids: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/59948-50242-kulathian-invaders-3/
  3. Ia, Ia, Cthulhu ftagn!! Great work! Looks wet and slimy. Really realistic tentacles. Almost like they'd be soft to the touch. :D
  4. Is that a Hero Quest fimir I see in there? :)
  5. The gore effects are great. Especially like the little drip. :D Did you model the drips, too?
  6. This is really appreciated. You have no idea how much such feedback helps motivate me into further painting. :) I kind of wanted this one to look like it was pulsating with the explosive, red goo, which it's mutated into fueling it's biological weapon. I'm almost okay with painting all black now, but spotting with the red was scary, as this mini is the first to have bright colors in the current army.
  7. This fellow placed 3rd in the competition in which it was entered over on Yaktribe. It was unexpected. I kind of just joined, merely because I had something to paint; that matched the category involving lurking monsters,
  8. Latest addition to the family. Still waiting for my 60mm bases.:
  9. That's some great freehand on the coat. And the dumpster looks really good with the graffiti! May I ask how you did the top of the lid?
  10. Thanks for all the nice words. I updated the first post with his display base. I put it together from some random things in the bits pile, some straws and a broken key-chain-thingie. The base itself is an icecream lid.
  11. Did this Hive Tyrant yesterday/today. He is magnetized to be able to switch between legs and wings. The 'not alien' head is from Epoch Studioz. Overall, I am really happy with this one. Edit: Updating the post with the based miniature. It has some drool, now, too! Alternate version, with all magnetized parts switched out:
  12. Likewise. I love Aliens, too.. and have gone with a sort of silvery-black, Geiger-like scheme for my Tyranids.
  13. Finished this fellow last Thursday during a GW painting event: Update: Made this fellow a sort of display base, so he can adorn my shelf in all his splendor. :P
  14. I needed to post one of these. It's the first of 20. And I'll have to paint 20 more. Soon they'll just be a blob of brown and red. It's a pain..
  15. The shield is great! Really nice miniature and paint job.
  16. Really nice work there. I think they're going to turn out great. :D
  17. I think my personal favorites are the Mohawk guys, and the masked fellow. Also liked how the blue haired girl turned out.
  18. All of these are very well made, but that singular eye in one of the trees, is just brilliant. So creepy. Gives me some Cthulian(?) vibes.
  19. Thanks! It's the paint. He has been shaded with Seraphim Sepia and Agrax Earthshade. Then highlighted with Reapers' version of Bleached Bone (cream white, can't remember the name), and finally weathered with a thick, old Snakebite Leather. Same way I did the Lord: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/59949-02885-khalith-mummy-lord/
  20. That's correct. Got quite some bits left over from my previous project. :)
  21. That's amazing. Those eyes are really standing out.
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