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  1. Really just gave him a decent weapon. I think he looks the part.:
  2. Could someone tell me what kind of trenchcoat the fourth one is wearing? Is it some kind of navy uniform thing?
  3. Another WIP pic. The shotgunner has been drybrushed and highlighted. The other two still need that. And they all need to be dirtied up a bit. Then they're done, ready for basing.:
  4. Those blues are really cool.
  5. First four are done now, just need to be based. Runner's up:
  6. And here's Christmas with his green haired buddy. He's called that because he dresses like a Christmas tree.. And likes to hang colourful Escher hair in his belt. All, apart from the flamer, still need a good drybrush and some highlights:
  7. Don't get much cheaper than £1.50 a mini. <TaleSpinner, 3/18/16: Edited to remove commerce link.>
  8. Bit slow these days. But here's another, with his rather useless servitor side-kick:
  9. Before and after washing. some highlights yet to be done. For some reason this ganger reminds me of the gangster from the movie Chappie. :)
  10. Em4, moonraker and copplestone sell a lot of the same sculpts. Not sure what the connections is.
  11. Okay, so I got a bunch of Moonrakers almost free minis. Didn't expect much, but these are really not getting the credit they are due on the website images. Here they are: It's time to slap some paint on them, and I sort of want these fellows to be more colourful than my existing gangs. Here are some hair color testing on the first few lucky ones.:
  12. I had some bits left over after the CMON Not-Conan mini, and decided to use them on a Chaos Marauder. The Axe, head and uh, lobbed-off head are the bits that was left.:
  13. Thanks. I will definitely go with silver bracelets. I'll also use Inarah's idea of just making the 'skin area' a part of the dress. I've considered using a white-ish blue colour for the skin, but I kind of want her to sort of blend with the ghost ship towards the back.. Might be more than I can handle.. I'll try anyway. :) Also a big thanks for the advice on shading the white areas. Cool blue it will be. :D
  14. I am in a bit of a pickle. I've searched around and tried looking at a few threads but I'd like to post my mini and get some concrete advice on how to proceed. I've thought about just spraying it white again, and keep it with the ghostly green all over, but I'd kind of like some additional detail, and thought the dress was great as blue,. It's the rest that don't want to work. Especially the hair and white threads: Any opinion is valid here. I just mainly need advice on what might work in regards to colour combinations. And maybe some advice on how to shade the white parts properly. Although I think I'll go with a creamy wash?
  15. Had this guy around for a while. Painted him at a local store gathering today: https://youtu.be/lSyov5YTpKo?t=46s
  16. What kind of headband do you use?
  17. That ogre is really nice. Have you done something to his face, and leg, before painting? It doesn't seem to correspond with the miniature picture in the finder. I went to buy him after seeing this post. :)
  18. This is a great start. The dragon is especially well done for an early mini. For nitpicks I'd say you were holding back a bit much on the wash of the troll, and maybe used a little too much on the barbarian. However, it's not necessarily wrong to dunk your models in washes, but then it might be good to go over a few areas with the base colors afterwards, to highlight non-shaded areas. My best tip to you, is to thin your paint. You will see quite an improvement by adding some water. Two brush tips of paint, one of water is a good starting point, but you can go as far as 1:1 sometimes. It tends to depend on the paint and color. Any more, and you more often than not have a wash. Also, to get better results with drybrushing, wipe the brush on a newspaper, or similar. Once the brush leave no more traces on the paper, you are ready to start brushing the mini. Do it lightly at first, then apply pressure as necessary to leave details in creases as such. I might have read your post a bit too quickly, because I missed the order of these points. There is no one correct way to paint, but I have a hard time understanding why you would dry brush your base coat with a white primer. I'd also always suggest priming models. Even the bones minis. I'll add my most common way of painting: 1. Priming, as in painting the entire mini in one color first off. Not necessarily with a spray. This paint should be undiluted, but applied in a thin layer. I often use a big round brush that I 'stomp' down on the mini to reach creaks and cracks for this. 2. If using white primer, I wash the mini in Agrax Earthshade. This helps me see details, and give an impression on how the mini will turn out. If I've primed black, I'll drybrush white, for the same effect. It shows where highlights will be added later. 3. Paint base colors. This is where I water down the paint. When painting on a black primer, you need to use less water, but on the white primer, you can even paint with washes and get really nice results. 4. Now I add details. Eyes, belts, accessories etc. 5. Wash the mini. Preferably with a wash matching each area, but just dunking it in Earthshade usually turn out okay, too. :) Add a bit of water to areas that should shine through a bit, like the eyes. And you won't have to redo anything. You might get stains if you are slow, these can be removed by rubbing them with a pencil-tip of pure water. 6. Drybrush. First with what would resemble a pale flesh tone, or bleached bone. Then very slightly with pure white in selected areas where light should come from. This really make details pop out, and is a good substitute for manual highlighting when painting for the tabletop. I hope we could help, and good luck with your hobbies. :)
  19. I have never seen this miniature before. It's nice. And the way his armor is painted really makes him stand out. It's inspiring. :)
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