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  1. Maybe someone has suggestions to minis that would be good as Dregs? Shabby miniatures, male or female, with little armor and possibly some debilities? Going to use the miniature search anyway, but input is nice.
  2. Yup. You can see his WIP here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/66607-mordheim-undead-warband/ And as Xherman said: Super!!! And this guy is true Death Metal!! He's probably going to be called Eddie. :D
  3. Finished these tonight. I think I've posted the vampire before, but I based her, so that's new. Now I am just missing three dregs, and the warband is ready to play:
  4. It's not at all bad. The brush work is there. Probably better than me, at least. You just need to get the techniques to go with it. If you want better results, the number one advice is to thin your paint. :)
  5. Haha, it's a one-part model. So there is no saving him from casual grenade lobbing. :P
  6. Finished this guy a while ago. He is from the Gears of War board game, but will be used as a hired gun in our Necromunda campaigns.
  7. Phew, and after some hours of sleep, I regenerated enough energy to finish the painting. I don't have any electric drill/file, so he'll have to live with six fingers, but I don't think that kind of mutation is this guys biggest problem. Now only basing remains:
  8. Okay, there had to be one more, just because I find this guy hilarious. :D
  9. Eyes, mouth and claws: Gore is done by tapping this brush on affected areas: Blood and dirt, last step for tonight:
  10. Cloth and weapon details based greyish brown. Bleached bone drybrushed on entire mini to generate some depth: Comparisons for the drybrush:
  11. Glued, dry brushed with base flesh tone, then drenched in Seraphim Sepia: Necro got bleached bone skin tones and some metal details in bronze:
  12. Making a Mordheim warband mostly for fun, as I don't have any locals to play with, but maybe it can create a little wave among the local Necro players. :D So I bought these really cool minis from Heresy. Three ghouls and a necromancer. I am going to need five ghouls total, three dregs and a vampire, but first things first. I've based them and shaded, and are currently waiting for them to dry: Based bronze skin tone: Shaded with plenty of Agrax Earthshade: Could not help myself. The necromancer was pointing at something, and I added another 'finger' from the sprue remains. Based with grey:
  13. Wow.. So simple. Yet I could not think of this for my magnetized skeleton regiment. They have to be in the same setup every time, or they pop apart due to polarization. :D Stealing this. ;D
  14. I know they will mess it up, just from looking at the cast. Preacher is just too provocative and gritty for American television I'd guess.. But I cross my fingers that it'll live up to the graphic novels. It's some of the best stuff ever made in my opinion. Just my type of dark humor.
  15. This was a thing I did for my girlfriend for Christmas. She always refer to herself as a sloth because she likes to sleep, and is a fan of Sid from Ice Age. :P The base is far to big to fit in my photo-case, though:
  16. I wish I could paint skin like this. :/ Really awesome work. :)
  17. Would you mind posting a pic of the engraver thingie? I do it by hand, and it's bound to go wrong sometime soon. :P The hair is painted with yellow paint, washed with Sepia, a reddish brown tone, then drybrushed with a very light skin/bone white colour. For highlights. As for your question; I live in a small city, 1.5 hours north of Oslo. Called Hamar. It's a nice place, in my opinion. It's built on the east side of Norways biggest lake.
  18. Yes, this is a very nice mini. I especially like the hair. And the spell effects were a nice idea.
  19. I definitely have to get this one, being fan of everything dark and disturbing. :D The painting is really great, too. You can feel the eyes glowing with maliciousness. An criticism, if you are looking for such; would be to make the blood a little darker. Although I am not sure I'd follow my own advice, because the light blood matches so well with the eyes and glowing daggers.
  20. This is another Neromunda ganger. I really liked this miniature. It was fun to paint. A lot more detailed than I thought it would be when I ordered. She still needs to be based, but I am out of basing materials for my sci-fi table, and Norway is frozen over for the moment. After seeing these pics, I need to drill the gun, too.
  21. I only use it for 3 things when I'm going to post a show-off: 1st: I always make sure to have a piece of white paper in with my original photo, then do the auto white balance. 2nd: Crop the image to cut out the white paper and zoom in a bit. 3rd: Resize the image usually 1,000 x 1,000 or so pixels. Don't do anything more fancy than that unless I need to make a collage for some reason. Number one is pretty genius. And so simple. I'll have to start doing that. :D
  22. This lady is going to be a part of different skirmish game warbands. Mainly Necromunda and Mordheim. The little mushrooms/plants on the base are made of dried grape wines.
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