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  1. I see that I need another colour background. The red colour washed out the miniature a bit:
  2. I am sure the army painter versions work just fine. And no, he doesn't need a skin tone. But it's a cheap way of highlighting the brown details in a quick fashion. You'll most likely read and hear 'highlight all the way to white' when doing research. I find that using a quick drybrush of pale skintones is a quick and dirty way of faking the effect. I think it's considered a bad habit, but for tabletop painting, it's a godsend to me. I, myself, am in no way very good at painting miniatures. I recently came back to the hobby after 15 years hiatus. But it's always amazing how much of a difference the wash makes, so I try to let new people know that even dipping the biggest brush they have and splashing wash all over the miniatures are usually an improvement to just having basic colors without shadowing. Can tell from the miniature you posted that you have good brushwork. All you need are the extra techniques; to have some professional looking minis in no time. :)
  3. Indeed, as the others've said here; Give them a wash, and these will be well on the way to looking professional.
  4. Nice to see more Norwegians here. :) It's a nice paint job, too. Give him a dark brown wash (Agrax Earthshade), all over, then drybrush a light skin tone on top once dried, and this mini would be perfect enough that you don't ever need to be embarrassed about it.
  5. They were based white, slapped with Athonian Camoshade, and Agrax Earthshade wash, Then dry brushed with lighter green and white. Total paint time three~five minutes, Not counting drying times. :P But they are so small, the wash really adds all the details necessary.
  6. The background piece is two Christmas tree thingies from the local dollar store, mounted on a sour cream lid. Along with the crystal and some moss. :) They are used as Mordheim terrain, and just shelf decoration when not in use. I have a couple of these that house other miniatures when they aren't used as battlefield terrain.
  7. I think you are off to a great start. I like to use those those dolls that painters do for poses and such the few rare times when I sculpt things. Hands are horribly difficult to get right, so I usually cheat and get one from something the same size. .
  8. It's a real crystal. Thanks! I guess I would need to go scrounging in some different sorts of places for that... I got it from a friend who got it on a sale in a closing flower/jewelry shop.. soo.. I don't really know. :P
  9. I've had these for many, many years. I am pretty sure they are reaper minis, but I can not find any reference to these particular kobolds when I search. They are very small, here is a scale pic next to a genestealer:
  10. Maybe she saw some hair raising stuff? :D Thank you for the nice feedback. It's greatly appreciated. :)
  11. I was fairly happy with this one until I took photos. See that I have managed to clot the paint a little much. Don't want to fiddle with her anymore though. The little tree is made from a dried grape-wine. :/
  12. This is a pretty old fellow (you can see that the paint have flaked off some places due to tabletop use) that just got a new base. I never liked the "invisible man" look, so I once upon a time gave him limbs from a broken warhammer skeleton:
  13. This is an amazing miniature. Going to have to get one for myself. :)
  14. I guess I'll have to take a picture before the first battle. :)
  15. I could not find a thread for showing off Halloween costumes, so I figured I'd show mine, maybe someone wants to show me theirs.. :D We started cooking some good food: Invited some nice company: And went out to paint the town red: Overall, I was very pleased with how I managed to lay the makeup on us both, although I only got second place in the local competition.
  16. I have a unit of 50 warhammer skeletons mounted on 20mm magnet bases. It's really cheap to buy these. Cheaper than the plastic bases. But it does require you to do the entire unit in one go, as shifting them around is rather troublesome.
  17. Second last ganger, for use in Necromunda, and quite possibly the last to be featured here. :) Noticed some errors when uploading the pics as normal, so I'll need to do some touch ups. The pip-boy thingie needs something nice, too. Anyway, this is made up of some random bits and a Warhammer flagellant. He is wielding a Hot-Shot Lasgun. Will be a lot of fun to use these on the field of battle.
  18. Good work here. :) How big is this mini?
  19. The head is from the Warhammer Flagellant pack. Games Workshop. As I mentioned below the pictures, the weapon has already been drilled. It was something I forgot until I uploaded the photo. :) Edit: Replaced the photo, with the completed mini. :)
  20. I tried to come up with something witty to say for this ol'fellow, but I gave up. Same composition as the others, and magnetized to allow weapon swaps.: Chaos marine weapons (meltagun and chainsword, flagellant head, techno priest body. Skull on the base is from an old warhammer skeleton, along with some sprue. Edit: I noticed I forgot to drill the weapon.. got to do that asap. :)
  21. Creepiness is always the best of ways in my opinion. '''\(; ; )/''' Also: Great sig and avatar!
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