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  1. Thank you. I liked it, too. It's amazing what you can use from around the house sometimes. :D
  2. Nice and colourful paintjob. :) I'd recommend a quick drybrush, or just some simple highlights to make the details pop more, but I like it. I find it difficult to make things look this good with vibrant colours, so well done on that.
  3. Thank you. I suspect that is a problem with the entire gang, considering the scheme repeats for the 'uniform'. Should probably have made a few different backgrounds for my box. I personally feel the painting is a little sloppy here and there. Normally this would gnaw at me, but since this is for tabletop, it doesn't bother me that much. I was however really happy with how the pose turned out. It's like he's entered an unwavering stance, paused to listen.
  4. The way you made his eyes pop from under the hood is really cool. It's a great effect, and makes him seem eerie and powerful. The dark side is strong in this one. :)
  5. That is some crazy freehand and lightning. Just wow! :D
  6. Finished this just now. No light for the photo box, so this was taken on the game-board: Edit: Touched up, and proper photo. Flagellant head, techno priest body, and I believe.. the weapon was made from a random chainsword, and a techno priest staff. 'Blind Desperado.'
  7. Long time, no see. This fellow has been done for a while, but had no base. Also made up from flagellants and techno priests. The flamer, and backpack are probably taken from some chaos marine. The fire 'bit' is straw from an ear-pin.: "Speak no evil. (And burn the heretics, of course!)"
  8. I want to add Dreamforge Games to this. I feel the Eisenkern stuff makes for great stormtroopers / clone troopers, if painted appropriately.
  9. Christina is the lead singer. The girl on the Keyboard is her sister.
  10. My friend released a new single and music video yesterday. The release concert was nice, and I wanted to share it with all of you. :) Her name is Christina, and the band is called Hildur: https://youtu.be/s_s9Ul2zy_s
  11. Nice mini. How big is this wolf? in scale?
  12. It's not finecast (that I know). They are very cheap, so I don't think they are at least. It was around 12$ for a pack of five.
  13. They belong to the Space Wolves (40K). Yes, that is right. Fenrisian Wolves. Space Wolf line, 40k. I will use them for my vampire counts, though, as I like these better than the normal ones.
  14. Another set of minis painted as a learning session for the girlfriend. Basing isn't done.:
  15. I'm with you. I stopped looking at the boxes of G.W. stuff I have laying around as miniatures & started seeing them as a terrific array of parts for kit-bashing/conversions some ten years ago...see G.W. isn't all bad...mostly. Thank you. I had not even heard of the 40k faction these tech priests belong to. I played 2nd and 4th ed. once upon a time. But I made a group, and started playing Necromunda again last year. When I saw the box that was the first thing that popped into my mind. Wow.. Those need to be redemtionists. :D We usually make our own gangs using the Unknown Warriors ruleset, so they won't actually be true redemtionists, but it's what they look like, and they are religious fanatics.. soo.. Four down, six to go.
  16. Me too. CAN WE GET A GROUP PIC??? Took a quick one with the phone for you. :)
  17. Okay, now I am lost with regards to what weapon bits have been used, but body, and one arm, is flagellant, Warhammer fantasy. Head and one arm are from Techno priests, 40k. Cape with pocket and grenade is from imperial guardsmen, 40k. A space marine hand.. Noticed a few errors and nitpicks here and there when taking the pictures, but for the tabletop; I think it will do fine. Nothing I can't brush up on later. :) As the others, he's been painted with single colors, then washed with a darker version of said color. "Where we are going, we need no eyes to see.."
  18. Thanks. I want it to be a theme with these.
  19. It's better to have a good triangle, than a vicious circle.
  20. This is all done in two-step GW paint style. Bronzed Flesh, washed with Seraphim Sepia. The right side of his chest was washed with a dark red wash after the above dried. I added some water to the edges of the washed area, after application, to make it blend more seamlessly. The entire miniature was drybrushed with something similar to bleached bone as a final painting step. Weathering was done with a thin black, and brown, ink, on an almost dry brush. Then I just stomped it all over to leave weathering marks. The last step really ruins your brush, so if you try it, use one with an already ruined bust.
  21. Second character pieced together from the bits pile. Flagellants and techno priest parts. Sword.. might be lizard men bit. Not happy with the osl here, but it's for the tabletop, so I might just flesh it out later. :)
  22. This fellow has been pieced together by random bits in the bits pile. Body is a techno priest from Warhammer 40k. Head is from the flagellant pack for Warhammer Fantasy. I believe the weapon is from a Chaos Marine. Cloak, I don't know. Lizard men regiment maybe? Skull pile is from Gorgotha, Warzone accessories.
  23. Thank you. I will be posting quite a few of his friends over the coming days. :)
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