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  1. We used to use lids off deodorant cans, but have switched to the games workshop holder recently. I like the look of this one as well. Also, really nice job on the mini, TheMandolin, I have her partially done and she looks like yours could be her twin sister.
  2. That face though. You made a really good sculpt come alive with more expression.
  3. You are smashing all these chibis. :)
  4. Some characters are in for a world of hurt. That's really cool. :)
  5. Sun's out, guns out! Gorgeous work. I agree that the NMM and the skin tone are very cool, but must add some praise for the furs on the boots and belt.
  6. Oh. This is what an amphibious assault looks like. Very cool btw.
  7. Very, very nice. His face is very expressive.
  8. I love it. It looks really like the thylacine, the (probably) extinct Tasmanian Tiger.
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