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  1. I do love a nicely organized space.... even if mine isn't! lol
  2. you got it! Picture Heavy. I have to break it up. So I will post it by sets. Box 1
  3. I have included a link to a folder with all the pics in it. figured thats easier than posting them all here (which I will do if asked) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bxxl9eLje5TZYmJPaFA0TDhNRFE?usp=sharing
  4. so aside form the obvious, "I'd love Reaper to make mini sets for this game!!!111one one one", I DO want minis for this game. just cuz. So, as I am not as familiar with the catalogue as some of you, I was hoping I could reach out to the community to help me decide on which figures would best represent each model int he game. I'll see if I can find a character list, but if anyone is willing and interested, please post a reaper figure (with item # for those of us to order) and see if we can't make something cool! No, this isn't for anything other than I love RDI, and I love Reaper Minis and I'd like to see them come together in a glorious way :D Anyone got any ideas?
  5. Well, late to this party, but I made it home safe. Two days of con crud recovery, but i'm getting better! :D
  6. anyone wanna make a 6 hour drive back and forth and help be pack stuff LOL
  7. I have ZERO packed. truck isn't loaded. trailer isn't loaded. talk about last minute scramble. Granted, its only a 3 hour drive, but still.
  8. so much good! I am really looking forward to this year!
  9. Thanks! I am very glad they are serving you so well! Wait till you see the new version ;D lol
  10. Thanks! Nothing else I can do really. I love this stuff. I love to design, I love to fabricate, I love miniatures. Its kind of what I'm most happy doing (for a career choice anyway). I can't wait to show off the new stuff. :D
  11. hey everyone! Just checking in. I have finished up the refunds to date. I am now sorting parts to start making parts. after that, sorting and shipping orders. TGJ Hobbies LLC will be dead once this is all over. I have some debt on the companies dime, but there will be no more business done. I started my own thing. I updated my design. Thats really all i'm going to say about that. if you want to know more, shoot me a message. I will keep everyone updated as things develop. I still hope to be at ReaperCon this coming year, same fat face, different name. :D
  12. OneBoot, come hell or high water, I am making you your custom vertical stand. Consider it a personal gift from me. NomadeZeke, given the circumstances, you're right to assume. I apologize for being involved in this mess. (good intentions i suppose) I really want this to be over, and I want customers to get either what they were sold, or their money back. I do not know how, but I will do my part in making it right. IF TGJ (GJ Hobbies I suppose) is true to their word and ships you their product, I am happy for it. I really wish I could be of any more support or comfort in all this drama. as it stands, I am as powerless. They will not even speak to me. I am watching, I am listening, I will respond. Thanks to anyone who is reading, and my sincerest apologies.
  13. I want to respond to this. In September, the team decided they wanted me to leave. They sent me a packet of charges on our bank account they didn't agree with. Included in that list, was the bank statement that showed all charges they were disputing from the date the kickstarter funds were deposited. The TOTAL amount of money "grossly misused" was $342.80. $86.80 was food, $185 was day-care, and $71 was fuel for my truck.
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