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  1. I was looking at my calendar today and noticed that they denoted both "Easter" and "Orthodox Easter" on their respective Sundays; and it made me wonder why there isn't an "Unorthodox Easter"? My coworker argued that all Easters other than Orthodox Easter are technically Unorthodox, as he views it as a toggle where you are either Orthodox or you are not. I thought it might be more of a continuum where you could have Easters that were more or less orthodox, relative to each other. Neither of us were sure if the true Orthodox Easter should be considered whatever pagan festival preceded Christianity, or Passover, or if either of those should be considered the Unorthodox pole of the discussion. Any thoughts? Happy whatever you celebrate!
  2. @Glitterwolf has the correct answer to today's question, and it is now closed. Thank you for playing and we'll see everyone tomorrow.
  3. Absolutely. My fantasy mental image is a GWAR concert crossed with Manowar cover art, set in prog rock album art landscapes. Then again, I prefer my fantasy to not intersect very much with historical realism. Historical realism is for peasants and plebians; we are heroes and demigods and do not conform to cultural norms, societal expectations, or physical laws.
  4. I tend to use older models as gnomes, halflings, and things of that sort. "Awww! Look at the cute little man in his plate armor! Does someone want to ride a Corgi?"
  5. I'm not sure what a "Unit Filler" is. Is it something for games with ranked troops and movement trays? I enjoyed having and making scatter terrain though, back when I actively played games.
  6. Round, because they're the most versatile. I can turn a round base into a square one (if I needed to for some reason) but the reverse operation is somewhat trickier. Plus square bases often make me think of regimented rows of troops, and I just don't have any real interest in that.
  7. The only plan I have in this regard is not to buy any.
  8. I just didn't get why this passive/aggressiveness was necessary because it sounds like the customer is in a position of having to upgrade or kick rocks; as I imagine the likelihood of finding another service provider willing to put up with their set up is low.
  9. I don't know why it even needs to be supported at all? Upgrade or let your business fail seems like it should be a sufficiently financially painful motivation. And better than perpetuating a stupid situation by allowing it to persist for the cost of a few extra billable hours.
  10. I don't remember why, but I have a set that's shaped like guitar picks from (I think) the Hard Rock Casino. Honestly, they're kind of a PITA.
  11. Got a lot of attractive coworkers, do you?
  12. Hmm, a couple of thoughts on this. First, what if we decoupled the day from the date and, instead of the day changing in the middle of the night, days were marked from sunrise to sunrise (or sunset to sunset). It is Friday from when the sun rises (or sets) until it rises (or sets) again. Yes, that means that when a new day starts will vary somewhat, depending on if the sun rises at 6:33 or 6:47 current local or whatever. The day wouldn't flip from Friday to Saturday, even if the date changed at what is currently 11:30 local according to kristof's World Clock TM. Lawn guys (and other people up before dawn) will go to work extremely late on Sunday night to start work on Monday; but this isn't functionally much different from people that start a shift at 11pm currently. Second, people already have to adjust if they want to participate in something centered elsewhere. If you want to take part in the NYSE, you need to be up from 9:30 to 16:00 EST, regardless of your local time. The scientists working on the Spirit and Opportunity NASA Martian missions had to be on Martian time for months, slowly desynchronizing their schedules with the rest of the world by 40 minutes a day. Assuming kristof's World Clock TM, your phone or computer will tell you that it is 23:47 on March 18, regardless of what the sun is doing in your part of the sky. If you have a bill or assignment due at 00:00 March 19, you have 13 minutes left to get that sorted. That's assuming that the entity in question isn't making local allowances for some reason; your local water utility might schedule payments in a way that accounts for local end of Friday we mentioned earlier. More things could be like mortgage payments: it's due on the 1st, but isn't late until the 10th (or whatever). If you're taking remote classes from MIT, you just have to be on MIT time. Third, for the people #blessed enough to get public holidays off or pay boosts for weekend work, you'd still get that just keyed to the day, not the World Clock TM. You'd get Monday off for Memorial Day, even if that bridged between May 28 and 29th where you are. Saturday and Sunday are "weekend" days for folks with a M-F schedule. It might now be March 19th, but your day started as a Friday and it ends as a Friday. I had to make a bunch of appointments for things yesterday and, thinking out it this morning, I realized that scheduling something for 3:00 pm on a day in September is pretty meaningless. Yes, it's a thing that I have coming up, but it's more relevant to know that I am doing that thing today 5 hours from now. My appointment could be at 6230:00 o'clock, and if my phone shows me that it's currently 1823:40, I know I have a while. Anyway, my ideas are probably not better than what we have, but it was fun to think about how kristof's idea might work.
  13. Which one is the time that parents whine about their kids waiting for the school bus in the dark? If we're all afraid of the night, maybe we should shift business/school hours?
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