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  1. Fresh fruit and/or vanilla ice cream.
  2. I don't think any of those stories are even remotely safe for work.
  3. I know people tend to assume I have more tattoos, play more instruments, and am in more bands than the reality.
  4. To thank them for their work, or push them down the stairs?
  5. I take them off at the door. Come to think of it, nobody whose home I visit with any regularity wears shoes in the house.
  6. I definitely do more housecleaning and reorganization. Oddly enough, I drink less (unlike some of my other friends).
  7. ...a journey, not a destination.
  8. I watched Have A Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics on Netflix last night. It's more of a documentary/story session with a bunch of famous people (Sting, Sarah Silverman, Carrie Fisher, Anthony Bourdain, Ben Stiller, Deepak Chopra etc) and their experiences with LSD, peyote, etc. It was rather charming.
  9. Everything You Want by Vertical Horizon
  10. It's probably a toss-up between the moose on the side of Parks Highway in Alaska, or the 800+ lb alligator in the parking lot at work.
  11. Chili--modified to suit the vegetarian, vegan, food allergy, and spice tolerance needs of my guests.
  12. I've always liked the assembly and gaming parts best.
  13. Speaking of this, I have something I could use an unfamiliar person's perspective on. If you're willing to be a kind internet stranger and allow me to bounce some thoughts off you, send me a PM. edit: Y'all are good people. Much appreciated.
  14. Exercise, usually. Sometimes making art or listening to music. And there is a great value in getting together with good friends willing to listen to your troubles.
  15. These aren't really achievements, but I'm pretty happy I got to hike the Narrows in Zion NP and do my first overnight backpacking trip into Kolob Canyons.
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