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  1. Not really. More typically that sort of situation takes the form of "I don't want to spend the time making any of this."
  2. Yeah, California solar is elfed too. This doesn't even have to involve ranting about environmentalism; it's pretty much cronyism and corruption between business and government. Universe forbid the power companies lose profits because they can't monopolize the sun.
  3. I am mad and Duke Energy and the Florida Public Utilities Commission. I have just discovered that the commission allowed Duke to increase the minimum bill charge to $30. The connection charge is apparently still around $13, but now they arbitrarily get to bill everyone that has solar and generates excess power for them an extra $17 per month for the privilege of doing so. This is on top of the discrepancy between the monthly net metering rate (~$0.08/kwh) and the rate Duke gets to pay to settle the excess power balance each year (~$0.02/kwh). I might as well crank the AC and leave all the lights on, ffs. 😠🤬 Yes, I know this isn't much money in the grand scheme of things, but I just needed to vent.
  4. I don't think I'd replace them. I'd actually like to get rid of some of them. I just wish there was some place I could easily trade them in; like used books, CDs or video games.
  5. I prefer online for everything when that is possible. If I must go to the bank, I'll go inside rather than use the drive-thru or ATM.
  6. Our outdoor activities are less seasonally affected and more mosquito-infestation affected.
  7. Pfft. I'm just going far enough back to find one that'll qualify me for Italian (and thus, EU) citizenship.
  8. I am wearing a very similar shirt to this today:
  9. Saw this on Reddit today: Nurse relates how traumatic it is to take care of even a compliant unvaccinated COVID patient
  10. Continuing to research my family genealogy and submitting what I find to the lawyers to evaluate my jure sanguinis claim for Italian citizenship; helping my wife pack for her trip to her home country to visit family; making a list of projects to work on while she's away.
  11. No snow. We've been in the upper 70s/low 80s for the past 2 weeks. We get a cool day in the 60s today, then back to upper 70s/ low 80s for the rest of the week.
  12. Odd shapes go into the smallest box that will fit them. Things that exceed the width get rotated 90 degrees and wrapped lengthwise. Anything that can't be wrapped in one of those two ways requires reassessing life choices.
  13. Conan Book 1, from 1967 Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid Yes, of course.
  14. I've discovered a very similar thing has happened with my grandparents and great-grandparents. Lots of random misspellings, form errors, incomprehensible handwriting, and general inconsistencies. In the 1940 census, someone decided that my great-grandfather's name was now George, instead of the Giacinto he had been for about 50 years. You really could just put any old random information on forms back then. I've also discovered that I don't actually know my grandfather's birthday, as he has 4 different ones listed in various sources. Not huge differences--was he born on this day, or the day after; this year, or the year after--but still. His sister has 3 different names, depending on what source you find too.
  15. Yeah...I've already gotten the extent of the research that anyone in my family has done. I'm looking through Ellis Island records right now and I've been able to find 3/4ths of my great grandparents on my mom's side so far. The last one is proving troublesome as they swear she was on a particular boat, but I can't actually find her on the manifest. This somewhat makes sense to me as my dad wrote something to the effect of, "little is known about [great grandma X] before she married [great grandpa X]" when he was looking into this. Like, nobody even knows when she was born. We only have a vague idea because she said she was 22 when she came to the U.S.
  16. Thanks for the suggestions y'all. I'll see what else I can turn up on my own, before I have to turn this over to the professionals.
  17. Does anyone know how to do hassle-free genealogical research? Ideally without having to sign up on any ancestry-type websites (or is that basically impossible)?
  18. It's both a "have never" and "never will" (most likely).
  19. We watched A Boy Called Christmas on Netflix last night. It was enjoyably cute; though I'm pretty sure they murdered a troll during the prison break. Which, as John McClane taught us, Christmas and murder are inseparable.
  20. 1. n/a 2. n/a 3. If they hired my wife and, for some office political reason, I had to have an account.
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