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  1. I am almost finished with this one. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please share before I seal the deal :) cleaning plus simple base white basecoat skin eyes and lips black dress cape metalics + flamesword hair, brown details, base thanks for watching Pampala
  2. painted for a friend for his PC. CC is always welcome. Thanks. small wip overview
  3. Pampala

    77557: Kyra & Lavarath less Kyra

    the progress is really slow. I need to set a deadline, otherwise I will never finish it.
  4. Pampala

    77557: Kyra & Lavarath less Kyra

    I couldn't agree more, after all, lance is what was Kira wielding :) But it is what the player wants, so that's what he gets :) His dark elf character is a super strong, heavy armour wearing, axe wielding, dragon riding, dragon slayer wannabe. However he did not encounter a living dragon as far as I know nor had he mounted one. But that gives me a plenty of time to finish this miniature :)
  5. Pampala

    77557: Kyra & Lavarath less Kyra

    slow to no progress, so far I am working on the dragons belly and still I am not fully satisfied with the look. As soon as I am happy with that, I will start working on that armour.
  6. Hi again, long time no post so I was thinking I will share my recent project that I make for a friend. I had to get rid of Kyra as the rider should be male elf with axe :) I copied the body of 77355: Count Lorenth and hands and face from 77092: Elquin, High Elf Adventurer. here is after priming and preshading I hope you like it.
  7. Pampala

    Reaper Bones 3: US Zone Complete

    I have to admit, that I felt just like Xherman, but then I noticed this: yet I will think twice about the B-IV.
  8. Pampala

    Dragons Don't Share 2

    Simply awesome
  9. Pampala

    Dragons Don't Share 2

    This is simply amazing. regarding the statue, how about making her collapsed/broken in half?
  10. Pampala

    77023: Barnabas, Human Warrior

    Thank you guys, you are way too kind.
  11. Pampala

    77023: Barnabas, Human Warrior

    My eternal struggle with NMM. But I'm worse with metalics, so I have to improve at least one technique. I hope it looks like an armor to you. I painted this guy for friend - his PC C&C always welcome.
  12. Pampala

    Male Storm Giant (Bones) (77163)

    Congratulation, very nice final piece to the whole set. Don't you want to take a picture of them all painted? Your blog was always an inspiration for me, so I'm glad you will continue with Bones II & III in the future.
  13. Sir SUATMM should be also delivered. I hope he made that with all his cash in the hand.
  14. Sooo, here's my Sir "Shut up and take my money" Forscale, demanding those three pugs in the Dwarf's kings companions set. Hope the picture is not too big (or small, or whatever :)) Pampala PS: But seriously, shut up and take my money for those three pugs, I need Warhounds for my warband :) PSS: I think this was the fastest paintjob I ever did. ;)
  15. Pampala

    Dwarven Frostgrave Warband

    Thank you all, it gives me strenght to continue..... Now I just need to find the time to play :)