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  1. I'd love seaguls, they would make great little charismatic trouble makers. Just a gang of them squawking about "MINE MINE MINE"
  2. My package came today, and all of the miniatures were in perfect condition. They look awesome and I cant wait to prime them and get it all nice and painted, especially the mole in the hole, I already have Bottles references.
  3. I suspect he had this guy on the sculpting board for a while before posting up the picture. Either way, he's a fun looking one. I'd have to go all out on the base, making it look like it's being dragged through the dirt, with it lightly bunching up at his feet digging into the ground.
  4. Well, I want them to be fairly sturdy, have them be lightly curled but not accidentally be squashed flat if someone grabs the miniature. Though I did find that I can lightly drench it in thin super glue and it will be hard enough for my requirements.
  5. Armadillo is a definite - although the original plan was to make him dwarf-like, a tough, plodding tank, with a big shield. But I think that's out; I've just found out they can jump 5 times their own height, and run at 30mph! I can't imagine a dwarf pulling that off. 30 MPH!? I have a hard time imagining that. Maybe if they are in a ball rolling down a steep hill? ((Might be a good stretch goal, have a small 'rolled up' armadillo figure, like the Mole in a Hole for comparison)) I really think that you need to think of someone sneaky, or very very cowardly, cause the only time havin
  6. I love the new critters. I've already yapped on about the back stabbed armadillo but really I'm just in it for the ride now. The snake is an awesome addition (been meaning to find one for Ironclaw), and the shrew looks devious I'd say. I haven't even gotten the previous ones yet and I'm already attempting to throw money at the screen.
  7. I don't mind duplicates, not that I've gotten any sense the Bones II kickstarter was one of the first miniatures I've gotten other than the How To Paint kit. I'll still grab a few minis, it tends to be of more obscure things like the were creatures, compulsive purchases I get from my local game store because I need them 'now' instead of later.
  8. Alright, did some more stuff, added some horns which really need some more work and smoothing. The dreads on the other hand I'm kind of proud of. I'll texture it once it hardens a bit more, but even then I think it's going along nicely. Also worked on the body some more but I'll post up a proper picture once I've made some notable progress.
  9. Eyup I'm not as big of fan as I let on (though Gilda 'is' my favorite for some weird reason) but I enjoy doing silly stuff like taking something gritty, detailed, dark, and painting it up as some light hearted character or have a silly story behind it.
  10. I've actually got a vulture like creature from the Bones 2 Kickstarter. I'll probably sculpt a little fez and paint him up in similar fashion. Have Gilda and her grandpa together ;p
  11. Alright, I did do a bit more fiddling today, I started off with the top half of the head and then let it dry overnight and messed with the bottom half today. Probably not the best idea but this head is there for me to practice on. I did a bit of texturing, and tried to depict the 'cheek poofs' though I can see that I might actually have to sculpt little cones and add them to the cheek and make the fur texture on them to give them the tufts as depicted in the drawing. Though I feel like I'm slowly getting the hang of it all, and that by the time I finish it I can get the one on the figure to
  12. The technique seems to work very well, though it's brought it to my attention that I might need to grab some different shaped color shapers to create fewer creases in the greenstuff for more cylindrical shapes like the muzzle. I did just add some more detail tonight but I'm dead tired so photos will pop up tomorrow.
  13. You mean something kind of like this pudgy fella?
  14. Added the eyes to the dragon. Zombie dragon ;3 Got a convention tomorrow so hopefully by then it will cure solid and I can start on all the other details to it when I get back. Also used some extra putty to create a few tiny hands for a pear shaped anteater character so that it would be easier to attach.
  15. Well, finally starting the head again. Because this is a practice head I'll be making it a bit on the big side to start off with. As demonstrated in the tutorial above I have made the 'skull' before adding eyes and the 'skin'. Also, because I'm still impatient for my own good, I used a blue heavy greenstuff mix. Looking at the tutorial photos and stuff, I'm curious how the seams are blended so well.
  16. What this experience has taught me that patience is required in this kind of project, and that miniatures painting and sculpting go hand in hand as, while you wait for one to dry, you can work on the other. That, and planning very much ahead, something I've not been very good at but have been thankfully lucky to this point.
  17. This is all amazing help. I was feeling a bit anxious and defeated before but I see now that I had no reason to be . I still need help with blending but I take it that comes with practice. I'll post up any updates on progress made.
  18. I actually already went through that trial and error earlier today. Attempted doing it on the armature wire directly but it kept slipping, so I just added a glob of green stuff and had it cure for the rest of the day, attempted it tonight and did better... ish... Also, I've been doing the step by step build up process on the body though, I'm just working on the heads separate so I don't screw it up when I sculpt the head of the dragon critter. Here's the body of the beast currently. (added the little eyes there for fun knowing it's going to be covered up)
  19. Yah, I tried making smaller eyes but they blew up massive when I tried blending everything. Same with the nostrils, it became smoothed down too much when I was attempting to blend everything. Actually, everything kind of started taking a downward turn when I attempted to get rid of the seams.
  20. Alright, I'm still new to sculpting but I wanted to replicate something a friend of mine drew. Unfortunately after several failed attempts I haven't made too much progress. What I want is "this" What I made, is "this" I'd like some pointers and words of wisdom and maybe some instructional pictures to help me out with this project.
  21. Yah, I cant wait for the Mole-in-a-Hole, I already have plans as for what I'm going to do with him ;3 Going to make a nice little grass base, make some thick lensed glasses, and paint him up like "Bottles" from the Banjo Kazooie games.
  22. You're probably not serious about this, but putting Bones plastic over a candle is not a particularly good idea. Potential for nasty fumes. You could easily just push thin wire into it (or stick a needle to make a hole then push the wire in) and cover it in green stuff or milliput depending on what kind of texture you want. If you want to go whole hog, maybe stick some teeth on it and so forth. Maybe cut a hole in it to make it into a mouth. Actually, I might attempt doing that with one of the small barrels I got in my set, make it into a tiny mimic.
  23. Haha, thanks guys, I'll take your suggestions to heart. Though I'll probably do some more cleanup work on the Swag Bag he has and give it a dedicated full afternoon of nitpicking. Other than that I'll dullcoat him the way he is as I feel quite satisfied with my work (and I don't want to potentially screw it up) . The other mini's I will paint after him though I'll make the shadows and highlights more contrasty as per suggestion. Still, I'm overjoyed by the response and might end up doing some more 'joke' Minis (I've got a Space Mousereen in the works), also mess around with basing some mo
  24. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind for the next one. Whenever I do the shading and the highlighting I always feel like I might go overboard and add too much light or shadow to it and make it too contrasty. As your suggestion I'll attempt to push it a bit more.
  25. Now, while looking through various miniature manufacturers for strange and interesting minis that caught my fancy, I ran across "Crocodile Games" which made a series of miniatures for their own Egyptian mythos themed game. Going though their line up I noticed one or two strange minis in their "Sebeki" line of heros. These croc dudes are also the same dudes that is in their logo, and thus their mascot. In which I ran across the "Crocogamer", a special edition mini. Being a bit of a pudgy nerd myself, I couldn't help but buy this guy and basically paint him up as a caricature of myself of sor
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