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  1. Llamaroo

    77343: Goroloth

  2. Llamaroo

    77184 "Spirit of the Forest", plus this demon

    Round 1 Fight!!
  3. Llamaroo

    77336: Stone Giant for Frostgrave

    Quick somebody call Thor!!
  4. Llamaroo

    Archivist demon- pic heavy

    Love the details. The freehand writing in the book especially caught my eye. Great job!
  5. Llamaroo

    "Family Archery Lesson" Spr. Exchange '16 for Guildenstern:

    NICELY done!!! I love it and it all fits together all to well. The Sheriff of Mousingham better be on his toes.
  6. Llamaroo

    77153: Snakeman Warrior

    WOW!! This is nice. The bottom of the mini is particularly nice as it blends into the base much like a real snake would. I also like the contrast witth bronze / steel armor with the bronze bracer.
  7. Llamaroo


    Nice! even gots dem glowing eyes
  8. Llamaroo

    77024 Bones Goblins

    Neat!!! I also really love the colors!!
  9. Llamaroo

    77018: Skeletal Archer. First painting attempt.

    Nice job! Thinking about going back and adding some dental floss or something to tie off the bow. I think you nailed this piece though.
  10. Llamaroo

    02861: Abram Duskwalker

    Nicely done. Really like the free hand!
  11. Beautiful! I wouldn't cross her
  12. Llamaroo

    02973 Cullen & Ash (from Spring Exchange)

    Cool duo. I like seeing this pair