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  1. Llamaroo

    77343: Goroloth

  2. Llamaroo

    77184 "Spirit of the Forest", plus this demon

    Round 1 Fight!!
  3. Llamaroo

    77336: Stone Giant for Frostgrave

    Quick somebody call Thor!!
  4. Llamaroo

    Archivist demon- pic heavy

    Love the details. The freehand writing in the book especially caught my eye. Great job!
  5. Llamaroo

    "Family Archery Lesson" Spr. Exchange '16 for Guildenstern:

    NICELY done!!! I love it and it all fits together all to well. The Sheriff of Mousingham better be on his toes.
  6. Llamaroo

    77153: Snakeman Warrior

    WOW!! This is nice. The bottom of the mini is particularly nice as it blends into the base much like a real snake would. I also like the contrast witth bronze / steel armor with the bronze bracer.
  7. Llamaroo


    Nice! even gots dem glowing eyes
  8. Llamaroo

    77024 Bones Goblins

    Neat!!! I also really love the colors!!
  9. Llamaroo

    77018: Skeletal Archer. First painting attempt.

    Nice job! Thinking about going back and adding some dental floss or something to tie off the bow. I think you nailed this piece though.
  10. Llamaroo

    02861: Abram Duskwalker

    Nicely done. Really like the free hand!
  11. Beautiful! I wouldn't cross her
  12. Llamaroo

    02973 Cullen & Ash (from Spring Exchange)

    Cool duo. I like seeing this pair
  13. Llamaroo

    CAV Bones Raijin

    Nice job!
  14. Llamaroo

    Gothic Archway with mods (DHL #02703)

    Nice!!! Now time to add a TARDIS
  15. Llamaroo

    03739 Female Wraith

    Nice! Really digging the colors
  16. Llamaroo

    Totally unofficial Replacement paint labels

    Would be easier for just the triad name probably. Overall thanks for sharing this with the community though SamuraiJack
  17. Llamaroo

    Chronoscope Minis we'd like to see #3

    Could even make a "Hobby squad" with different people engaged in different hobbys. Maybe someone reading a book , another person painting with an easel on a canvas, someone trimming a bush, all type of random activities
  18. Llamaroo

    Chronoscope Minis we'd like to see #3

    Have a pair of people sitting in a chair painting miniatures lol
  19. Llamaroo

    Large Magma Elemental (Bones 77185)

    Brilliant!!!! Makes me want to order this guy!!!! Executed flawlessly
  20. Llamaroo

    Hammer paints: Anhurian Spearmen (77359)

    Cavalry be warned...
  21. Llamaroo

    Fractured Dimensions / Mortal Arrow Bodak (OPDV34)

    Nice work!! ..... and the brightness of that base really screams WHITE HOT!! Nicely done indeed.