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  1. A temporary housing situation has been found for the aforementioned cat. I have been writing again. I want to do NaNoWriMo again this year but don't think I'll have time in November so I just started in the last couple of days. So far it's been a lot of finding all my notes I made last year and compiling them and then doing some more world building.
  2. SO uhhh... I've only gotten a few of these done. I will post some pics when I take them. I may take the month of October (and maybe first half of November) off completely for the fact that I am incredibly busy.
  3. I am livid. This is from one of my friend's discord I'm in: (spoiler'd for length) Like what kind of broccoli person do you have to be to do that and not put in at least a little effort in re-homing the animal? The rest of what I have to say is mostly a string of obscenities so I will stop there. ANYWAY. We had Issues getting our grocery order this week. Walmart's regional (if I understood correctly) pickup and delivery system went down for several hours yesterday. This caused us to wait 3+ hours after our pickup time to actually get a notice that o
  4. We need to change the air filters in our air purifiers. The little red light has been on for... a while on the one downstairs and we realized earlier this week the other one upstairs has done the same. I think the push we've gotten is that our cat who spends almost all her time upstairs started sneezing a lot. So going to to that soon and hope the sneezing stops, if not it's another trip to the vet. Also, need to move the TV's of my mom's that have been sitting in our living room far too long. The weather change is the push. We need a nice-ish (i.e not rainy) day to get them into t
  5. Went to the FLGS that's not exactly local on the way home from my neurologist appointment. Haven't been there since before the pandemic. We had a 50$ish credit on our store card and ended up adding 11$ today. So now we have 60$ish in credit. The person who checked us out wanted to know what I was painting (I was buying paint) and I ended up telling them about my painting IG account. They'd complained that no one ever has pictures of things they are painting. Got the paints, mostly DC'd or LE stuff. They did have a handful of Heavy Gear paints but I succeeded my will check and did n
  6. Star Trek RPG today. I love being able to socialize without being in the same physical space.
  7. So sorry @redambrosia. My dad and stepdad have since passed away. It's never an easy thing. Sending lots of hugs.
  8. We are having a wind storm tonight. It is about 10:30 and it was supposed to be over around 7. It is progressively getting worse. Worried about the power going out because it is flickering a lot. Supposed to get a lot of rain in the next few days. This is causing my head to hurt off and on. Hopefully, this won't last long.
  9. Went to my in-laws this morning with Husband. I haven't been over for a while because I was avoiding EmotionsTM . It was still emotional but I did not break down crying this time. My MIL liked the tattoos, I think. She had a vague response about how she wouldn't get tattoos because it would hurt too bad but nothing bad about them. She did look at my truffula tree tattoo quite a bit so...hope that's a good sign. We'll see what my mom says when I see her. I don't think she dislikes my tattoos but she makes a show of it when I tell her I'm getting a new one. Before yesterday it had be
  10. I like Discord, I really do but there is definitely still a place for forums. In a lot of the bigger servers I have a very hard time keeping up with things so half the time I just don't read or contribute like I would on a forum.
  11. Super tired, woke up at 3, nothing new. Tattoo artist was cleared and does not have COVID. So going in at 3 today. Thing that sucks though is the state fair is currently going on so traffic, I expect, will be elfed. Hopefully, I make it on time.
  12. Finished: Limited palette Trio (hammerhead shark) Monster WIP: Duo Theme Trail of Blood (lion)
  13. It has been a very long and rough week. My pupper passed away a couple nights ago. I am pretty upset that I wasn't there to be with him. He was a good boy. But today I'm trying to get in a better mood. I've got a tattoo appointment at 4:30. I'm excited but probably not as much as I would have been otherwise.
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