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  1. I ordered a hat that you are supposed to be able to wet and whatnot and it will keep you cool throughout the day. I got the package today. The company sent the free item that I knew I was getting but instead of hat I got socks...
  2. So we caved on Prime day today. We originally weren't going to do any shopping but MIL suggested that he get some new pants and stuff that she would pay for. I threw some slippers into that order. She also had us buy a couple of security cameras that were on sale. Which led to the previous post about internet upgrade and what not. A little earlier tonight I found a bunch of the makeup on my wish list on sale so got that so I can figure out what I want to do for an upcoming photo shoot with friend for some semi-professional head shots that my pro photographer friend will be doing ne
  3. I never finished the jailor, bodyguard, and warrior. At this point I'm going to strip them because I cannot find notes on what I used for them. Hoping to get to these by the end of summer.
  4. Vines have been totally painted at this point, may need a few touch-ups. I plan on picking this back up sometime before the end of July, I /really/ very much would like to finish it. Need to order varnish first. Have been using medium instead of varnish which is apparently not the same thing. *headdesk* So that's where I'm at with that.
  5. I need to get a list going in for July. I am thinking I will probably only be doing a few things that are bigger. I really want to finish Grimtalon, Ma'al, and my Frost Giant Queen. I'd also like to work on my desert diorama. Would like to get a few of these done before RCon because if they have an online thing for it I'd like to enter some of them.
  6. Had caffeine way too late and I'm still wide awake. Should have been asleep like an hour and a half ago. In other news, I got new fans for the hobby/game room today. They are nice and work very well. It did not feel like the 80F that the thermometer up there told me it was. I got a bunch of cleaning done. Should have taken some before pics. Hoping to eliminate some boxes and clear up some shelf space for other things. I did, however, find my bag of paints I am using for the current Frost Giant Queen. Hoping to finish her before RCon so if they have an online thing like last year I
  7. Finally have gone about contacting the internet provider out here about changing the name on the bill to ours from his uncle's. I'm not sure how difficult it will be because his uncle passed about 2 1/2 years ago... I've been bugging people to get it done on occasion but now that we need to upgrade the internet it's more pressing. So I filled out their form and should either get a call or email, hoping the latter, about it soon.
  8. Got home this morning from my mom's. It was nice and it's nice to be back home but I just have to adult again and that doesn't sound fun. But! I got some fun stuff in the mail while I was gone.
  9. Got photos of the rest of my package's contents. 1 set of 18 Marie's water mixable oil paints 20 prismacolor pencils in 4 different colors 1 Vanish eraser Seriously love these they erase almost anything without smudging. 1 - 16 oz bottle of Winsor & Newton brush cleaner and restorer Flower palettes x2 I thought these were ceramic when I ordered them. They are plastic. Nice size for what I need them for though. SoHo studio wipes Got these on a whim. Probably won't use it on brushes though.
  10. Got a couple of packages whilst I was gone. I have more stuff I don't have pictures of yet. First photo has: Large pencil box Small paper cutter Aleene's Tacky Glue x2 Vallejo Earth Texture (desert) Second photo: Small cutting mat Chisels and bag (that I may not actually need anymore...)
  11. I've done a lot of mini paintings. Like landscapes not minis, though I've done a little of that as well. The half of the project I need to do/figure out is how to make frames for said paintings.
  12. Might venture out next week and see about a haircut. I've got a photo shoot coming up so I'd like my hair to not look like I just lopped it off in a fit of rage.
  13. @haldir This one looks much more agreeable.
  14. Kicking myself. I have /for years/ been using matte medium to seal minis. I guess I did not realize it and varnish are actually different things. *headdesk*
  15. Finished 6 pictures, 10 paintings in all. Two of the 6 are three paneled pieces. Will try to knock out more frames when I get home tomorrow. ETA: link to thread with all small paintings. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/94705-sparrow-paints-with-bob-ross/
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