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  1. Signed up and (almost) ready to go. Should probably use this early morning time to finish what I need to.
  2. I used to read a ton as a kid and well into my early 20's. Then the ADHD really kicked in and it's made it harder to do. I've been listening to Hamilton... a lot.
  3. Spent most of this month not doing anything. I still have yet to find the lost RCL minis but, honestly, I haven't looked very hard. Got the 3 minis and 3 landscapes done. Plan on working on the ongoing projects later today when husband is playing D&D.
  4. I'm not sure about general life advice but as far as hobby advice goes it is this. Don't compare yourself to others. You won't see your own growth if you concentrate on others' work.
  5. Got our tax return this morning. Have since been ordering stuff for the house that we need and other stuff. I'm afraid to look and see how much we've spent.
  6. Italy and Greece. More specifically Venice. I could have spent forever there. Florida. Disney World was fun but definitely could have gone without the Florida bit.
  7. No worries! This was very informative. My goal is to make small scale landscapes on small canvases/paper. I'm starting a little bigger since this is something I've never done. But final goal is to get down to like 2" x 2" canvas or paper. I'll check out those classes for acrylic paints, thank you!
  8. I'm so tired. Slept like a rock last night and it's just not going away. Been trying to keep busy but not having much luck with that either.
  9. Didn't paint today. Didn't have the energy to do much of anything.
  10. I painted this for the RCL limited palette challenge this month. Used only the 5 colors shown. Lots of mixing happened. I'm super happy with it but as always C&C is welcome.
  11. Halfway through the month already?! I've done not a ton. I have lost the bag in which I threw most of the minis to keep them together. I did however finish my trio mini and limited palette mini. Also, the Owlbear. I've done a little on the ongoing projects. Will double down on those later this month/next month. I did however start doing landscape painting, because why the elf not. I totally definitely needed another expensive hobby...
  12. Day 3: Today was not good. I felt that I got the paint almost to the right drying time but I just flipped with this picture. I'm probably going to try it again with just this one for reference. I am waiting for payday to get a few more supplies that should help. In the meantime I will soldier on with what I have.
  13. I would highly recommend not using a spray from a can. Bones have a notorious reputation of getting sticky with spray primers. I would suggest either a large brush and a brush-on primer or an air brush primer either brushed or sprayed on. Vallejo makes a good primer that comes in big bottles (200 ml or a little over 6.5 oz) for about $20 a price. I hear good things about Stynlyrez from Badger as well. I know Reaper makes a brush on primer but for something that big I'd go with something else.
  14. Oof. We've not lost power but *knocks on wood* wouldn't surprise me at this point. Sinuses are about the same here though.
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