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  1. 1: Yes, I have been to a couple of outdoor weddings. 2: It is hit or miss. My SIL's wedding was outside in a rose garden and it was like 90*F outside and it took Forever. The reception venue which was on the same property was not air conditioned and only had a couple of standing fans for like 100+ people in a room that probably shouldn't have held that many people. ETA: It was a nice ceremony it was just too hot to be outside.
  2. I had a test done on Tuesday. MyChart informed me yesterday that I'm positive for high-risk HPV. My doctor is still waiting for the other part of the results before we can proceed with treatment. This has happened before and it resulted in surgery to shave off cancerous cells. It has not been a good weekend. Probably won't hear back until Monday at least.
  3. I ended up mixing a color out of Kraken Ink and Clear Magenta to get a really pretty dark purple. I am currently in the process of picking out the scales on the face slowly with what was my base color.This is giving me much better contrast.
  4. Yes, I'm painting up the Zombie Giant from Bones 5. I am part of a Halloween secret Santa thing with some friends.
  5. Painting Gaming (table top, board, and video games) Crocheting Paper Quilling 2D Painting Sewing You can rip all my extra hobbies from my cold, dead, hands. I try to brace my arms/hands in various ways that I cannot figure out how to describe off hand. Sometimes it helps. If I am stressed about a project it doesn't help. But for general stress it helps.
  6. So this dragon has some nice scales through out the body. I want to line them but not sure how to approach the ones on the face. Any advice?
  7. Wings are based! Need to figure out what claw/horn/etc. colors I want to do. ETA: Wing membrane is a mix of Desna Blue and Eldritch Purple.
  8. Got it to fit almost perfectly except for the gap. Now looking at other colors for wings/scales/horns/etc.
  9. So minor (major?) issue with a wing. It doesn't quite fit like it should and I'm not sure how to fix it currently. I want to avoid green stuff of at all possible. The top part is supposed to fit into the small divot that's in the shoulder. The wing isn't even going all the way in. Help?
  10. Backed this for both. I can't wait to see them in person.
  11. Had to go with a slightly different purple since I couldn't find my bottle of the Monarch Purple. My small lamp's battery died so this is all I accomplished on this today. Worked on putting a base coat on the base as well. I am not finished.
  12. Yes, I do. I use the app PaintRack for paints. And for minis I have a ridiculous spreadsheet that I am currently working on restarting because the old one is riddled with holes and errors.
  13. Ooooo, didn't even think about lighter greens. I'll play around and see what happens.
  14. So here I am posting yet another WIP thread. I will probably finish this one this time since it is a gift for my SIL. It is the Bookish Dragon from Wildspire Games. I am currently pre-planning colors with an app on my tablet. I am thoroughly stuck though. I want the main color to be a purple. Problem with this is that green is the complementary color and I don't want it to look like Barney or the Joker. I am currently using swatches of MSP Monarch Purple, MSP Amethyst Purple, and a few different browns/tans that I'm not sure I'm happy with. This is where I'm at so far. Any suggestions are welcome. Under the spoiler are uncolored photos of the pieces.
  15. I've actually started using an art app to test out color schemes when I am very stuck. It's pretty helpful for me when I can remember how the app works and realize it is user error instead of just the app not working. Not the best picture of my tablet but this is what I'm working on.
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