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  1. When I was a small child I got bit by a goose because I tried to feed it out of my hand because I thought I was being nice. It was not pleased. Puzzles! Crocheting! Finn the cat!
  2. Oh I'm most definitely doing smaller canvases. I'm probably using a combination of some sort of paper that will hold up and canvas panels. I'm thinking 8"x10". Maybe a touch bigger (9"x12") depending on what I can find and what is cost effective. I'm not going to be framing these. Ones done on paper will be bound later.
  3. Oh hai! I'm here! And with a thing I posted YESTERDAY. Because I really need another project to do. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/104717-sparrow-paints-through-the-joy-of-painting/
  4. I recently found out that Bob Ross is my 9th cousin. Something I've been thinking about doing for sometime now is paint through the catelog of 'The Joy of Painting' series from the 80's and 90's on PBS. They are all up on YouTube currently as far as I can tell. 31 seasons, 13 episodes a season comes to 403 paintings. At about half an hour an episode that's a lot of hours. I do have some things I won't do and can't do due to space and time restrictions. I won't do: - Paintings with text - Paintings done in the shapes of states or other weird outlines. - Paintings done on wood pieces (this may change). - Paintings that are portraits. - Paintings done by guests. I have not gone through the catelog to see how many this eliminates. I'm using YouTube and twoinchbrush dot com (database for the show)for references. (MODS: I'm not sure if this is a retail site I will remove it if it is problmatic.) I will be using, probably, watercolor paper, mayyyybe canvas paper, to save space and not huge canvases for some paintings that I want to gift or use for other things. I will be using artist acrylic tube paint because oils are expensive and even odorless mineral spirits irritate my asthma. Water mixable oils are a thing but they come in such small tubes it's not economical. The acrylics I use come from Jerry's Artarama, (SoHo paint, it's an in house brand I think. As well as most of the other supplies I will be using, probably). I will start once I have all the supplies and my setup is ready. Once I have my first painting done I have 1 CALENDAR YEAR. To finish them. I will still be streaming miniature painting on Sundays at 3-5pm Pacific. I *may* also stream Fridays for a bit to do these paintings, I haven't decided on that yet. Anyways, this is not a resolution, this is a personal project I want to do. I'll post photos...somewhere. I haven't decided on the details of that yet. This is my commitment post. I'll let y'all know how things go as I get ready to go. If anyone has suggestion for paper I can use heavy body acrylics on or suggestions for any other art supplies I might need PLEASE share with me.
  5. Yes! Hilda Dragonball Z and Super Delicious in Dungeon Paranormal Park Steven Universe I could do this for a while but those are the ones that immediately come to mind.
  6. I do like poetry. I do not have a favorite off hand. I do write poems, I would not be comfortable reading them in public though. Private maybe, but not public.
  7. *sigh* It's been a rough week...and it's only Tuesday. Had to end my stream abruptly on Sunday due to emergency. (Everything is fine for now.) But not sure if I'll be streaming this weekend or not. Kinda bummed about it but this is more important right now.
  8. They have no shape. They don't exist. Our ice maker in the fridge is not hooked up and there is not enough room in the freezer to make ice.
  9. I ordered a new hobby lamp. This time from Game Envy (85$ USD!) And some wet palette sponges. Hoping the lamp is good. I desperately need the lighting.
  10. Unsweetened tea (damned diabetes) and water usually.
  11. Asmodeus Red and Cactus Flower. Ohhhh. I change my mind my favorite red is Bright Pyrrol Red from Pro Acryl.
  12. I'm working on a blog post and wanted some input from y'all. The post is about painting busts and going beyond the tabletop. But this got me thinking what do people consider table top. Like how would you paint a table top mini compared to a high tabletop mini compared to a display piece. So what criteria do you need to meet to reach each of these three "standards" of painting?
  13. Got the FULL collection of Red Dwarf on DVD today for TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS. The set is normally 200$ on Amazon. It's currently 88% off. Hopefully, it's the right region. I just now realized I forgot to check...
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