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Status Updates posted by SparrowMarie

  1. Slowly creating more social media to promote my minis stuff. Hopefully, people will like what I'm doing.

  2. Decided on 150 minis for the year. I've also decided, tentatively, to do Minivember again.

    1. Glitterwolf


      20 it is then!

  3. So glad it's Friday. This week has been way too long.

  4. I haven't set a total number I want to hit yet but I've already painted 18 minis this year. My total will depend on if I decide to do Minivember again this year.

  5. Only a few days left to finish up Yephima, I'm pretty confident I can get her done provided life doesn't get in the way too much. I've also come to the realization I need more gray paints.

  6. My paint came today! I am totally in love with Marine Teal now.

  7. Got my brushes! Now waiting on /another/ Reaper shipment, due in two days. I bought more paint, because I totally have the space for it all, that I definitely needed.

  8. Getting a shipment from Reaper tomorrow! Now if only my paint brushes would hurry up I can get back to painting.

  9. I'm planning more than I'm painting. >.<

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