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  1. I feel like crap. Woke up stuffy and congested. Might be running a mild fever. Tylenol and Sudafed have helped mostly. I'm starting to feel human again. Now to just feel well enough to get things done.
  2. Mostly. So, no. I will pick up a Bones mini and not do it but that isn't often. For Bones I will usually use brown or blue liner depending on the feel I'm going for. Everything else gets a brush on of either Vallejo surface primer (I think meant for an airbrush) and then Stynylrez wich I know is airbrush-able. Bones aside I like white or grey. Black on very rare occasions.
  3. I finished all the blue scales. Now to figure out the white ones. Pictures tomorrow, too tired to get some now.
  4. So. Many. Scales. Now just about ten million more to go.
  5. I cannot drive. Not due to lack of license. I've got scar tissue in my neck that prevents me from turning my head far enough to look for cars when changing lanes or whatever. I didn't really enjoy driving when I could. Major anxiety. Driving is necessary for where we live. It takes roughly 20 minutes to get into town by car.
  6. I've gotten several. My favorite is a metallic orange. I haven't used the samples much though.
  7. Got my new phone! Typing is hard since I don't have the Google keyboard installed yet. Supposedly has a ridiculously good camera. Will test that out when I get home.
  8. In theory I'm getting a new phone today. Can't wait to see what the new camera can do.
  9. Have been slowly plugging away at this. Lots of real life stuff going on but here's where I'm at.
  10. Not necessarily /terrible/ but Batman Forever and Batman and Robin.
  11. I'll usually listen to music or a movie I've seen. As of late I've been listening to either people painting, sewing, or doing jigsaw puzzles on YouTube.
  12. So I decided for our vow renewal I'm going to make a cape. I am trying to find fabric and it's a pain. It's either not what I want or WAY too expensive. We're doing like celestial/nerdy themed so I want something with like stars or space or something. So far I've found this: It's cool but not sure if it's what I really want but I can't beat the price. When you need 8 yards of fabric it gets expensive quick. I also need lining fabric.
  13. Welp. I spaced. I decided I'd mess around with my finger nails. I'm trying to figure out how to do them for vow renewal this summer. Kinda forgot I needed to paint more today. Did not remember until I was trimming them down and Husband mentioned that they needed to be short enough that I could paint... ETA: They were already glued on at that point so no gong back really.
  14. I am tired. Trying to paint but cannot focus. I don't have much time left to finish this.
  15. I like assembly (as long as it's not Malifaux). I highly dislike cleaning mold lines.
  16. Rosemary & Co. Series 33 Size 0. Unfortunately they aren't currently being shipped to the US last I checked. ETA: I'm also quite fond of the Eclipse series from R&Co as well as the Artist Arsenal sable brushes from Game Envy.
  17. Got this little guy in the mail last week. Also got some Vallejo plastic putty in the tube.
  18. I'm in the same boat as @ferret. I enjoy painting for other people. I don't do army painting though, I hate batch painting. So generally it'll be a one off PC or something. I don't have a chance to RPG in person anymore as of now. I liked being able to send minis off with Husband for his groups to play with. It gave me a lot more motivation than I've had in a long time. Like ferret I will show someone what they may be getting quality wise beforehand and generally (so far) people have been agreeable with that. I do paint board games but not for other people. That's just Too Much for me to handle.
  19. I've been trying to put this into words all day. Not sure if they are coherent but here they are.
  20. I'm looking for some paint brush tubes. Like the things that come on your brushes when you buy them. I have scoured the internet to only find what I'm looking for in one place (Jackson's Art) that is apparently not in the US so shipping would be like 10$ of my 20$ order. Anyone know of anywhere else I can get these? Or if not those something that will work just as well? No links please.
  21. Rough weekend so far. I need to elaborate but I don't have good words right now.
  22. Nieces are here. I'm letting them play with colored dye crayons in my hair. It's slow going but it seems to be working. I'm probably getting a haircut soon but we'll see how this goes. ❤️
  23. Fluid in her abdomen that could get into her lungs at anytime. Several masses in abdomen. Vet strongly suggested we start making final plans.
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