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  1. @Marvin that's awesome! I forgot how much a pain in the butt world building is. I mean it's not in a totally fictional place but building up even small-medium towns can have a lot of moving parts.
  2. @Marvin I've never finished one. The closest I've gotten is about 1/3 of the way through. I have a good feeling about this one, just working out the kinks currently.
  3. She's already on a prescription diet. Hoping if it's anything and she wasn't just being...a cat, it's something simple to treat.
  4. I mean to update this last night/this morning but was up until 7 am so I decided to sleep instead. Cat is...okay? They did an exam and found that nothing was abnormal aside from slightly elevated blood pressure. They didn't want to run any tests since it didn't seem immediately life threatening. They strongly advised making a follow up with regular vet on Monday though. Which we will do. Was hoping they'd at least given her some fluids but we'll just do it today as per schedule. I was just hoping to get out of doing it for a day.
  5. I'm panicking. Husband just had to take our 18/19 year old cat to the emergency vet. She started laying in her litter box (thankfully, it's pretty clean). When we took her out she sat on the bed for a few minutes and then went back in and laid down again. He Googled some things and it said it could be a UTI or blockage. She already has kidney issues so we didn't want to chance waiting until Monday when her regular vet is open. It's about midnight here. Gonna be a long night. I'm hoping for the best but expecting the worst. I'm a mess right now. Looks like I'm not sleeping tonight.
  6. Who all is doing NaNoWriMo this year? I would love some accountability buddies. I only have a couple irl friends that I know that are doing it but I'd love more people to do it with.
  7. It was really bizarre but I don't recall it being a nightmare.
  8. I was going through my writing folder in Drive and found a thing that was based off a dream I had a long time ago. I could've sworn I'd started writing it. I remember, or think I remember, vague details of what I'd written but can't find the doc anywhere. These are the notes I have about the dream: Today. Today was the day the fish left. It happens most years but this year was different. The fish were just gone.// Today the black birds left the forest. I think they’re gone for good.// You can’t see the forest for the black hole. That’s what they tell me but I’ve never seen either. This island is barren. I want to see this forest and ever illusive black hole.// It rained today. No sound came but it rained. No pitter patter on the roof, just silence.// Should be enough to get me going. Might map out some stuff if I can but might just run with it.
  9. A little frustrated with my D&D group. We haven't played in like 3 weeks for one reason or another. Like they're reasonable reasons but I need my D&D fix. Especially since this is my only like social outlet where I actually get to talk to people on voice chat. I'm also still a few days out from not being in 14 day quarantine so that doesn't help. Had to schedule my therapy Tuesday as a phone appointment because of this. Which I don't particularly like doing. Anyway, I'm trying to write but seeing as I'm here it's not going well. I want to do NaNoWriMo again this year but I've got zero ideas for a story.
  10. After several days of working and reworking things I have a welcome page to the food blog. I still need to take some pictures and write an actual blog before I publish it but soon!
  11. I don't have an answer for the first question but for the bonus question I have been calling the towns that I have to name Vilton. Short for Village Town.
  12. I /finally/ came up with a food blog name that I think I like. "Worth Your Weight in Salt: a food history blog." Salt history has always been fascinating to me I could write quite a bit about just salt but I do plan on writing about other things. I just now need to do the whole layout, photos, and an intro/ about me...
  13. I'm in the middle of a bunch of stuff so don't think I'll be starting anything new anytime soon. I'm working on 4 projects simultaneously. All mini's Eve calendar, Eldritch Desert diorama, Stuffed Fables, and Ma'al. For the calendar I need some finer embroidery thread and a few other bits and bobs from Amazon. I think the other 3 are just a matter of doing them but I'm sure I'll need /something/.
  14. Dice are done! Did the bath and hated it so I'm taking a different approach with it. Missing a picture of the d6 apparently. And I've come to an ingenious idea or I've become my grandmother. I started keeping the small and frequently used stuff in a Christmas cookie tin.
  15. My Chemical Romance concert for my birthday was supposed to be last week. It has been postponed to a year from now.
  16. I got very sick last night and today is my birthday. I'm doing my best to enjoy it. I'm stuck at home though because no one told me there was covid at my mom's work before I went to see her. So 2 week quarantine until she gets test results. Her work is only doing tests on Tuesdays during the day. She works night shift. So things could be going better.
  17. Today is Botox day. Botox day always equal migraines ironically enough. I have a raging pain, probably about an 8 on the past n scale, going from the bottom of my skull going up and over into my left eye. I managed to get some embroidery done though so that's a win. Hopefully, the rest of the week will be much better. I've decided the rest of 2020 is going to consist of finishing projects. This embroidery one being the first. Maybe. I have many already started projects that are so close to being done. Going to talk with my therapist about all of this project piling I do to myself. And, lastly, I'm coming to terms, painfully, that until husband gets his school stuff in order there's no way I'd be able to go back. I had started doing online math courses and if you know me you know my strong dislike of it. It's very recently on a couple occasions that I may have dyscalculia(sp?). So that could be part of the problem. I'm thinking about starting another blog about food history and stuff to ease this pain. I thought about YouTube but I have many problems with it. My current problem is whet kind of camera so I use to film? Where can I find a decently priced editing software? And things like that. If I don't have money for school I probably won't have the money for that stuff.
  18. Update: mail from HOA was the water bill. No idea why they handle it. Things our here are weird but we inherited a house and all the broccoli they comes with.
  19. Today has been very blah. Haven't had a lot of energy or thinking capacity. Some things: I made lunch, Husband assisted. He told me to get the non-stick pan as per the recipe. I proceeded to grab our plain stainless steel pan that is very much not non-stick. I wasn't thinking and put oil in it before realizing "oh, this is not the non-stick pan." I used it anyway. I made fish. It stuck. It fell apart trying to flip it. We ended up with a pile of broken fish and bits of crispy skin I salvaged from the pan. The carrots on the side were better than the fish. I need to finish organizing the kitchen. Which at this point requires me going through the Tupperware. I am dreading this but it's already all sitting on the counter yelling at me every time I enter the kitchen. So, hopefully, that'll get done today or tomorrow. It is also cat fluids day. That will happen after Husband wakes up from his nap. I'm also very nervous to check the mail. We got a letter in there from the HOA. I'm super hoping that it is the water bill and not a fine about our yard. We already got a warning and did what we could to make it nicer. I have the number of a yard guy I was supposed to call like 2 weeks ago and keep forgetting to do it. So, Monday, I /have/ to do it. Spoons or not. ETA: I still have to make dinner.
  20. Planned on spending the day cleaning and reorganizing the kitchen. Was getting ready to do so then took my pills then they came right back up less than a minute later. So I've done nothing so far today except play Animal Crossing. I have, in theory, planned where I want to put things and how I want it organized but we'll see how that actually goes. I've been meaning to do this for a while but we've not had the space to do it. The microwave died so that clears up a whole ton of space that we did not have. The new microwave should be here today but it won't get put in place until rearranging and cleaning happens.
  21. Goals. I have them. Work on embroidery project Do anything else hobby related
  22. Nightmare Before Christmas and Hocus Pocus
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