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  1. I got my tracking number yesterday. I assumed this was what it is. Otherwise, I've been sleep shopping and that doesn't seem ideal... Bones V showed up last night. Watched the delivery man through the doorbell app. At least he used a hand truck. Husband took the boxes upstairs. I emptied the one with everything minus boat into those reusable grocery bags and brought it all back downstairs to inventory. We got through the core set. It took like 2 hours and then I wanted to go to bed. So we've got the rest to do today! And tomorrow...and the day after and...well hopefully
  2. I found it, thank you! Sibling is...okay? They have some health issues going on that are causing the problem. According to my mom, who is a nurse, it isn't as bad as it sounds. Bones are out for delivery. I even have the option to follow this one so I know what I'll be doing all day. It gives me a 3 hour window between 2:30-5:30 so earlier than they usually are but I wouldn't be surprised if they showed up at like 7. Annoyed but not surprised. I just want my big pile of plastic to play with. I'd say roll around in but that sounds very painful.
  3. I feel like I'm pretty handy. Grew up with my step dad being very handy and some of it rubbed off. I probably can't do plumbing and definitely can't do electrical but I have been known to fix a thing or two around the house occasionally.
  4. Woke up way too early today. It is our anniversary. We'd had plans to go out to dinner yesterday but Husband ended up taking Sibling to the ER. Afaik they are okay. I get my migraine shot today so we'll probably go out tomorrow or next week. Our Bones V shipment should be here today. I plan on inventorying as much as I can but I can't find a reference anywhere of what was in the Brinewind Extras pack. Anyone know or have one?
  5. Today is also eldest niece's birthday. She very much likes D&D, I think she would like that factoid. Was supposed to go out to dinner tonight for anniversary. Had to cancel. Husband needs to take my Sibling to urgent care. My mom is too tired to drive safely. It's mostly GI issues so I'm not super worried but still worried.
  6. Got a new Kindle fire 10 for ??? From MIL. It runs a thousand times faster than the old one. Still need to get a case and screen protector. But that will wait until Thursday roughly. Anniversary dinner for pushed back to Tuesday because we had to make one of the cats a vet appointment. She seems fine but is... Coughing is the best way I can describe it. I got my shoes and dress for dinner today and yesterday, respectively. I'm hoping to get some nice photos of us at the restaurant.
  7. Kind of forgot about this. Anyway, here's what I've done and a WIP.
  8. We're watching it in small bits. For summer I'm really into gymnastics. However, I'm much more of a winter games person. For the winter it is figure skating hands down.
  9. Griped a bit about this in the unofficial Discord but I feel the need to gripe a bit more. Spoiled if you don't want to hear it. Anyway, aside from that things are going as smoothly as possible. Our 9th wedding anniversary is next Wednesday. We are going out for dinner on Monday because Wednesday happens to be the same day I get my migraine shot. So I will be pretty out of it for the day. If I don't do it early in the day I get anxious to the point of almost being sick. I had to order a dress and shoes since the one dress I love does not fit me anymore and the shoes I'd wo
  10. The best gift I ever got was the gift of the hobby. Husband bought me a Warhammer Fantasy how to paint kit shortly after my dad died to keep me occupied. I am forever grateful for this. I've gotten some random stuff before that I've never used. I'm looking at you sculpting tools. But nothing totally bizarre.
  11. Husband's going to pick up Thai food. I do not have the energy to cook. I'm not sure I've eaten today now that I think about it. In other news, I'm slowly rearranging the hobby room for the incoming Bones V AND Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood of Venice. They may very well show up at the same time. I do not know how much our Bones will weigh but Assassin's Creed is a good 40+ lbs. But I justify that by mentioning the AC is a board game so there's lots of paper and whatnot in there too.
  12. Washing and drying usually helps if you can do them a few at a time to keep from confusing parts. I use Loctite superglue gel with the blue cap. It gives me a little more work time and stays where I put it. I can also see where I'm putting it better. Sometimes the pegs don't quite fit right so they need trimmed to fit well. If they don't fit right before trying to glue them it will give you difficulty when trying to glue.
  13. Got my photos done yesterday. Friend sent me a preview. Can't wait to see the rest.
  14. Welp. Definitely did not over sleep. I woke up about 4 hours before my alarm. Will start to get things rolling in about half an hour. Just hoping I can manage to stay awake for the day.
  15. Going to see my friend tomorrow who I haven't seen in about 2 years. We're doing some photos for my website and eventual store. I am excited but very tired this week so hoping I don't over sleep.
  16. It looks, to me, like it's a leather strap with some sort of buckle.
  17. Photos tomorrow at much earlier than I'd like for as far as we have to drive. Dyed my hair purple last night. Much happier with how this turned out over the blue I did a couple months ago.
  18. So... Our dishwasher that we just got fixed a little while ago has an issue. It still runs but after they fixed the motor problem the repair person forgot(???) to screw the thing back into the counter. Like...How the eff do you forget something like that? We thought it was weird that there were extra screws on the counter when he left but couldn't find where they might have gone so I tossed them. Well, that was a bad idea because today when trying to unload it I pulled the top rack out and Husband noticed it was coming out of the slot it fits into...
  19. I have a blood orange scented perfume I picked up in Oregon years ago. Sadly, I can't really use anything scented anymore because they give me migraines.
  20. Today was a migraine day. Probably haven't eaten enough but I'm slowly remedying that currently. Lots to do the rest of this week. Let's hope I make it through.
  21. I have this print framed and ready to hang. It is very special to me because the writing was read at my wedding as part of our ceremony.
  22. I did /a lot/ of embroidery. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/82690-all-minis-eve/ It's this blue/white/other shades of blue...shirt. It's kind of hard to explain. I'll update this later with a picture. But it's my favorite. The picture of it is going to be the second one I've owned. The first one was falling apart beyond repair and I liked the shirt so much I hunted it down on a secondhand thrift shop site. It shows off my back tattoos nicely and is comfortable.
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