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  1. I fully understand! It's just that some printed minis are like $10 a piece where you can print them for a fraction of that cost. But I get it. If you ever do buy a printer, I recommend watching a lot of youtube videos about the subject. Anyway, that frog looks great!
  2. Printed the last part of the Pyramid. Now to cure and then start painting the monster! Different shades of grey due to refilling the VAT with a different resin.
  3. Very cool to see such a classic mini painted. Looks good!
  4. Finished the printing of the pyramid, added a staked body from Printyourmonsters. Since I had to refill my resin while printing and was out of Elegoo Grey I mixed it with Wan Hao Grey. You can see where the lighter Elegoo Grey ends and the Wan Hao/Elegoo Mix starts.. And now I've told myself I need to finish ( paint) some projects before printing more so I cleaned the VAT. I might have to replace the FEP the next time, it has some bumps in there that might rip..
  5. Last part of the Pyramid printed and I also printed a staked body from Printyourmonsters. I had to refill the VAT and was out of Elegoo Grey so I mixed it with Wan Hao Grey. Funny.. You can clearly see where the Elegoo was replaced with the mix:
  6. She looks great! I agree about the martial arts pose, can easily double as such! That, or... Hold it right there buddy, stay away from me,pose...
  7. Hm.. I have a girl and two vixens...waiting is still an option...
  8. Good to hear! I have several larger WIP's/Projects, I try to theme those so it stays a bit coherent. Like Jungle/Desert/Gothic Undead/Asian/Norse etc... Maybe that helps. HAVE FUN!!!
  9. Awesome! Looking forward to see more Undead/Chaos etc...
  10. I can see a regiment of Imperial Guard raiding it for food or a Waaagghh of Orks plundering it. You can use it..
  11. Thank you both! This motivates me to keep printing and painting.
  12. Your rabbit is starting to behave like a dog! Keep those pics and stories coming! I love animal pics.
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