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  1. Sounds good we do have a Polish Supermarket nearby...hmmm, Saying goodbye is hard. All of our little friends stay in our hearts, so they're never really gone.
  2. A hard choice, for Food I would like turkeys, but a bunch of geese might help me achieve World Domination! I will have an army of angry little descendants of the Mighty T-Rex! Just a little later, around 8:00 hours sometimes I go wild and get up at 9:00 hours..
  3. We will have a late dinner because oldest Vixen has give training to kids ( synchronised Swimming). This is a good excuse for some snacks, right? Salted Crisps Bolognese Crisps Emmentaler Cheese Old Amsterdam Cheese Black Greek Olives Grilled Sausage Farmer's sausage Spicey Hummus Picolinis ( dipping sticks) Strawberries
  4. I like the idea but I find the execution a bit lacking, I rather go for Snake/Lizard people.
  5. Thanks! More pics in the Show Off Threads. I created that backdrop especially for taking pics of minis in this Project. Some are too big and for them I use wallpaper/A4 printed stuff I downloaded. I like to tell stories and I figure the scenery is part of it.
  6. Thank you! Dimetrodon is one of my absolute favorite creatures so I had to get it. I did run into a problem when printing it at first. There is a complete version and a version in parts. I tried to print the complete version and that one just kinda stopped halfway there, so I ended up with the bottom half of both minis. Then printed the parts without a problem, assembled and painted. They do not have such crisp detail as some other brands, but they'll make a nice Beasthandler Unit for my Ancient Egyptians. This one will be the handler and I will include the I
  7. Good job! The Raccoon and the Apple Witch are my favorites. The latter could be an innocent Farmer Wife or Grocer of course.
  8. Thanks! Yup printed, as a matter a fact, all of my last painted stuff is actually printed, I really need to paint a physical mini soon again, they feel left out. Thank you! Hmmm, well I might pick some more of these, this is a Free Sample on MMF from Gloomykid but he has a lot more of these including a bigger one that has a rider and a bone canopy on his back, some sort of merchant. Thanks! The rock and belly were a bit difficult to paint since that rock is already part of the mini but I like the creature. I might buy some more va
  9. I'm sorry for your loss, our little friends can bring so much joy to our lives and it hurts so much when they go.
  10. Happy Birthday @Kharsin!
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