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  1. Awesome paintjob and base! The new messenger is now well fed...😀
  2. I spotted one of these in my garden yesterday. European Green Woodpecker. A small surprise maybe, but I love these kind of things.
  3. Great paintjob and I love that smug look on the rat's snout!
  4. Ah, was a while ago I looked at the first page, indeed a suitable piece of artillery. Pumpkins are easy to make from Greenstuff as well. I like where this is going.
  5. CHAAAOOOSSSSS! Good job. By now you know I like Chaos and Undead right? Looking forward to the based results!
  6. Very cool, but that's a big statue? I'm building a 28mm/32mm army, I think she'll be too big. Great sculpt though.
  7. @ced1106 Looks great. funny scene! Nor is it ever too late! Keep 'em coming!
  8. Great natural look! Love the base and that you thought of dirtying up the feet!
  9. I made it from scratch, funny to see it actually exists. Did taste good and I will make it again. @Cranky Dog my sympathies.
  10. Happy Birthday @Loup_Garou_Gras! Have a great day!
  11. Superb! Great work, love the mask and the graffity especially.
  12. Hello othersideoftheOceandweller on my side it's evening, we already had dinner. I made a little dish, Ground Beef, Zucchini, Red Onio, Shallot, Red Bell Pepper, Mushrooms. Sundried Tomatoes, seasoned it with Tex Mex Blend a little Garlic and tomato paste, squeezed two limes over it, baked small potatoes in olive oil in a different pan and added those to the mix just before serving. Added Jalapeno Peppers on the plate. ( too spicey for my girl, Oldest Vixen also added them though! Snifff...so proud...)
  13. Marvellous! I love it!
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