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  1. I don't know what happened but once again he looks great!
  2. I have recently started to print 3D minis, and while there is lots of work on those I prefer it to assembling flimsy metal ones like some companies have. Bones and especially the new formula is also awesome, prime and paint.
  3. @Pingo this is a hobby forum, it is to be expected not everyone shares the same views on life/politics/religion etc. I respect you and I love to see your work, maybe we don't always agree on everything but that's also fine, people can learn from each other's view. Consider this: Maybe this can be the forum where you talk hobby and relax, if the beekeepers thing is too much, then leave just that. Not everything in life has to revolve around one thing. Plenty of political forums out there, why not just hang out here and relax? It might be good to take a small break from world events every now and then after all. Unwind here and talk politics in Beekeepers or if that's making you uncomfortable seek out a political forum for that and enjoy the art/miniatures/fun stuff here??? Just a thought. Stay safe, hope you're alright.
  4. The party wanders through the Desert, suddenly a large shadow falls over them, they look up at the sky. A Dragon? A ROC? Nope...it's the flying ship full of Desert Raiders! Again! There they are the vile Undead Armies, the Lord of the Evil Undead stands on his altar, his altar carried by hundreds of slaves. Wait..is that?...yes...again...the ship!
  5. I have some large ongoing projects in those I will make a WIP of every mini that fits in. Some single solo minis might just get one or not.
  6. Usually when you specifically ask for critique you will get some. Some people are reluctant to give critique when not asked for fearing to upset the painter maybe.
  7. I like to hike, this one's a bit similar to @Kuroneko's story. while on vacation on Rhodos I went for a hike on my own. After a few hours I decide to turn back and took a short cut. Meaning, I decided to not follow the road down but try to climb down the hills, I lost my grip and slid down for a few meters, luckily no injuries, I would have been out there alone and out of sight of traffic so, awesome hike, don't try that again, didn't tell my girl either...else she would be worried if I go out on a hike by myself again, which i always do when we're on vacation for at least once.
  8. When dunked into warm water the supports tend to get softer and easier to remove. Did you have any trouble with excess resin when doing this?
  9. I have experimented with cleaners. IPA - I will use this for cleaning my build plate since it works and I know it to be safe for it. Blue Methylated Alcohol and Mr. Clean are both as useful to cleaning minis after printing as the IPA, less expensive so I will go with those from now one. After a bath in one of those, into warm water then remove supports. Then cure.
  10. Pfftt..I call that bodyshaming, just because poor Kaladrax is such a big girl, she's once again derived of the opportunity to snack on some pesky adventurers. I demand that she's given an apology and a tribute, preferably in the form of some cleric, please let the cleric remove all armor, it gets stuck between her teeth, we wouldn't want that!
  11. Ideas: Stranded ship which became a Town/building Undead Version Flying Version Sunken Version Pirate Version Navy/Merchant version Cut it all up for wreckage ( HERESY!!!) Ship with wheels/legs Ark of the Ages carried by monsters/ undead/slaves as a sort of mount for a supreme sorcerer/necromancer/liche lord/tomb queen?
  12. Each city you encounter on every continent is now basically a stranded ship which was used as a city, it will form the Town Square and then other buildings were built around in when the city expanded. It might even be the Palace!
  13. Awesome! it might also function as a nice scenic photobackdrop for painted minis. Halflings/Wizards/Elves/Nazgul..
  14. Some more story to bore you all with. *********************** Discovered! Colonel Alvarez and his men were seated around the large table in the main hall of Xolotl's chambers, here they were joined by Alsnia, Nahuatl and Draghor. Xolotl looked worried when he spoke, You're welcome here of course as allies against the Reptilians, although your actions during the last battle speak against you. We're not entirely certain if we can still trust you! On top of that you might have been followed and this could mean the enemy will finally know our location! This is a terrible situation especially since our friends are on an expedition and we're not at full strength yet. Alvarez replied, I understand your feelings, I'm not sure if your location has been discovered, we did lose some men on the way here, we were followed for a while but we're not sure for how long. I apologize for the events during the battle, such is War, unexpected things happen, we had no choice than to retreat at that time and we couldn't warn you in time. As you can see this is all that's left of our army, we ask for asylum here, we will help you in any way we can and offer our swords and muskets. One day we hope to be able to return to our country, for now you're our only hope for survival, we lay our lives in your hands! Alsnia whispered something in Xolotl's ear. Right! Xolotl said, I wonder if this is all that's left of your forces, where are your ships? Alvarez looked down at the table, we where betrayed by Captain Gonzales, he took command of the ships together with the Pirate Captain James Alday and they left us on the beach. Another ship was destroyed by a monster. MORE BETRAYAL! Draghor bellowed. These men are not to be trusted! First they marooned Firebeard, then they left us during the Battle, they betrayed each other stealing ships, and now they might have led the enemy to our door! I say we finish them here and now! Why should we put our trust in them? What good will a handful of them do? Colonel Alvarez turned pale, Father Escolano softly started to pray, one of the men clenched his pistol, Alvarez shook his head, and the soldier let it go. It went silent for minutes when Alsnia stood up. We're their only hope, we should not let them down, they came to us in time of need, let them prove themselves! We can use any men in the fight, if we kill them we would be no better than the Reptilians! Thank you My Lady! Colonel Alvarez said. We're willing to prove ourselves to you, let me remind you that Captain Gonzales not only betrayed us, but was also the man responsible for marooning Sgt. Fillippa who you call Firebeard! This one man has caused more trouble than we could imagine, but he's not an example of our people! He turned to Draghor, I hope I can convince you that we're reliable men, I understand your doubts, ask of us what you want, and we will do it to prove our worth to you. Draghor grumbled a bit, I may have overreacted, he admitted, I still think it was foolish of you to come here like this, if the enemy has found our hideout we're in lots of trouble. You want to prove yourself? Help me putting up the defenses, I'm afraid we will need those very soon! Alvarez nodded, of course! From what I've seen in the short time here, I think a few musketmen placed in strategic positions might turn the entrance into a cul de sac. Seeing that Draghor didn't understand the term he explained, an enemy would be hemmed in from all sides except the behind, it's basically a kill zone. With some muskets and bows we can hold up the enemy for quite a while if we narrow down the entrance. Draghor nodded, now that's good thinking, maybe you're useful after all. Xolotl turned to Nahuatl, how is the breeding program going? The Beastmaster smiled, quite well! I already have five raptors who've reached maturity and they're being trained as we speak, the strange thing is they only accept female riders. Escolano looked shocked, Raptors? You mean you breed monsters? Of course Nahuatl replied, we will need to fight the enemy with their own weapons, properly trained these beasts will be a great asset to us, you have no need to fear them. Alvarez laid his hand on Escolano's shoulder, worry not Father, the Lord works in mysterious ways doesn't he? I'm certain we'll be fine here, while saying that he gave Escolano a look that made the Inquisitor understand he'd better be quiet now. Good! Xolotl said, it's decided then! You can stay and help Draghor, I just want to warn you! At the first sight of betrayal we will not hesitate to feed you to the Raptors! No need for that, Alvarez said, we will prove it to you! And with that the meeting ended. Outside hidden in the bushes Sssllthr watched the entrance of the dungeon. So this is where the rebels were hiding all this time, he thought, there must be some sort of magic at work here, the Frogking would have seen this in his visions otherwise. Now how to proceed? For a moment he found himself clutching the small silver flute around his neck. Would it still work? The giant demonic worm he summoned with it last time was killed, did this mean the flute was now useless or would it just summon another one? He fought the urge to try it, the Orb of Tanith was somehwere in there, if he unleashed the creature it might get lost, no...this asked for a more subtle approach! The Orb first! annihilation later! **************************************************
  15. A headband visor can be bought for about 20 euro/dollars. It really helps! Looters are looking good.
  16. Awesome, One thing though, while you're still working on something it should be posted in Works in Progress. When doen it's a Show Off. That being said, I like the improvement. And the face is awesome, you've captured the look, he's sneaking around for his next meal.
  17. Thx, I was inspired by the Discus Fish. I was a bit worried it might be too much, but then again look at the real thing..crazy colours!
  18. So, I printed over 50 pieces now ( mostly minis but also some weapons and terrain stuff) Painted 4 of them so far, I really need to paint more. I do have a lot in WIP though. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91732-female-oni-kyogin-by-glitterwolf/ https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91729-merfolk-warrior-by-glitterwolf/ https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91365-elvira-mistress-of-the-dark-by-glitterwolf/ https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91382-survivor-dog-by-glitterwolf/&tab=comments#comment-1938859
  19. Question June 2nd. What is one thing you're glad you tried but would never do again?
  20. Hey @purple llama you found the thread! I'm a big fan of the Artisan Guild stuff myself. This month there is a discount for the Patreons on the Amazones...I will be getting these soon.
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