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  1. Good job, I like the vintage Partha mini and the books are great!
  2. Hmm, what if that Ship is the biggest mimic you ever encountered? Welcome aboard! **Brps***
  3. Wonderful shrooms again. the green stemmed ones are my favorites, they give off that B-Movie monster vibe
  4. Nope, Too agressive, I use IPA, Mr. Clean or Blue Methylated Alcohol now.
  5. Thanks for the advice!! Snake 2 is printed. Slightly smaller version of nr. 1. Nr. 3 will be printed tomorrow. Pic of the set in the store.
  6. Snake statue 2 printed. the first one is slightly bigger than the second one ( it's supposed to be the big one of the 3, but i'm using the Cobra King for that)
  7. Mock up with an Artisan Guild Snake Statue. I will have 4 of such statues, 2 on each side, I have 3 versions...
  8. More carved stones. Decided to keep the extension for the altar. Mock up with one of the Artisan Guild Snake Statues, There will be two on each side.
  9. yup! AK Interactive Extruded Foam. I'm carving it with a hobby knife for the basic stone tiles
  10. as usual I like them all. The green ones in the middle are my favorites from this batch.
  11. Adding a little more to the altar according to @TGP's advice.
  12. @TGP Is this better? The big snake can't go further back due to the base. I have this little set up now, if this is what you mean, than I will glue that extra piece in place. Will get carved of course.
  13. Been thinking about that, but it also needs to make room for photo-opps. It's a set up, in the end it will work when I added the rest. Maybe I can put it a little more back. Hmm, or add a little height between the altar and the Cobra King. I will think about this. In the meanwhile printed the first statue, now curing. FEP film succesfully replaced! Statue 2 is now printing.
  14. Oopsie, started a thing... https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91790-temple-of-aphophis-photoboard-by-glitterwolf/
  15. You and @malefactus and @blargney have inspired me to build something...
  16. Things are happening... It will also get a separate Thread: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91790-temple-of-aphophis-photoboard-by-glitterwolf/ The Temple of Aphophis also known as Apep, The Suneater, The Forbidden God, He who will end all life! Toying around with some possible set ups, major idea is already fixed. Artisan Guild Snake statues and more braziers will come soon brought to you by the Elegoo Mars. Oh...poor graverobber that enters this temple...
  17. So for my Shifting Sands Project I would like a photobackdrop like I did for my Lost World. Sort of a little diorama/terrain piece on its own but also a nice backdrop. I'll present to you: The Temple of Aphophis ( or Apep) the Forbidden God. Nobody in his right mind would worship the Suneater, or would they? Start and some shuffling around with pieces to get ideas. I already have some stuff in mind, still possible to change/add stuff. Printing the Artisan Guild Snake Statues that go with that altar as we speak. Need more of those braziers, and I will print up some Egyptian torches, maybe columns etc... Now! KNEEL before Aphopis!!!
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