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  1. Well actually I think you should mix it. Nature is never just one shape. Together it looks more real.
  2. Necro-ed because I just found it and like it.
  3. Another green mean fighting machine!
  4. Wonderful! I love it, and all that's left of the poor crusader is his shield.
  5. Yikes! That looks creepy! Well done!
  6. Thx! I put the unoffending one direct. It's loosely based on Warhammer's Tomb King's Casket of Souls. Since I also play Total Warhammer ( all of it) I like the ingame Casket and wanted to build one myself. In game the spirits function like magical missiles when summoned. Thanks! I took her from a BOGW some time ago since Undead are among my favorites. Figured she would make a nice ghost appearing from the sarcophagus. Your story sounds good, I like to make up background stories for my minis even if I just put them on display.
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