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  1. Thank you! I know, I know, I have to fight those little voices though...thanks everyone, this may take about eight weeks and then the actual moving begins. Oh, and in the meantime trying to sell this house as well of course. My girl has other womenfolk over, so I fled to the computerroom.. When she apps me, I will make my way into the kitchen to prepare a tapas platter for the hungry women. I hope I can make it back up here without being devoured by eight women when I do that. The vixens are out as well ( Clever girls), Brutus is confined to his bench.
  2. Thanks! Yup, both the real estate agent and the financial people are all like, we have about 8 weeks, no worries...yeah uh...about those worries... I need to learn to deal with that and have some faith, I'm not one who trust people that easy, especially when we're talking about big money. Almost time to go home. We're going to fill out some stuff needed for the concept contract meeting next week. Hopefully I can relax a little after that. I even forgot it is Thursday already, in my mind that would be tomorrow...
  3. Thank you! The Tree? By the time I get to it, I will let a professional look at it and ask advice. I love nature and trees, I just wished this was an indigenous tree, beautiful as it may be, this doesn't belong in the Netherlands. If it was an Oak or a Chestnut I wouldn't bother with it. Chances are this guy "eats" all of the nutricous stuff around him, depriving the other trees and bushes from their food. I think it's too big to be in a garden at 2 meters from the house. But I will not act without soild advice. Maybe I'm not even allowed to take it down. In that case I will look into pruning or something? About the life insurance, I might be too stressed ( as usual ) when I read those forms and all those questions I get the feeling that if I had a headache at age 8 I'm already done for. We probably won't even need it for the mortgage because that will be under 80% of the market value of the house ( we're using expected profit from selling my girl's house, that helps a lot) thing is I want one to make sure that when I die, my girl can still afford it. The other way around isn't a problem, I can afford it and if I can't by then I will sell it. I'm 5 years older than her and I'm a male so statistics say seh will outlive me. Something I hope for because I can't imagine living without her. Thank you! Actually in the Netherlands being in the Military isn't a problem, based on that they will happily sell me an insurance. However, they will just not pay off should I get killed in combat. Since I'm an Air Force Warrant Officer waging war taking care of logistics from behind a desk, chances are almost non-existent, unless one of our bombs decides to explode right next to my building or something..
  4. Good job! Imagine a Dwarf seeing this Dragon, sooo much metal! I'm sure he will be overcome with greed and try to take the dragon out.
  5. Wonderful scene. I love the clourful setting, whimiscal and yet, disturbing as well. Let's hope the Goblins will make it out of there alive..
  6. These are wonderful! I love the idea and you did a great job!
  7. Thanks, I know you're right. I also know I will need to repeat that maybe 40 times..
  8. Thx, I think it is such a tree. Unfortunately that one is taller than the house and I want it out, I'm afraid it will fall on the house one day. If we get a permit to take it down we will replace it with something else, but smaller. My brianweasels are killing me. Basically I'm scared that something will go wrong like, not getting a life insurance because I got a colonsopy a few times ( preventive and only a small polyp was removed no cancer, but I need to repeat this every 5 years.) or that we won't get the mortgage after all for some reason. Appointment with the financial people is december 10th. We will have the talks with the real estate agent about the concept contract somewhere next week I believe. Really, I'm happy that our bid is accepted, but I'm very scared about it all that somehow this will blow up in my face. I know that's the brainweasels. preliminary calculations were all good. ( but we didn't discuss the medical stuff, I'm healthy but they want to know everything I ever had, and that worries me).
  9. There is a garden, and when I walk out of the door I will be in the woods within 3 minute walk. See above
  10. I wonder what shrooms they will find and who will be the first to sample them. What effect will those shrooms have on these already degenerated creatures?
  11. Thanks, For me the stress begins.. We need to have the financial guy take care of the mortgage and all within 8 weeks. I might need a life insurance. We need to sell this house ( right now the market is good for that here). And then the moving part itself and all. I hope I will survive it all...already brainweasels are attacking me and telling me it will all fail. Anyway I know it will be alright, I just need to see that confirmed.
  12. I just got a call from the real estate agent.... They accepted our bid!!! The House will be ours ( provided we get the finances , which looks good so far) We're also going to have to sell our house, hopefully that goes as fast as most houses at the moment. OMG! This means that somewhere in february / march we will move!!!!
  13. I love that rack! And the vampire is awesome!
  14. R.I.P. I hope she's in a good place with everlasting balls of yarn, toy mice, fresh fish and tables filled with stuff to knock over that will magically reappear on the table to be knocked over again.
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