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    06115 Dwarf Shield Maiden

    I couldn't do NMM if you paid me for it..( I could try..but it wouldn't be pretty). I love the mini, maybe there are a few minor mistakes in the shadows/highlights on the NMM but I just see a very good painted mini. The Hammer is awesome and I love the eyes.
  2. Glitterwolf

    Townsfolk Mother with Child and Pitchfork (conversion)

    Good rescue. And I agree with the people above.
  3. Glitterwolf

    House Figmentius Common Room, All Are Welcome

    I had a severe case of Figmentia this month. Placed 3 Reaper 12 days orders, bought 3 items through Ebay, placed 2 orders with a German Webshop, backed the Zenit Kensei Undead Samurai Kickstarter and placed an order with Ironwind Metals ( Ral Partha). My intention is to cut back a little on the mini buying next year ( Bones III will be delivered and Kensei in 2016) and actually get more painting done. I will of course buy the essentials, like brushes, paints, basing materials, the odd mini that I NEED for a vignette or something, and maybe when something really cool shows up.. So how are you all doing?
  4. Glitterwolf

    Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays And may we all have a good year.
  5. Glitterwolf

    Kensei Undead Japanese - 32mm Miniatures

    That's fairly standard. The pledge manager won't be ready for a few weeks at the earliest. I mailed them and indeed: Zenitminiatures says: Hello Herman. It have been not make already. Once it is ready we will send a message to all our backers. Dont worry we need time to do it and people need to recovery from christmas. Thanks for your support. I might be spoiled backing the Bones KS where the pledge manager popped up very quickly. More time to ponder about what to buy. At the moment I want the graveyard set with the tori's and maybe a monster or a mounted samurai. It seems we are getting a freebie too. Looks great!
  6. Glitterwolf

    My Secret Sophie Gift to Inarah: Peryton (03702)

    Awesome work Knarthex! Inarah will be pleased. Great that it's in the store, congrats!
  7. Glitterwolf

    WIP: Blightfang : peacock

    I love it!
  8. Glitterwolf

    Kensei Undead Japanese - 32mm Miniatures

    Is the pledge manager live already? I got a mail that they collected my pledge, but when I visit the Kickstarter from Kensei, I don't see a pledge manager. All I can do is visit the store. Any news on this?
  9. Glitterwolf

    The Dragon Pulpit

    The beginning of something wonderful.
  10. Glitterwolf

    wererat and friends

    Nice, I spot some Grenadier Rats there! Very cool!
  11. Glitterwolf

    Green Witch from Dark Sword Miniatures

  12. Glitterwolf

    02391: Kimberlee the Fair

    Looks good, nice base!
  13. Glitterwolf

    Kensei Undead Japanese - 32mm Miniatures

    I upped my pledge to 90euro..It will give me access to the whole pledge manager.
  14. Glitterwolf

    Ella the Cat Rogue (DSM)

    Those eyes are awesome! Really nice gift.
  15. Nice bunch, I really love the fellow on the rooftop.
  16. Glitterwolf

    77325: Bone Devil

    Well done! The contrast between his skeleton and the skulls is great!.
  17. Glitterwolf

    Hanseth Dimguard, Cleric #03469

    That freehand is amazing! Love the mini!
  18. Glitterwolf

    Scibor Dwarf Lord

    Very nice!
  19. Glitterwolf

    Balto Burrowell (02510) Redux

    If you hadn't told us it was a resculpted nose, I would not have noticed. Looks good.
  20. Glitterwolf

    Getting to Know Each Other--Year 2--Dec

    Dec 19/20: Dec 19—An airplane takes off at 7am and goes NW at 150 miles an hour. Also at 7am, 250 miles away there are four planes headed SE, flying at 250 miles per hour. The planes are headed straight for each other—but no worries, they are at slightly different altitudes. What time do the planes PASS each other? Bonus Q for Dec 20: What has that math problem got to do with December? Answer to 19: Answer to 20:
  21. Glitterwolf

    Randomness VII: The Randomness Awakens

    Good morning. We are putting up the X-mas tree today..late I know... Then gifts will be stalled under it. In our absence we will have to protect the tree with some furniture against a certain inquisitive canine we own.. Treasure Map??? This might be the most important find!!! Well I am not saying the map had anything to do with it but I did find a stash of coffee today. [ This is the thread where we discuss all coffee related matters? Yes? ] [LBCS] [/LongBoringCoffeeStory] So, looking at this unopened bag of coffee** it says: Best if brewed by 18 Sept 2010. Obviously, I am doing this coffee thing wrong... **N.b: apparently I will be environmentally correct, or I will save polar bears, or something — all because of choosing this particular coffee. Best before.. doesn't say impossible to use after that... Brew it! Taste It and either like it or throw it away. A Prius should be burned like a Salem Witch.