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  1. I almost never dress up ( aside from my uniform that is..) as for the time that I did. Well...that's even more classified on accounts of this being a family friendly forum..
  2. FTFY!!! I love looking at it even when I don't participate. As a matter a fact I started a BOX of my own for the EU people and it's on its way in it's own thread.
  3. I certainly am! And the Goroloth as well!
  4. I kinda feel the same way, everybody had done this.
  5. Printed 4 of the new 5 mummies. Reglued tails on the panther and jackal mummy..I cut them off when removing supports. Good prints though
  6. 4 of the 5 new mummies printed, had to reglue tails on the animals since I managed to cut those off.
  7. No it didn't!!! I can't hear you! Lalalalalala!
  8. I get that. I only have one right now but am thinking about a second one, at least for June because I saw what's coming for that month. But I do want to be careful, I don't want too many monthly fees turning up. On the other hand, getting what I want for that month will be cheaper than wait for it to hit the stores and buy it then ( if it will be available there at all)
  9. First of all, I love how you NOT painted it green! It makes the mini original IMHO. You captured his facial expression perfectly! Great job!
  10. Happy Birthday @terminalmancer ! Have a good one!
  11. And of course everyone will understand one can't resist a Boxer wanting to go for walkies, right?
  12. That S#[email protected]! So I take it you called for help and they were able to open the truck again? Hope your groceries didn't get spoiled.
  13. Happy Birthday @alchemist Have a great day!
  14. @TGP what happened? Did you fall? Or did you get stuck while climbing or something?
  15. The Mr. Clean version I'm using is an all purpose cleaner which helps degreasing. An other alternative is the red methylated spirit I have, will try that on some supports soon to see if it doesn't melt the resin. All in all I love the 3D printing aspect of the hobby. Only drawback is my desk is filling with so many minis, I fear I will never be able to paint them. Oh well, I guess I will just have to restrain myself a bit. *** Presses Print on the Elegoo Mars, subscribes for a new Patreon***
  16. For all of you who need it, some adorable Dog Pics
  17. @haldir congrats! @OneBoot Good luck with the job interview. Tomorrow I will be working from home again. Hmmm, I wonder if anyone will notice when I press PRINT on my 3D printer???
  18. Hrmph, I printed 4 of the 5 new mummies, worked awesome. But when cleaning I managed to cut off the tail of both the panther and the jackal mummy. Need to reglue them, it will work but it's annoying. Also, instead of IPA I used Mr. Clean this time for the minis. Works fine, but they get slippery. Dunked them in hot water after that, as always, staid slippery.. Probably one of the reasons I lost control and cut those tails. I will use the IPA to clean the build plate and Mr. Clean for the minis for a while. IPA is like €10 while Mr. Clean is like €2 around here...
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