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  1. This bust of Elysabetha Vampire Princess. I bought one and this version is stunning. https://www.puttyandpaint.com/projects/15680
  2. Well the relief is gone for now. Brutus is feeling sick today, he skipped his breakfast which is not that alarming in itself, but he's very slow. He wants to sleep, he even refused a slice of apple which is normally his favorite. We're watching him closely. It's Sunday today, if he doesn't improve I will call the Vet tomorrow.
  3. @SparrowMarie hope it will be alright. Over here Brutus is not feeling well this morning. I'm worried since he had cystitis a week ago. The last results were good. And then we had the big scare which turned out to be nothing. He doesn't want to have his breakfast, this in itself is not unusual, but I can see that feels a bit nausous and he walks slow, he isn't himself. I hope it is nothing but I worry ( again).
  4. @BadgersinMeadows Happy Holidays! I usually love meat, but I also love to cook, so a few good veggie recipes would always be welcome. Never hurts to alternate a bit..
  5. Awesome! He look like he's dancing around a fire and singing.
  6. That's improvement! I think a little dirt/moss/sand will help. Awesome basing so far!
  7. Let's just say I visited the USA a few times and the memory is still there.
  8. @NecroMancer I love those tiles. Since you're telling us that you struggle a bit with the weathering, I like to make a few suggestions. You want to create a ruin, right? So, as hard as it may seem, you'll need to add some more dirt to the tiles. Maybe very fine sand or moss, a few vines that grow over them, maybe a dirty brown wash on some parts. Stains. And here and there damage the colours and let the stonework shine through again. Your mosaic is amazing, but it looks like a new floor in use of a noble home. There should be more damage and weathering. Take a look at this and other images of ancient/damaged mosaic. Google it for reference. As you can see parts of the image are gone. Yours look amazing, new and only broken. Especially the middle figure, his left shoulder is a good example of what I mean. The colour there is faded and looks different from the rest, it shows aging/damage.
  9. Hilarious minis, well painted!
  10. EPIC Miniatures has another preview for the Undead theme. First we had the crazy skeleton scientist. They said next up will be something ghostly. And this preview is a full sclale Skeleton Army and a huge Undead Behemoth. They just said the Skeletons are only the beginning.
  11. When walking throught the dungeon's hall there is a hole in the wall, just big enough to walk through with your head down. Enter the hole and there is a small tunnel leading down. After a while it gets so steep and slippery you can't hold on and you slide down. A quick descent and you fall into a puddle of mud. You stand up and wipe the mud from your eyes, you're in a room, maybe it's more of a cavern, strange mushrooms illuminate the area. Fortune seems to smile at you when you look at the left corner and notice a few chests, maybe they're filled with treasure? You shake off the mud from your clothes and take a step towards the chests, suddenly you hear a booming voice, THAT's MINE! You turn around and look into the eyes of a troll. it 's wearing a golden crown on it's head, you also notice the big club in it's hands and the only way out is behind it.
  12. @Kangaroorex hang in there! I hope you can somehow make the best of it. @CaptainPete My sympathies. I understand mixed feelings all to well. Nevertheless it's still a loss.
  13. I hope you can resolve the problem without burning bridges.. Wishing you wisdom and strength!
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