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  1. Hilarious minis, well painted!
  2. EPIC Miniatures has another preview for the Undead theme. First we had the crazy skeleton scientist. They said next up will be something ghostly. And this preview is a full sclale Skeleton Army and a huge Undead Behemoth. They just said the Skeletons are only the beginning.
  3. When walking throught the dungeon's hall there is a hole in the wall, just big enough to walk through with your head down. Enter the hole and there is a small tunnel leading down. After a while it gets so steep and slippery you can't hold on and you slide down. A quick descent and you fall into a puddle of mud. You stand up and wipe the mud from your eyes, you're in a room, maybe it's more of a cavern, strange mushrooms illuminate the area. Fortune seems to smile at you when you look at the left corner and notice a few chests, maybe they're filled with treasure? You shake off the mud from your clothes and take a step towards the chests, suddenly you hear a booming voice, THAT's MINE! You turn around and look into the eyes of a troll. it 's wearing a golden crown on it's head, you also notice the big club in it's hands and the only way out is behind it.
  4. @Kangaroorex hang in there! I hope you can somehow make the best of it. @CaptainPete My sympathies. I understand mixed feelings all to well. Nevertheless it's still a loss.
  5. I hope you can resolve the problem without burning bridges.. Wishing you wisdom and strength!
  6. I'm most proud that I'm still improving and learning. I would have told myself to invest in some good brushes earlier.
  7. That is the Storm Dragon. http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:G-dotm-2523b.jpg Looks good btw!
  8. Good to hear! it's a start! Now hoping better things will come.
  9. I have more than once changed orientation. Usually in order to save printing time. I had the scorpion (Kerilith Lair Guardian) as presupported and it stood upright by default. ( tail down heads up) So I checked for islands, it was terrible! I ended up removing all supports, putting it on its back and added my own supports. Flawless print and saving 2 hours of print time. Keep in mind print time is equal to your LCD's lifespan. Why push it to the limit for nothing?
  10. Hope it will all work out for you two!
  11. Have you heard of the disappearance of Legio IX? Just saying... Legio IX Hispana ("9th Legion – Spanish"),[1] also written Legio nona Hispana or Legio VIIII Hispana,[2] was a legion of the Imperial Roman army that existed from the 1st century BC until at least AD 120. The legion fought in various provinces of the late Roman Republic and early Roman Empire. It was stationed in Britain following the Roman invasion in 43 AD. The legion disappears from surviving Roman records after c. AD 120 and there is no extant account of what happened to it.[3] Rumours have it that it is currently located under Lord of the Dish Pit's bathtub..
  12. I also thought that was a superb original take on it. And the Howdah on the elephant is a small boat as well. I have so much files and minis now, and more to come. Did I mention the Arab style catfolk/Rakshasa and Djinn with Tigerriders and a huge scorpion that I got as STl files from Artisan Guild? Another faction emerges from the Desert...
  13. Thanks! The Vallejo dried blood helped a lot to emphasize that.
  14. Great work! Definitely going to steal the idea for mine...
  15. Awesome set! WOOF Approves! Recruits will now serve forever!
  16. I think those eyes aren't that bad really. Nice minis.
  17. Great job! She looks like she hasn't got the time for this fight. Can we get on with so I can bash your head in? We both know how this is going to end, frankly this is taking way too long I have a stew on the stove.
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