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  1. Glitterwolf

    The Year of The Goblin...maybe

    Good! I understand that balance could be an issue in situations like this. Stay well my friend! Looking forward to see more of your work, the Stone Lurkers are a nice expansion of the range. I have seen your Pumpkinhead Army, awesome work! Love it!
  2. Glitterwolf

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Welcome to WOOF, we have Bacon! I'm really excited about the ship. I already have two barges, will probably resell one. So I will have an Undead and a Pirate/Conquistadore ship! I have been looking at the Firelock ships, nice, but overall I think I will prefer this beastie. The assembly of laser cut wood versus a premade Bones ship is a big issue for me.
  3. Glitterwolf

    Desert of the Dead, fantasy wargaming miniatures!

    New concept for the King on Dread Sphinx! I like it! Terrain
  4. @Unruly That's a bad situation, I hope she and the kids will be alright. Take care and you can talk to us when you need it. @Tapetum Same goes for you, I hope they have found a good place and happiness by now.
  5. Glitterwolf

    Gnoll Warriors 77012

    I like them!
  6. Glitterwolf

    77285: Skeletal Champion

  7. Glitterwolf

    77047 Goldar, Male Barbarian

    Barbaric Splendor! Awesome version!
  8. Glitterwolf

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Great idea! I have repainted some toy snakes and have some dinos in the waiting pile. These can be good and cheap alternatives for wargames and such. And with the right paintjob even toys can be painted to a high standard, just look at the dinos @Sirithiliel did. DRAUGHR! This brings back Skyrim memories. THEY DID IT!!!!!!! Really? Like who? That's easy, I display my minis in a cabinet, so the ship goes in, the minis go on the ship, problem solved. And there's always the bathtub! No? WOOF ALERT! A WOLF might defect!!!! BACON! STAT!!! Every ship is a Pirate Ship if need be! Walletbreaker Seawolf Barracuda MINE! And I thought I had seen it all, and then we get wisdom from a Goblin!
  9. Glitterwolf

    The Year of The Goblin...maybe

    Thanks. I'm happy to hear you're feeling better. No problems with balance after the removal?
  10. Glitterwolf

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    As for the underwater expansion, my guess is the deep beholder and the devil ray we saw earlier will make an appearance in that. I'm kinda hoping the Dolphins @TaleSpinner sculpted will get Bones versions. Also hoping for a big Murene Eel and a shipwreck.
  11. Glitterwolf

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    As would that Storm Giant!
  12. Glitterwolf

    Halloween 2019: Witch Coven

  13. Glitterwolf

    77177 Wyrmgear, Clockwork Dragon - Math parchment version

    Sure you need to paint yours!!! Paint his wings in a puzzle pattern?
  14. Glitterwolf

    The Year of The Goblin...maybe

    Unless you're an adventurer wandering into the woods or maybe walk into a nice cave filled with these so called lurkers...
  15. Dum dum dum dum.... https://edition.cnn.com/2019/10/10/asia/new-dinosaur-thailand-scli-intl/index.html
  16. @Colonel Kane thx! I hope you guys will feel better soon. This might sound a bit odd, but when I read that you all went back to bed and headaches and such, you do not have a carbon monoxide problem in the home I hope? Maybe it's just a cold, take care!
  17. Glitterwolf

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Usually Reaper is going to let you buy parts of the Core Set seperately, if they do I might get that Undead Giant and maybe the Grave Knights. I love the Witch, she will be one of the first I buy in retail, actually, I hope she will be released in metal as well.
  18. Glitterwolf

    Warlord Games - Unleash Hell

    Good job! Maximus indeed!
  19. Glitterwolf

    Bones 4 direwolf

    I get a feeling you and me will get along fine here!
  20. Clearly M.E.O.W. Propaganda!!! Me? It took a long time before I started talking, then my first word was Helicopter... My dad has told that story many times, he found it hilarious.
  21. Glitterwolf

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    I have none although diamonds are always welcome. I do not game, so I don't mind. Fall is wet and gray, there are a few sunnier days coming though. Since we were on vacation at Gran Canaria is wouldn't be a Fall pic, it was still like summer there! Shrews, I have blocked most possible entrances and set traps. Making a living. Risa Both Dutch and History were my best subjects. History my favorite.
  22. Awesome find! As for the Blue Dragon missing a wing, since you already have one? Leave the wings off, fill the gap with GS and paint it as a Drake.