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  1. Simply perfect! They look like real maggots.
  2. Oh I agree, but I can only afford so much. Epic is good value and I have all their sets now. Might drop them when they do the Chtulhu theme and go back when things are fantasy again. AG is awesome and I will stick around for December to get the Alfar Demon at the least. I want the Naga girls and am waiting till they get the presupported set, not so much because of the supports, but because then I get 50% off. Love MMM and Lost Kindom. Lord of the Print, Heroes Infinite, Arch Villain, etc etc
  3. Oh, I'm a slow painter, not painted the bats yet. They will make an appearance
  4. Good to hear the surgery went well. Hoping for the best. Yesterday I had the car checked and let the dealer change my tires. I heard some strange rattling noises after I picked the car up. So back to the dealer. After some inspection it turned out someone forgot to tighten the bolts of the left front wheel.
  5. Well done! I like them, I have those bats ( not the shrine though) and several more from other brands, I will use them as part of the Undead Army.
  6. Happy Birthday @canuckotter !!!
  7. Since it's autumn and rainy and grey we will not use the garden table for dinner. So...it's now a feeding table for birds, squirrels and other critters that want some.
  8. Awesome! Great eyes, painting black eyes like that is difficult.
  9. I switch when a theme doesn't suit me and get another. Indeed too many good ones, I feel like a kid in a candystore with €1,-
  10. TT Combat assures us shipping will be complete before first week of December ( or sooner). SIze comparison Anubi , Plague Giant ( not in this KS) Fire Goddess, look at the 28 mm minis at their feet
  11. That's confidential and redacted information citizen!
  12. Happy Birthday @Dr Boom !!! Have a great one!
  13. Currently swinging from 73 kg to 74,5 kg. I keep an eye on it so I can adjust my food intake if things get too close to the 75. Still good coming from 81/82 but I want to stay under 75 kg and prefer to be around 73kg
  14. All I see when I pay on MMF with Paypal, is the difference in Currency, I pay in Euros against Dollars which is positive for me. Never seen a fee.
  15. Very cool. It has been decades since I painted a panzer of some sorts but these make me want to..
  16. I like the fairies, your World is expanding, Shrooms, Witches, Fairies, Snails, Psychofairies, Goblin, Gnomes I love it.
  17. @haldir mentioned this, so ..ehhh...I bought it.
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