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  1. I like it, it's an original colourscheme for the Crusaders.
  2. Inspired by the above. WEEKEND QUESTION FEB. 14th /Feb.16th. What is the strangest/most brutal/awesome hybrid creature you can think of? Does it already exist as a mini? Can you draw/build/convert one or did you already? Pics?
  3. I also love the bases. They look great!
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9QOchhM2U0
  5. Brutus is immune, he's already taken and he's a faithful dog! Here he is with his Lady Senna.
  6. Effective job! En masse they look the part!
  7. About those MEOW Ninja Cats? It seems they weren't as loyal as you thought...
  8. An imposing sight! The freehand on the banner and shield look great!
  9. Love the background. BONUS POINTS for painting HOUNDS! I like how you painted these and the Privateer Press one fits right in!
  10. CCHHHAAAOOOOSSSS!!!! *Ahem* Good job!
  11. For me it would probably be Undead because I could convert just any other thing into an Undead being or a mount for Undead Cavalry. My second choice would be Chaos because the same applies..yeah I cheat..
  12. WOOF has gone through some terrible times in it's history. Here we see a picture taken during the Lobster War.
  13. This is exactly what happened with Rackham Confrontation. Those minis were designed by artists who wanted to make very very cool minis. I love the looks, but a lot of them were very hard to assemble. Tiny zombie arm on a rider, super small waists needing to be glued to the lower body all so thin and flimsy. I have been frustrated a lot with some of these. But in the end, if you persisted, these were gorgeous minis.
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