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    Mansions of Madness - Silas Marsh

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    My first Reaper mini - Eye Beast

    Welcome to the forum, he looks nice. You can upload pics from your PC directly to the forum if you want. Only nude minis need to be linked.
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    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    You make a convincing case! It would be fun to create a diorama with the Bar. Besides the Pirates a few Wenches, it has potential.
  4. November 6th. What is the worst sculpt you've ever seen?
  5. I'm going home now. Since my laptop is in repair I won't be online tonight, so see ya all tomorrow.
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    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Another good idea!
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    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Sound reasoning. Hmm, I will be thinking about all of this.
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    Anyone want to ID some old minis?

    Can't find anything either. Frustrating!
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    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I read that, I was thinking about it, but not sure if it would fit. It would make an awesome diorama.
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    77017 Skeletal Swordsman

    And even if making it was simple, the result is a cool scenic base. I love it!
  11. Unless you take American English into account, leaving out the U's in Colour, flavour and such, or using a Z instead of an S in apologizing and similar verbs. Lazy Bunch
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    Happy Birthday Werewolvians

    Happy Hatching Day!
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    Happy Birthday rintintin

    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday ograx

    Happy B-Day!
  15. My first thought was to revive the Countess, she would then bite me and make me immortal. Somehow I guess my girlfriend won't let me: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/72130-countess-karnstein-bust-by-glitterwolf-solarwind/ So instead I will acquire a new pet which will: A - Be my transport so I save on gasoline B - Eat my enemies / those that annoy me. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/72912-ral-partha-t-rex-by-glitterwolf/&/topic/72912-ral-partha-t-rex-by-xherman1964/?p=1502930
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    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Payment has gone through. Now to wait for a while for things to settle down. Then slowly add some more in the PM till I get what I really want. I will probably shuffle the money around drop something/add something. Fun times. As somebody who only paints for display and fun I can use creatures in armies to my own desire not being limited to rules. So Undead and Monsters will find a way in my collection. The Ship and the Sea Creatures are awesome. I was wondering about the Brinewind Extra Set, it's wonderful, but the only thing I find a bit odd is that the Bar wasn't a separate add on. Why? Because I could use doubles of carts, boats,docks, barrels and such, but I would only need one Bar. That's preventing me from getting an extra copy of the set.
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    Uncharted Realms of the Abyss - Antimatter games

    I have been looking at the earlier KS, and at retail prices at the store where I usually order. The difference is not that big, and I don't like the points for miniature system, just can't get it.. All in all, I will wait for the Liopleuridon to hit retail, I still might have a few minis to paint anyway, hope I can find them...
  18. I can imagine! I do think you need to link that pic though..she's eeehhh...showing a little more than decent..
  19. Painting soon. Let's see what's happening in the Lost World. ********************************* TRUST ISSUES Lateesha looked out of her window, the streets of the island were crowded, merchants, pirates and civilians were conducting business as usual. She had been in charge of the island for a few months now and the people had accepted that Bloody Bess sailed out to seek new lands leaving Lateesha in charge. Nobody had contested her authority yet, she had the support of the Pirate Militia, a group of women and a few men dedicated to keep the order on the island. Bloody Bess had taken the majority of the fleet with her, but a few ships remained and enough armed militia to defend the island if needed. Since a few days Lateesha had a nagging feeling, doubts had formed in her mind and she wasn't sure what do with it. Bloody Bess put her in charge and that was great and all, Bess would follow the Spanish Fleet to unknown lands to see if there would be treasure and maybe even a place to start anew. And there it was, start anew...Lateesha thought. Bess had talked about it over and over, how she wasn't certain the Spanish, British or even the French might eventually find the island. When that would happen, it would be the end of their colony. So when she heard about the Spanish expedition she thought this could be their salvation, discover new lands, colonize them and stay out of view of the major powers. Maybe get rich as well. It sounded like a good plan at the time and Lateesha was honoured to be put in charge, but now dark thoughts and fears occupied her mind. What if Bloody Bess did find new lands? What if she did start a new colony there? Why would she return for those she left behind? Lateesha sighed, Bess had always treated her right, but now she wasn't sure if she could be trusted anymore. The journey alone could take years, what was she to do in the meantime? What if the enemy found them during that time? And what if Bess didn't return or what if the Spanish discovered the Pirate Fleet and beat them? What if Bess was killed? Lateesha clenched her fists, she would need to rule this island! She alone would need to make sure they could defend it! She had to expand their connections and recruit more people, more ships to replace those that Bess took with her. Maybe forge an alliance with.... would she dare? It would be her only chance! Who knows if and when Bess would return? She moved away from the window and sat down at her desk, taking paper and a quill she wrote a letter. Let's do this! She thought. ********************************* Legend of the Elder Beasts. The Rebel leaders once again sat together to discuss tactics. Xolotl looked each of his friends in their eyes and nodded, look at us, he said. We have been defeated in battle, but we regrouped! We even made new friends he said, looking at Acclacuna and Captain Aguilera. With their help we retrieved the Orb of Tanith! Once again we meet here in the halls of my forefathers to find a way to defeat the Reptilians. Now! He continued, I do not need to tell you the situation is dire! The Reptilians beat our army and we had to withdraw, we're fortunate the Frogking doesn't know about this place and that his magic vision can't pierce the barrier around the mountains. We were betrayed! Apo-Mayta Shouted. If Fillippa's people had kept their word we would have stood a chance! Fillippa stood up from his chair, I no longer consider them my people, he said, you are my people now! He laid a hand on Apo-Mayta's shoulder, and yes my friend we were betrayed! We put our trust in them, I assure you we will not make that mistake again. Apo-Mayta shook Fillippa's hand, I know, I know, it's not your fault, I trust you, I will follow you anywhere. Fillippa smiled and sat down again. So what now? Draghor asked. The large Dragonman sat back in his chair, playing with a dagger. I'm getting tired of this! We must find a way to defeat the Frogking's armies! Easy my friend, Mitla said. You're right, but if we rush into this we'll get ourselves killed. We're outnumbered and even with your Dragons we won't be powerful enough. She turned to Alsnia, have you consulted Tanith? Alsnia nodded, after we returned I took the Orb and performed the rituals needed, Acclacuna helped me. Tanith appeared before us. And? Mitla asked, the others looked at Alsnia in anticipation. Tanith told me Xolotl will find the answers in the scrolls of Xilla. Of course! Xolotl exclaimed. Captain Aguilera asked, what are the scrolls of Xilla? Give me a minute, Xolotl asked and walked to the chest where he kept the scrolls. I have discussed this before with you, but then the Orb got stolen he said, glancing at Captain Aguilera. The Captain wasn't able to blush anymore now that he was a vampire, but he felt like he did. I'm so sorry he stumbled...I was sure Tegwen was...No need to apologize, Fillippa said, you made up for it and more! Yes you did! Alsnia said and smiled at the vampire, the Captain smiled back, startling his friends by exposing his fangs. Mitla almost burst out in laughter at that scene. Ah! Here they are, Xolotl said, walking back to the table with the scrolls. Now, I've shown these before to some of you, but let's get over it once again. Xilla was an explorer, he discovered a large valley surrounded by mountains, there time seems to have stood still. According to his notes that valley has existed since the dawn of time, he drew pictures of the creatures that live there. See? He said and pointed at some drawings. Eventhough Fillippa had seen those before he was still impressed. Those creatures are enormous! Even bigger than the largest creature the Frogking has deployed, I haven't seen an Ancient One that big yet! Mitla agreed, I have seen many creatures of the Jungle, and I haven't seen anything larger than these if the drawings are correct that is. Xolotl searched to his scrolls, HERE! He said. He procured a page with a drawing they hadn't seen before. On it was a drawing of a human male next to an Ancient One, they recognized the beast as one of the terrorlizards, walking on two hind legs and a mouth filled with teeth as long as swords. Next to that was a drawing of a different creature like they never had seen before. If we could get a few of those we would crush the walls of the Citadel, Apo-Mayta whispered. So, we will need to find those and bring them back to fight for us? Leon asked, but how? The scrolls will lead you to the valley, Xolotl said, the hard part will be to bring them back, Mitla can control maybe a few of them but that wouldn't be enough! Maybe I can be of service, Nahuatl said. Achik nodded, of course! She said, we could bring back maybe one or two of the adults under Mitla's control, but what we really need is the young! Yes! Nahuatl said, I've been training Ancient Ones you yourself ride Mon-Ark, she said to Fillippa, she was hatched and raised here, I've been training the Raptors as well. I think any creature can be trained if it's young enough. It's worth a try! Fillippa said. We don't even know if these creatures lay eggs or give birth like mammals, Draghor said. And how long will it take for them to mature? We will have to find out, Mitla said. Now, who will stay behind here and who will go on this quest? Xolotl asked. Let's see, Fillippa said, Mitla needs to come so she can control at least a few of the big ones, and where she goes I go! You'll need a scout, Achik said, so I'm going as well! Leon raised his hand, I'm not letting her leave without me, I'm in! Captain Aguilera stood up from his chair, I owe you a lot, let me partake so I can redeem myself! Apo-Mayta also wanted to go, I'm getting bored here! I need some action! Xolotl smiled, I will stay here he said, our people need guidance. As much as I would love to come, I think my Dragons might be needed to defend the cave if need be, besides maybe they will startle the creatures you want to capture. So I will stay here as well, Draghor said. Alsnia stood up, I will stay here, we can't risk losing the Orb of Tanith on such an expedition! Acclacuna agreed, however, since Alsnia will be safe here, I will too join the party as will Talpa! She said. He will be useful as a scout as well since he can tunnel his way through the earth. Upon hearing his name Talpa the Moleman woke up. Hhhmmmm??? What's going on he asked. Did you sleep through all of it? Leon asked. You're going on an adventure my friend! *******************************************
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    Tzandi WIP

    Nice purple!
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    Solar 77594

    That one is going to smite Evil!
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    77017 Skeletal Swordsman

    Yes pictures are ruthless! I like how you called it a simple base while it's an excellent little piece. Gravestone, some fallen leafs, a unit with bases like that would stand out!
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    03381 Satheras, Elf Warlock

    Very good! Love that gem!
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    Unmatched - Restoration Games

    Those look pretty good, a bit oversized arrow, but that's subject to taste. Looking forward to see the end result!